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The sprikler system it's on an old building, what we did was a remodelation, some pipes were moved some weren't. The building has a main drain for each of the floors, and we leaved an auxiliary drain connected to the drain of the sink.
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In regards to LSC, what is considered "Transmission of the fire alarm signal"?  Is it simply activation of the alarm system to determine if all the notification devices are working, or does it include actual transmission to the monitoring station?
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good morning You can help me that standard number requires me to fire a short door in a room with an emergency generator with a 12,000 liter fuel tank and a panel of 34 electric energy meters. The building is an airport. Agradesco in advance the information.
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can we consider geypsum walls  when it come to fire zoning in hospitals, would that be in compliance? 
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I am trying to determine CO detector spacing for a large lab that has many gas turrets throughout the space. I can't find a manufacturer that has listed spacing for CO detectors. Has anyone else run into this issue before?
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Has anyone seen any computer modelling to show fire behavior in "Tiny Houses"? Many of these dwellings have loft sleeping areas with ceiling/roof windows for escape. It would seem that given the minimal cubic footage, that heat and smoke would be drawn very rapidly to the point of egress. While all major code sets have required fire sprinklers in… (Show more)
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Can Photo-voltaic wire be installed in a cable Tray. 690.31 C says yes but 392.10 B1 says 1/0 and larger? Anyone have opinions on this?
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Dear my colleagues, I'm new to prepare for CFPS exam. My question: do i need to study by deeply reading all the content for CFPS exam from Fire Protection Handbook or only to know perfectly the technique of quickly searching in the handbook during the exam?
in Building & Life Safety
The pump is 150HP and the circuit breaker disconnect is sized to exceed locked rotor at1200A.  Based on NEC 240.87, the disconnect has a maintenance mode switch, which reduces the instantaneous setting for live work. If accidently left in the 'ON' position it would most likely cause the breaker to trip and the fire pump not run. Does anyone have… (Show more)
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