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Looking for input from NFPA here as well as others...   I have come across some circumstances that I can't give direct answers to regarding the application of Some have asked just what type of "maintenance work" requires the inspection and testing in accordance with 5.2.3. Does this include such maintenance work as adjusting the closer… (Show more)
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while designing canopy for exterior canopy car shade of steel and fabris as a shade, its required in NFPA 101 and 701 to pass 1 of two tests, Its already passed test number 2.  How do we know how many hours will it be resistance to the Fire ( 1 HR or 2 HR or .... ??)
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Are there any municipalities out there that are taking the stance that Short Term Rentals (Air BnB, et als) are actually Rooming and Lodging and not One and Two Family dwellings? We've been told that in other forums this has been discussed and possibly used. The Definition in Chapter 26 says "sleeping accommodations for 16 or fewer persons on… (Show more)
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NFPA 96-2017 - 10.4.1 requires the gas and electrical to be shut off for heat producing equipment under an exhaust hood upon the activation of the fire-extinguishing suppression system.  For gas fired combi-ovens, the heat is produced by the gas supply, not the electricity which is only required for controls.  Is the electricity still required to… (Show more)
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Which is the best suitable fire extinguisher for the operation theater ?   I prefer to place one or two clean agent / FM 200 portable fire extinguishers near the operating room as it is a clean, non toxic gas but it is costly and rare in the market.   Water mist fire extinguishers are not suitable as  it may  contaminate the patient wound and it… (Show more)
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Electronic Card Access and Elevator Lobby Call buttons.  What is the current code regarding card readers at elevator lobby call buttons. i.e. Someone would have to present an access card, and have valid credentials in order to call the elevator in order to ENTER the elevator car. I know I can restrict access inside the car from floor to floor, but… (Show more)
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Hi, how to distinguish if a fire zone is separate from a smoke zone. Is there any clause in NFPA to set up or craft a fire zone in line with smoke zone!
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If a multi religious sanctuary on a college campus has unattended burning votive candles, is there any exceptions for this to be allowed under the code, and if so, are there guidelines or restrictions?
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I am looking for any procedural guide on the proper way to test door force opening pressure.  I would prefer a NFPA referenced standard but any would do at this point.  The doors being tested are the stairwell egress doors, while the pressurization fan is on.  We have the tool just need a procedure on how to use it.  Thanks John
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NFPA 37 requires that gas engines and there enclosures be at least 5 feet from a window or door and 5 feet from a combustible wall. There is an exception for enclosures that are non combustible and tested to contain a fire. The exception allows enclosures closer under the conditions listed, but is the separation distance exception for the… (Show more)
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