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Building & Life Safety

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Nancy Lago
When code requires Fire Safety Directors, how are universities staffing wardens and searchers in dormitories? 
in Building & Life Safety
gary webber
Is there a minimum dim,. for the clearance of a wood stove to a hallway or a door?
in Building & Life Safety
Randall Markum
Which section of NEC, or NFPA regulates the use of GFCI in a commercial freezer warehouse door that is heated?  
in Building & Life Safety
Is there a need or a requirement anywhere that necessitates Carbon Monoxide detection or monitoring devices in places where natural gas is used, like an industrial kitchen in Healthcare Occupancies?   #            
in Building & Life Safety
James Soyejima
I'm inquiring about a condition w/ a pair of 90 min rated drs. There is a 1/2"+ gap between the meeting stiles, but there is a neoprene smoke stop that closes the gap. Does this smoke stop preserve the fire rating of the dr & frame assembly? Or is there other accessories that need to be attached? Ref NFPA 80 or NFPA 105
in Building & Life Safety
Cynthia Reynoso
In  the 101 life safety code , specifically the section for hazardous areas ( 7.11.6)  it is mentioned  that exit devices may be allowed for emergency exit doors, and I understood that  specifically panic devices where required as a must  for emergency exit doors.  Is it appropriate to leave the door open, just with a pull handle and push plate or… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
I work as an outsourced IT HelpDesk position in a school district that wants us to install wire molding to conceal extension cords and Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables yeah sure that's fine they are under 50 volts, but as I understand extension cords are not supposed to be used in place of a permanent outlet especially if it is in the ceiling. The… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Nancy Chaplin-Reynolds
I live in Albuquerque NM. A house next to my rental property was mostly gutted due to a smoke fire over 10 years ago. The floor joists are exposed, most walls are missing, an extension cord has been run from the outside electrical panel to the inside, the inside is littered with wood, and uninstalled appliances cabinets. It was partially boarded… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
I am looking to see what others use as occupant load factors for individual apartments, based in NFPA, not other Codes? There was confusion that each apartment was like a single family dwelling and therefore had to meet the requirements under (single family no more than 3 outsiders in rented rooms), but there is no tie in to this from… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
jelson puthussery john
Please help me above how much height, do we need to provide stair pressurization system. If not height, which decide the need fpr stair pressurization system as per NFPA.
in Building & Life Safety
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