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I am not a professional in any regard, just a tech hobbyist that contributes on Wikipedia / Stack Exchange / Quora, etc.   Regarding the recent gas explosions in Massachusetts, I am left to wonder how it is that gas technology has been in use for as long as it has, with it managing to escape the same life-safety protection systems that are… (Show more)
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Generally, maximum egress travel path is considered to arrive at the number of stairways in a building. However, queuing time(tq) in front of exit stairway doors in each floor is more critical as it is greater than the time taken for horizontal distance (exit travel path) movement on a floor(td). So why do we not consider tq for the number of… (Show more)
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Im a manager of Fire/Life Safety in NYC. I was recently asked a question about  fire stairs. Whats the regulations/code as far as the required fire ratings of stair cases in office buildings? where can I find this info?
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I was told you have to allow 30 secs for a door to remain unlock when closed.  It seem to be too long for areas that post as a security breach in a health care facility.  If so where in NFPA 101 can I look for that reference. 
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Under the National Electric Code for a Long-Term Care Healthcare Facility, the requirement previously was that if you had two elevators, one elevator had to be on emergency power. My question is did the code change, and if you have two elevators, do they both need to be on the emergency generator?   If both elevators need to be on emergency… (Show more)
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I had a consultant inform me that I needed breakaway doors  to replace the sliding glass doors  to the hallway used in our  Single Occupancy  ICU patient rooms. He failed to give me a exact reference. To date, I have found anything in NFPA 80, 99 or 101 that address this finding  (Note: This was install about 20 years ago as  a room door, not a… (Show more)
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I have an elevator in health care only travels 2 floors doesn’t transport pt what inspection do I need 
in Building & Life Safety
What are the requirements for storing items around the flammable cabinets in a mechanical room environment: - minimum distances in between cabinets or with other items? - storing items on the top of cabinets? - minimum clearance above cabinets? - do the cabinets need to be bolted or anchored to the ground and/or wall? Thank you.
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We have proposed fire command station in basement, a lower level from ground floor of a mixed occupancy - a mall. Suitable exits are available in case of emergency. Are there any rules or guidelines to have the same in ground floor for early response in case of fire, rather than in basement (one level below of ground floor).
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