In Case of Emergency – McCormick Place evacuation messaging

Blog Post created by rcote Employee on Jun 22, 2015

At the start of each of the 134 education programs and
other large meetings at the NFPA 2015 Conference & Expo in Chicago, session
monitors will deliver a common introduction related to the evacuation messaging
at McCormick Place. In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring
evacuation, occupants’ attention will be summoned by the building fire alarm
notification signal, a long slow ‘whoop’ that will be followed by an
intelligible voice announcement over the public address system. The emergency
operations are directed from a constantly attended emergency command center
that looks much like a NASA space launch control center – an impressive sight
that, unfortunately, will be off limits to the C&E attendees.


If directed to evacuate the building, be prepared to take
guidance from EXIT signs and directional EXIT signs. It might be human nature
to try to leave by the way you entered as that is the route with which you have
some familiarity, but other exits might be closer. The sprawling facility (see
photo) can challenge your way finding.


McCormick Place – a sprawling facility.


If you spot a fire or similar emergency please call
extension 6060 on a house phone or call 312-791-6060 from your cell phone.