Applying the requirements for MAQs, where to start?

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Jun 21, 2015

Properly protecting a building that contains hazardous materials can be a daunting task.  Chapter 60 of NFPA 1, Fire Code, 2015 edition, provides criteria for how to properly protect a building where hazardous materials are present.  Figure A.60.4.1 in NFPA 1 provides a helpful visual for how to apply the provisions of Chapter 60 :


Step 1:  Classify the hazardous material.

Step 2:  Determine the quantity of hazardous material to be used or stored.

Step 3:  Determine if the quantity exceeds the maximum allowable quantity (MAQ) for the occupancy under consideration (for a single control area):

  • If YES, apply the provisions for the applicable protection level OR apply the provisions for more than one control area
  • If NO, no special construction features are required by Chapter 60


MAQ chart.JPG