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Click to view contentI'm working on a conference hall project, According to NFPA 101, what is the classification of these occupancies?. Also, what is the classification of the projector and sound room, is it ancillary to predominant classification?
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It is understood that 1600 kv oil type transformer is considered high hazard but I can’t find code reference for fire protection system requirements. The transformer room is part of building structure. NFPA 70 required minimum 3 hour fire rated enclosure and permitted to reduce it to 1 hour if the room provided with automatic sprinkler, water… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Hello experts. I am new to the field. I am involved in the general safety in a laboratory setting. I want to understand what is the difference between a regular lab exhaust system and a hazardous exhaust system. Can a chemical fume hood be connected to a regular lab exhaust system ? Thank you.
in Building & Life Safety
A office manager is telling their staff to allow wheelchair bound persons access to the elevator during a fire as long as office personnel inform firefighters on the egress floor. This is a non-ambulatory office building on a hospital campus. Is this valid?
in Building & Life Safety
Egress Emergency Lighting - I am in a debate over the requirements for Egress and Emergency lighting in a medical clinic renovation project.  This clinic is a occupancy B facility that operates M - F from 7 am to 4 pm and is out patient only.  We have designed emergency lighting so that if you are in a room that has a exit straight to the corridor… (Show more)
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Battery powered back up lights in the Operating Room of a hospital.  We have tested our battery powered back up lights in the OR as required monthly for the past several years.  We have changed the batteries before recommended 10 years and  during testing they work appropriately. They come on immediately once the breaker turns off the power. Our… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
How do I determine the pressure level of a cockroach pump? To maintain pressure in a fire protection pressure system. In nfpa 20 section 4.27 it is stated that pressure is needed to maintain the pressure due to leakage and pressure drops. But how much exactly is needed, it is not listed
in Building & Life Safety
NFPA 1221 5.5.2 states where installed in buildings, conductors and fiber optic cables shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 70 in anyone of the following wiring methods  electrical metallic tubing  intermediate metal conduit  rigid metal conduit  surface metal raceways  reinforced thermosetting resin conduit    is this talking about… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Self Storage Building      I have a question regarding a Fire Alarm notification requirements for a three story self-storage building The building has two elevators requiring smoke and heat detectors for elevator recall service. The building will be fully sprinkled. Total square footage is 109,000 The building will be open to renters through… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Hello I was wondering if there are any standards or procedure modifications for conducting fire drills to comply with covid-19 protocols for schools that are returning to campus in the fall. Thanks
in Building & Life Safety
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