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Building & Life Safety

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Bonnie Wisniewski
This is in followup to a question I asked during Gregory Harrington's Balancing Life Safety and Security NFPA Live presentation. My question during the live event wasn't clear, as I was typing while listening. I have clients with fenced emergency assembly areas (usually back parking lot) that require key pad or card to get out of fenced area. The… (Show more)
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C.A. Spice
I have a local AHJ (Maryland) insisting, that according to the Code, wall mounted visual fire alarm notification appliances must have RED housings so they contrast with the background.  He cannot tell me what section of the Code contains this requirement.  I have reviewed the verbiage pertaining to fire alarm notification appliances in 72-2013,… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
What is the occupancy classification of an emergency generator building?  The building is 250 sq. ft. and it is dedicated to the house the emergency generator. I'm contemplating Industrial occupancy and Storage occupancy.   Thanks, everyone.
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Katherine Kennon
Is an elevator lobby required for all elevators? Or when is an elevator lobby required?  I saw a blog saying that elevator lobby requirement in is meant to apply to elevators in a tower. And that the title of 7.2.13 was at one time 'Tower Elevators' or similar. But in 2010 is says Elevators...but the General section mentions elevators as… (Show more)
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Tariq Alrefai
Hi, Does any one knows what are the life safety requirements for a building or facility occupied by special needs children?
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Michael Merriex
I have recently inherited the research and education side of compliance for my University hospital campus. I have very good knowledge base for my hospital, and know that there is a significant difference between what is needed for compliance in a hospital vs. what is required for compliance in an education & research setting. NFPA 101 has an… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
James Brunner
Does anyone have a good rundown (presentation/article/reference) that reviews the latest TJC standard updates active Jan 2018. This is in reference to the continued transition to NFPA 2012 LSC.   In my review of the EP's, many were marked as 'new' or 'revised' but it's not completely clear in that 54 pages is of 'utmost importance' or focus.  … (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Zuhir Adam
Greetings to all participants   Allow me to make this participation   I wish to be admired and benefit from   Thank you
in Building & Life Safety
Shawn Bergeron
We are presently working in the 2015 edition of the Life Safety Code.  In section 9.4.7 the code specifically does not allow elevators to open into exit enclosures.  I am trying to research when this came into the Life Safety Code and the reasoning behind it.  Was there a specific event or events?
in Building & Life Safety
jason ashmore
we have some questions concerning means of egress for a two story apartment building with 10 or fewer inhabitants.  on the second story apartments what is required for egress for an existing old building?
in Building & Life Safety
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