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90A-2015 requires smoke dampers to isolate the air-handling unit from the remainder of the system (the ductwork) in order to restrict the circulation of smoke.  I had thought this was to keep smoke from a fire within the AHU (fan motor windings or fan belts are about the only thing that will ever smoke inside the unit) from getting to the… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I would like to know do I need to have fire damper through roof penetration as described on picture in attachment?   Basically I have supply fan which serves each floor of the building and on each floor exit the system is protected with fire damper… Putting the fire damper on roof seems like double protection to me? Does NFPA 90A… (Show more)
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UBC AND NFPA call for maximum 1/8" door gap on fire rated doors which sometimes hard to comply but if the gap between rabbet stop and the door leaf as shown on attached detail is 1/8" or less, does this means that the door is compliant with what is required.
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Hello what is more efficient and quick for detection, video cameras like Bosh Aviotec or SigniFire by Fike or Termographyc ? I men for an open space with high dust contained in the air
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Dear my colleagues, I'm new to prepare for CFPS exam. My question: do i need to study by deeply reading all the content for CFPS exam from Fire Protection Handbook or only to know perfectly the technique of quickly searching in the handbook during the exam?
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My local Authority Having Jurisdiction is requiring that a roof hatch in a one hour roof be rated. I can find no specific reference in NFPA 101 2012 edition that requires this. IBC specifically exempts skylights and roof hatches as long as they are not part of the structure of the roof. He will not allow reference to IBC codes as he only enforces… (Show more)
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Are there any proposed changes to NFPA 1582 that address the findings of recent cancer studies that indicate firefighters are at a higher risk for cancer.  I am specifically interested in changes to the sections dealing with colon cancer screening and breast cancer screening.  Locally, we have had firefighters diagnosed with various cancers who… (Show more)
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Hello I have a request for interpretation on the NFPA 96 2011 standard article   14.3.3 : " Exhaust systems serving solid fuel cooking equipment, including gas or electrically operated equipment, shall be separate from all other exhaust systems."   Is it allowed to install under the same hood and extraction duct, an electric cooking plate, a gas… (Show more)
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I am looking to see what others use as occupant load factors for individual apartments, based in NFPA, not other Codes? There was confusion that each apartment was like a single family dwelling and therefore had to meet the requirements under (single family no more than 3 outsiders in rented rooms), but there is no tie in to this from… (Show more)
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Are ceiling mounted AHUs provided inside client areas in high rise commercial buildings and Malls are required to be integrated with fire detection and alarm system to switch off the AHUs in case of fire?   Whether integration required, if such ceiling mounted AHUs are in common areas, which circulates the air within the specific area where it… (Show more)
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