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Hi, I have questions about the NFPA 101 required number of means of egress for a condo unit.  I've read through Ch 7.4 and 31.2.4 and seemingly related sections but some of the terminology confuses me (even after reading definitions) due to my lack of experience with this topic (I am a homeowner).   Question: Is an additional 3rd floor emergency… (Show more)
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Due to recent events on-site, we are either removing or re-thinking the fire protection scheme in our electrical switch houses.   In our industrial facility, we have several electrical switch houses and power distribution centers that have no fire suppression systems. Plant operators and staff must routinely enter these buildings and take…
Are healthcare facilities(hospitals) with central station monitoring required to have 24/7 "eyes on" monitoring by their security personnel?
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Replacement of Fire Alarm systems    Is there a requirements for replacements of Fire Alarm systems in buildings due to age? Or is it only required to repace items that have failed or non-operational when found during testing?  Thank You.
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Hi everyone,   If I complete the online "CFPS Core Learning Online Training Series" then will I be ready to take the CFPS Exam?   Although I am not specifically a "fire protection" engineer (I am more a general mechanical engineer) I would like to consolidate my general knowledge, fill in the gaps, and have a good all round understanding of… (Show more)
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Per NFPA 130 ( and, rail stations are required to be a Type of construction as defined by NFPA 220, in accordance with NFPA 101, Chapter 12 (Enclosed = Type I or II / Unenclosed = Any type of construction).  Per NFPA 101 (since the 2012 edition), any non-sprinklered assembly is limited to an occupant load of 300.  Table 12.1.6… (Show more)
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When we look at NFPA 96, section 1.1.4 tells us when the standard applies or more accurately when it doesn't apply. In the list of four items that must be "true" to not require the application of 96 are:  (1) only residential appliances (2) fire extinguishers properly located and complying with NFPA 10 (3) the facility is not an assembly… (Show more)
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One of the requirements for removing manual pull stations is "Occupied portions of the building should have access to a central point for manual activation of the evacuation signal". Can you provide more details? Examples?
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I am trying to work through design issues with a smoke control system which is under construction at the moment. There are three smoke control zones with multiple smoke evacuation fans and associated soft starters. The soft starters require a 24VDC input to initiate the fan start. The design shows the 24VDC input originating from the smoke control… (Show more)
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Hi All,  Is it possible to help guide me to find out some information about installing wood panels which are Class A fire rated? My question specifically related to the gap of air behind a panel once installed. Is there a space requirement to adhere to (like to be within 1/2" or something)? Or could the panels be away from the wall a few inches? … (Show more)
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