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Who is responsible for fire safety buildings projects/plans? Who designates them - legislation?
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Is it mandatory to use double headed hydrants in Fire Hydrant System ?, Is it specified anywhere in NFPA. Please clarify
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Hello, I have a company colleague who will be doing some Notifier training in Northford, Connecticut, but she is unfamiliar with the area. For those who have been there, what is the best airport and rental service to use?
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Hi all what are the requirements for floor control valves in mezzanine levels... are floor control valves required at mezzanine levels ?
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Did the ampacity from Table 12.5.1 for the following wire sizes change.  75C column #14-20amps, #12-25amps, #10-35amps       NFPA 79 -2017 still derates those sizes      
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Given that 2'' ball valve is installed along the branch pipe, the valve will be normally open, but the handler is to be removed. Is it acceptable under NFPA 13?
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Hello, I am trying to find the language for determining if the area you are going to place fire extinguishers would fall under. The 3 options do not appear to offer any definitions to figure out if you would fall under Light, Ordinary, or Extra. Is there any guidance available so that a proper determination can be figured out?
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Hello,   I would like to get a deeper understanding of the meaning of both of these items regarding CNG tanks.  What is the meaning of a "system to detect the failure of a any one of the valves."  How does one determine tank pressure "regardless of the valve position"?  The text does not indicate what "valve" this… (Show more)
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When protecting a mall with a sprinkler system, the stores should be considered an ordinary hazzard group 2. What about the circulating areas of the mall? Are they a light hazard or an ordinary hazard occupancy? 
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Cennox is a nationwide corporation looking for a  Commercial Systems Inspector.   Part- Time in the Cleveland,OH; North Dayton, OH;  Full- Time in Richmond, VA;  Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO    Duties and Responsibilities: Test and inspect Fire Alarm Systems Test and inspect Burglar Alarm Systems  Complete project work related to BA and FA… (Show more)
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