Backyards and Beyond 2015

Blog Post created by ryandepew Employee on Jun 17, 2015

The loss of lives, homes and businesses in recent wildfires across California, Arizona and Colorado and in many other states around the country serves as a sobering reminder of the destructive effects of wildfire. It is not a matter of if a wildfires strikes an area but when, and many residents are looking for more information about what they can do to reduce their risk when the next wildfire burns.

NFPA’s bi-annual Backyards & Beyond Wildland Fire Education Conference is a great place for community leaders, researchers, insurance professionals, emergency responders, homeowners and others involved in wildfire safety and preparedness to share their knowledge and best practices on key wildfire issues that they can then take back to their communities and workplace



Video: NFPA's Michele Steinberg talks about the speakers and topics at Backyards & Beyond, as well as pre-conference seminar offerings on October 20-21.


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