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Building & Life Safety

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Gurdeep Singh
If there is a complex of buildings not attached to each other, does each building need a fire alarm panel. Will it be sufficient to have just one control panel for 3-4 buildings. Will each building be required to be alarmed separately in case of fire.
in Building & Life Safety
Kim Loehr
NFPA codes and standards are designed to ensure the safety of products, activities or processes. When it comes to lightning protection systems (LPS), the difference between “safe and effective” and “unsafe and ineffective” lightning protection is ultimately related to which guidelines are implemented.   Over the years, the Lightning Protection… (Show more)
Brian Alkire
Does VoIP technology meet the standard of NFPA 72 under MFVN? Specifically does VoIP meet the required unchanged format and does all on site equipment (modems, routers, etc.) require 24 hours of secondary power as required for the fire alarm system itself?
in Building & Life Safety
Alva Good
Is it a safe or an unsafe practice to use a fire alarm pull station to help evacuate a building where there has been a report of a natural or other flammable vapors?  Are these type of electrical devices safe to activate in an area where a leakage of natural gas has been determined?
in Building & Life Safety
Christian Beninde
I'm a german fire protection engineer studying safety and hazard control in Magdeburg. While working on my master degree I have to translate a short part of the NFPA 101 but I think I don't understand what is meant with this paragraph. It is in Table and Table "Capacity: 13 mm per person, if access by door; 25 mm per… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Luke Farrell
I am a fire safety compliance (building) officer within the City of Sydney.We recently have seen the opening of Australia's first "Capsule Hotel" accommodation. Capsule hotels (google search for more information)  use small chamber like self contained units to provide basic overnight accommodation for guests (rather than standard beds-bunk or… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Nicole Comeau
NFPA Special Event: Invitation Protecting People and Property The relationship between fire safety and brand value   The NFPA is committed to working with people like you to save lives and reduce loss due to fire, electrical, and other related hazards.  We have heard that large corporations with a commitment to keeping people and property safe… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Richard Roland
When will the 2017 C&E Audio and Videos from the NFPA Annual Conference be available?
in Building & Life Safety
Tom Massabrook
How do you deal with fire smoke dampers in rated shafts? Installing a duct detector within 5 ft. of each damper? Do you use a damper that has both a heat detector and smoke detector built into the FSD? If so are you testing it yearly for proper operation? Just throwing it out there to see what others are doing.
in Building & Life Safety
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