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Click to view contentHi,   I am seeking some additional clarity regarding the NFPA 54 codebook, specifically section 9.6.1 pertaining to Connecting Appliances and Equipment. It would appear that items (2), (3), and (4) all describe a similar product, although only items (3) and (4) specifically call out the need for ANSI Z21.24 certification. The questions I have… (Show more)
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As per nfpa 101 , is it required to install smoke control system for new building,? 
in Building & Life Safety
Click to view contentWe have a records room that a portable fire extinguisher has been in for years. It is in a 50 sqft room that has two doors. It is not in a pathway and there is a chance that if there were a fire the staff would have to pass it to get to the extinguisher. My question is 1. Should I have the extinguisher in the room at all? Should it be placed… (Show more)
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  Are Placards for gas cylinder storage rooms and any other placards REQUIRED by code to be place ON the door. If yes, would there be any instances that the required size of the placard exceeds the 5% allowed by NFPA 80. I.e. Multiple hazards requiring multiple signs totaling more then 5%. Thank you. Pete
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NFPA 96-2017 - 10.4.1 requires the gas and electrical to be shut off for heat producing equipment under an exhaust hood upon the activation of the fire-extinguishing suppression system.  For gas fired combi-ovens, the heat is produced by the gas supply, not the electricity which is only required for controls.  Is the electricity still required to… (Show more)
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I am wanting to know where I can find information on power strips in NFPA 101. This is for a skilled Nursing facility in Nor Cal. Any approved for use in such a facility?  
in Building & Life Safety
I am looking for standards related to NFPA 80 (ideally NFPA or UL Designs) for 3-hour rated hollow metal doors and frames built into wood construction. We have been using ASW 2600 by the Gypsum Association together with two 3 hour wood framed walls (essentially 3 walls stacked together) using break away clips to allow each outside wall to collapse… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Greetings   Please advise about the firefighting system requirements for raw material store as a part of factory, can i follow the requirements related to factory's hazard classification, for example (Plastics fabrication, including blow molding, extruding,and machining).. so the the requirements shall be related to Ordinary Hazard Group 2 and… (Show more)
I need to install a new washing machine to clean contaminated PPE, I've searched in NFPA and cannot find anything regarding contaminated runoff from the washing machine going into a sanitary sewer... Does anyone have any experience dealing this a similar situation?
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Hi, In accordance with NFPA 101, when measuring the diagonal distance to define the required remoteness, should outdoor spaces (such as balconies or terraces) be included? In, it goes as 'diagonal dimension of the building or area to be served' and it seems like the outside areas are to be considered. Any other views on this? 
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