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All, I am working on a 3 story building. 3rd story is a attic with metal deck as its floor. But it is accessible and has general storage. I have a mechanical duct which penetrates the attic-metal deck floor and the 2nd floor. As per NFPA90A section 5.3.2, if I penetrate one floor, I can provide fire ducts instead of a shaft enclosure. Now, if I… (Show more)
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as we know per code we should shut down any fans having a capacity in excess of 2000 ft3/min (57 m3/min)  my question for fan coil unit with air duct which is serving to locations which might be transfer the smoke fire from one location to other and not exceeds 2000 ft3/min  do the fire alarm system need in case of fire to shutdown this FCU? 
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Can any one gives me example for Convenience Openings as I cannot understand/ differentiate it from the communicating spaces....for ex, if I have a study room that has an inner floor opening to the  the living room below then it is a communicating space but If I added a stair within this opening then it turns into Convenience Openings? what are… (Show more)
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I’ve searched NFPA 72 and NFPA 101 to identify a preventable problem such as, having a visual notification device being blocked by a book shelf during an inspection.
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I'm looking for help determining if a small diesel power plant with temporary living quarters is required to have a notification or/and a full fire system.
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Hello,   We are renovating a mixed use R-2 & B Existing Residence Hall.  Building is Fully sprinklered and Type IIB Construction.  A remodel of the two-story central space(Levels Ground & 1) which connects four residential towers (Levels 1-4) is in scope.  Floor to floor separation is 1HR.  Residential tower wings are isolated from the two-story… (Show more)
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We have a large library on a college campus.  The architect is adding space to accommodate 500 additional people in the basement as classroom space for ADA students. My question to them was how can we make sure that the special needs students can get from the basement to a means of egress in a safe way during an emergency.  The elevators will not… (Show more)
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I have a question regarding Fire Drills during this National Emergency for this COVID-19 at our Hospital. Do we need to make sure all our fire drills are completed within this quarter as per code or can we catch them up later after all this passes?  Thank you, Leroy
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NFPA 101 2012 Section 14.3.5: This section limits non-sprinklered educational occupancy to 12,000 s.f. But it is silent on what type of fire separation to use for the fire area if the total building is more that 12,000 s.f. (A fire sprinkler system is not practical due to no municipal water supply.) So can the separation be a fire barrier, or does… (Show more)
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 Battery room  Is there any battery explosion risk  associated with maintenance free Batteries? What are fire protection requirements for Battery room having Maintenance free batteries(sealed batteries)? It is permissible to have UPS and batteries in the same room?   -Su##resh babu
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