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NFPA 211 ( has long required the clean-out door to be permanently marked with verbiage that says "Warning: Do not obstruct. Keep combustible materials at least 18" away from this door", or something to similar effect. Has anyone seen this actually done or better yet a door that has this manufactured on it?  Seems crazy to me that nearly 20… (Show more)
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Hi everyone,              My name is Joe, I am Nicet certified level IV in fire systems and there are a few things that become confusing and a particular project I am looking for clarification from the helpful engineering experts here. In CT we use the IBC to identify the occupancy use. For new construction we use the IBC section 907 for fire… (Show more)
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We have 40m square modular buildings on the airside plot of the project and just wanted to check, if we can take full advantage of NFPA 5000 for single and two storey buildings whether we have supervised sprinkler system and 18m clearway separation?  I have  40m square building with a second floor with offices upto a half of the ground storey.… (Show more)
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Working on a hospital project where there are currently fully recessed electric water coolers off 8 foot corridors.  The new water coolers need to be ADA compliant and with bottle filling capability.  According to NFPA 101, 2018 version, (5) permits fixed furniture to encroach into the corridor as long as a 6 foot clearance is achieved. … (Show more)
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This question came is for a one and two family home.  They want to have an elevator serve the roof. This space would be for viewing the nature around the home.
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Hello,   We manufacture Office Furniture in CA and wanted to find a company who can give us advice on Fire Code as it relates to our products and help us interpret the relevant fire codes.   Please let me know how this works and who I could contact.   MT   JIM
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Access Control egress   This is a Elementary School   If we install card reader to enter building and card reader to exit building, I understand I would need an additional means of egress, exit button to break power to maglock in case of emergency.
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Hello,   I was wanting to set a 500 gallon propane tank outside my shop to run my forge. Had a propane dealer come by and basically tell me it wasn't possible because I needed up to 10PSI and he could only run up to 11 inches or 7 ounces of pressure inside a building. My forge operates up against a large garage door which is completely open when… (Show more)
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Does anyone know of any standard or guide to calculate the evacuation time? and if there are reference times, to compare into ours evacuation drills.   Thanks
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We have an existing hazardous area constructed as a smoke partition. The door protecting the area is a wood door, not fire resistance rated or labeled. In order to comply with the door gap clearances of NFPA 80, a door sweep is required to be installed. Are UL listed and noncombustible door sweeps required to be installed on the wood door, or can… (Show more)
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