Health Care Interpretations Task Force Meets at NFPA Conference

Blog Post created by jonhart Employee on Jun 24, 2015

The Health Care Interpretations Task Force (HITF), met yesterday and discussed a number of items. Some of the topics addressed include the following:


  • Non-fixed furniture in corridors exceeding 8 ft. in width
  • Patient Evacuation Equipment Storage in Exit Stairways
  • Horizontal Exiting into an Adjacent Building
  • Self-retracting Jump Seats in Health Care Corridors
  • Security Equipment in Exit Stairwells


The HITF determined whether specific questions on these and other topics should be answered with a position  from the group. Several items were deemed to be questions that fell outside the scope of what the HITF can address. The subjects that did result in a consensus opinion from the voting members will be available on the HITF website in the next few weeks.


What is the HITF?


The HITF is a multi-organization group of 15 stakeholders that impact both the acute care and long term care healing environments. Formed in 1998, the HITF usually meets once a year to review and help answer questions and offer clarifications regarding issues with NFPA codes and standards. The mix of enforcers and users on the HITF allows for some great dialogue, differing viewpoints, and in most cases, resolution of subjects that had caused trouble or heartburn for the members.