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" The generator set shall be fitted with an integral accessory battery charger, driven by the prime mover and automatic voltage regulator, and capable of charging and maintaining the starting battery unit (and control battery, where used) in a fully charged condition during a running condition"    So when I read this reference I interpret… (Show more)
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Setup: turnstiles are less than 48" high in a multi-floor office building. Card reader on the unsecured side of the turnstile coming in. No reader on the outbound side of the turnstile, will open up upon presence of a person for an adjustable time.   If this turnstile is in the path of egress, do we need to have the turnstile open for 30sec… (Show more)
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Dear All ,    Am Wondering If there's any requirement to install the Aspirating system for hanger with dropped beams ?    How should we install the pipe network at the dropped beams ?    Thank You in Advance .   Batool 
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Is this a topic for discussion? Are the same thing? Who is wining?  nfpa  ibc
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Does anyone have any experience with 3D printers as they pertain to use of a space and any particular fire code requirements? I perform inspections at a large university and I'm seeing several in lab spaces; they always seem to be running flat out, and I wonder about their power demand on the building. Thanks in advance! code inspection
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Dear FF experts, I am searching standard for Smoke Exhaust at Mall with just 15 m height. There are just 3 levels in the project. Is NFPA or ASHRAE states that Smoke exhaust is necessary at corridors? Please help.   Thanks.
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Hi,   As per NFPA - 101, 7.1.5 "Means of egress shall be designed and maintained to provide headroom in accordance with other sections of this code, and such headroom shall be not less than 7 ft 6 in. (2285 mm). Projections from the ceiling shall provide headroom of not less than 6 ft 8 in. (2030 mm), with a tolerance of −3∕4 in. (−19 mm)…",… (Show more)
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:Good Day to you, I have tow quistions the first one regarding fire hose cabient (standpipe system) , in a buisness building which is not high rise (20 meters the  floor of the highest floor), do I have to put Class I dry pipe if the building is   fully sprinklered and there is 1" hose pipe in each floor (combined system the second quistion: in  a… (Show more)
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I have a question about infilling a CMU wall.  The existing 8” CMU wall was identified as a 1hour wall separating a gym and an indoor pool. The wall is existing and constructed in the 1970’s. I believe the wall construction to be consistent with UL No. U 907 which is a 3 hour wall assembly (but only 1-hour required). An opening approximately 8’-8”… (Show more)
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I display the inspection tags for the sprinkler system in the riser room at the nursing facility where I work.  There are stacks of them dating back to 2006.  How far back do I have to keep them or do I only need the current one?
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