Emergency action plans in high-rise office buildings...FREE document available!

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Jun 19, 2015

Last January, NFPA's High-Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee (HRBSAC) published a document "Guidelines to Developing Emergency Action Plans for All-Hazard Emergencies in High-Rise Office Buildings." 


The guide has been developed with input from the high-rise community as represented on HRBSAC. This committee was appointed by the NFPA Standards Council to identify existing needs and emerging issues within the high-rise building environment; produce recommendations as to how NFPA can provide a leadership role on such issues; and ensure that the NFPA Codes and Standards development process includes current subject matter on high-rise building safety, emerging technologies, and other matters that affect those who work in, live in, or manage high-rise buildings.


The NFPA Guidelines to Developing Emergency Action Plans for All-Hazard Emergencies in High-Rise Office Buildings was developed in response to the need for guidance in preparing staff and occupants of high-rise office buildings for evacuation. This guide provides guidance for those parties responsible for executing the evacuation, as well as information on various evacuation strategies that should be considered. With the increased presence of both human-made and natural disasters, the guide was written to be

applicable to both fire and all-hazard emergencies. The guide addresses the criteria and the minimum information necessary to integrate proper evacuation components into a comprehensive evacuation planning strategy appropriate for occupants of a high-rise office building.


This guide can be downloaded free of charge from the NFPA website,


We also welcome your input on the guide.  Please take a moment to submit your comments or suggestions on how we can improve the document for future editions.