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Building & Life Safety

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Jonathan Wong
A wonderful discussion with my friend michael.civitello inspired this conversation.   Michael pointed out that moderate sedation is permitted in both NFPA 99 2015 and 2018 Category 2 and 3 medical gas systems.  Meanwhile, in the new Chapter 15 Dental Gas and Vacuum Systems of NFPA 99 2018, Category 3 systems allow only minimal sedation and… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
is there a code that covers the requirements for installing (or not) an emergency gas line shut off valve in a firehouse station crew kitchen? our crew is remodeling their kitchen and want to remove an old solenoid gas line valve that serves the stove that the coil is making a loud humming noise and they want to know if they have the option of… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Arthur Simpson II
What is the recommended spacing for linear heat detection cable at ceiling level? The ceiling height is 50 ft. The current spacing is 20 ft between cables.
in Building & Life Safety
Patrick Durbin
What year did the fire door latching standards change from requiring two latching points to three on a double pair of doors? 
in Building & Life Safety
Luke Farrell
I am a fire safety compliance (building) officer within the City of Sydney.We recently have seen the opening of Australia's first "Capsule Hotel" accommodation. Capsule hotels (google search for more information)  use small chamber like self contained units to provide basic overnight accommodation for guests (rather than standard beds-bunk or… (Show more)
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Bobby Pellegrin
What would the minimum width of the corridor be in a dormitory.  The building was constructed in 1980.
in Building & Life Safety
Terry Saathoff
Do you have to have certification to inspect and test fire dampers in commercial buildings?
in Building & Life Safety
Thomas Kraft
There are large pre-1960 reinforced concrete former process buildings that are currently in "cold and dark" status (i.e.: they are not occupied, have no utilities, and are maintained in a surveillance and maintenance mode only).  The buildings do not have automatic sprinkler protection, permanent emergency lighting, or fire alarm systems.… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Leon Paskett
In the facility where I am the safety manager we have restroom doors that open to an egress hallway. The restrooms only have one door for access. Currently the doors have self closers and latches so the employee has to use their hands to unlatch the door from either direction, entering or exiting . My question is "Do the doors need to have latches… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
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