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Hi, Can you advise me, What is the exact NFPA code clause that refer to prohibit using combustible material in external facade cladding?  Thanks, Sammer Mahran
in Building & Life Safety
Have a group of Restaurants that want to store 100+ cans of the sterno fuel cans for doing buffet/catering setups in one spot  
in Building & Life Safety
At what height the side wall sprinkler will be installed from finish floor level. what is the criteria to make the selection. If k=5.6 at what height range sprinkler should be installed. Also what is the maximum space allowed between above floor slab and side wall sprinkler.
in Building & Life Safety
NFPA 101 requires convenience openings to be separated from corridors.   NFPA 101 does not require corridors when a building is fully sprinklered, when exits are available from an open floor area, or within a space occupied by a single tenant.    So, in a fully sprinklered new business occupancy, does this mean there are… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
what kind of fire suppression i have to use in Battery charging room , since the room producing the hydrogen and oxygen ... Hydrogen gas when mixed with oxygen or air can be explosive so please advice with Reference Code  
in Building & Life Safety
Dear All ,    Am Wondering If there's any requirement to install the Aspirating system for hanger with dropped beams ?    How should we install the pipe network at the dropped beams ?    Thank You in Advance .   Batool 
in Building & Life Safety
I have a client that purchased an old nursing home and is refurbishing and it must meet the Chapter 18 requirements of the NFPA 101. This is a very difficult task, but he is moving along. Newest problem is that all the doors are 6'-8" and he has magnetic locks on many of the doors to control staff and residents. The locks will protrude down below… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Good morning, Some seals on rated openings, are they required? I know say a rated door with a S in a square but not smoke seal . The inspector fail that opening or a rating door frame label that has UL63, UL 10B  and no smoke seal  opening was FAILED. This hospital is 30+ years old and ive been here for 5 and this has never been brought to my… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Dealing with Oxygen Tank storage areas.  If there is a clean utility room where a rack of 40 empty  E cylinders are being kept, and only empty cylinders are being kept in that rack, and it is labeled "Empty Tanks Only" Does this violate the code of exceeding the 300 cubic feet of oxygen or 12 E-cylinders per smoke compartment room?  The storage… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
We are looking at NFPA Life Safety 101, and trying to determine what things we have to do to our on-campus Research Labs to be in compliance with the code related to existing facilities. Do I review research labs under Section 40, Industrial Occupancies?  And do I need to bring my existing research labs completely up to these standards?
in Building & Life Safety
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