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Building & Life Safety

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Adam Miller
I have an I-2 occupancy with a gas insert fireplace in our main entry. There is now a request to hang art above it. In NFPA 99 & 101 i can not find specific regulations about it other that wall covering. Is there guidance or a regulation?
in Building & Life Safety
Feike Van Dijk
What are the possibilities and systems in place at this moment in regards home fire sprinklers in rural area's where it get's really cold but also where people have water cisterns instead of a well and running water?
in Building & Life Safety
James Bernlohr
Maryland Project- 2 story building- 600 occupants on second floor requiring 3 means of egress.  We have 2 enclosed / rated stairs- and 1 open stair from second floor which is allowable via ICC / IBC   Allowable NFPA?  Is an open/ convenience stair acceptable as a means of egress under NFPA?
in Building & Life Safety
Robert Solomon
On Saturday, September 16, Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an Emergency Action requiring all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have an emergency power plan. This directive follows the death of 10 residents in  a Hollywood, Florida nursing home as a result of Hurricane Irma. These needless deaths occurred days after the hurricane… (Show more)
Don Adams
  Has anyone dealt with a location installing Fire Rated doors in a rated frame and not installing a self closure as required by NFPA 80?  My interpretation of NFPA 80 is if the door is rated it must have a self closure installed regardless of the rating of the wall that surrounds it.  Am I wrong?
in Building & Life Safety
Adam Brooker
Hello- Can anyone point me in the right direction for NFPA (or other) standards that would apply for emergency exit requirements around compressed or liquefied flammable gasses (storage and receiving systems)?  For example- if I have a compressed hydrogen tube trailer with firewalls around it on 3 sides and a fence in front, how many exits are… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Richard Nason
Code edition evolved is Life Safety101, 2009. I have an existing building, non- sprinkled and not fire alarmed, that has multiple business occupancies, no other occupancies involved. It is 2 stories in height and is a Type V (000) construction type. The building’s main entrance has a foyer with a stair located in the center of the building. On… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
samer mahran
is smoke control system required at corridors in high rise buildings? as per NFPA 5000  33.3.6 said it shall be designed
in Building & Life Safety
Richard Roland
When will the 2017 C&E Audio and Videos from the NFPA Annual Conference be available?
in Building & Life Safety
Jack Gresch
Emergency Evac Plans for business :   I have several buildings that have less than 100 employees that do not have their evacuation plans posted, and on the other hand I have several that do have them posted in the same complex, IFC says less than 100 or more than 500 our code reverts back to the IFC, and our code states that the code official /… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
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