Exit signs are required at more than just exits

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The egress provisions of NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® address marking of the means of egress (i.e., exit
signs). Exit signs encompass both exit and directional exit signs. Some exit
signs provide only the word EXIT (see Figure 1); other exit signs include the word EXIT and a
chevron-shaped directional indicator
(see Figure 2) as might be needed where the sign is
mounted perpendicular to the plane of the exit door opening and exit access
travel is in a direction parallel to the plane of the door opening.
directional exit signs provide only the word EXIT; other directional exit signs include the word EXIT and
one or more directional indicators that point occupants in the direction of the


Figure 1. Exit sign with legend EXIT.


Figure 2. Exit sign with legend EXIT and chevron-shaped directional


The signs are required in three locations as follow:

1. At exits, such as above the door from the corridor to the enclosed
exit stair or above the exit door to the outside

2. In the exit access where the exit or way to reach the exit is not
readily apparent, as might be the case where additional turns in the egress path
are needed to reach an exit

3. In exit access corridors of new construction, so that no point is in
excess of the particular sign’s rated viewing distance or the 100-ft (30-m)
default value, whichever is less, from the nearest sign


If an exit or directional exit sign has a rated viewing distance
different than the default value, it will appear as part of the label affixed
to the sign in accordance with its listing to the requirements of UL 924,

Standard for Emergency Lighting and PowerEquipment.