The Second Tallest Building in the US-Says Who?

Blog Post created by rsolomon Employee on Jun 24, 2015

While finishing second is usually disappointing, maybe it’s not so bad when you are also ranked number 10 in the world. The Willis Tower, located about two miles from where the NFPA Conference and Expo is being held this week holds that distinction.   If any aspect of your job involves the high rise environment, you need to get familiar with all of the resources offered by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat- CTBUH.  Founded in 1969 at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the Council set out to offer a forum where the members and participants could share global views and ideas on the high rise and urban environment.  The Council has hosted conferences, published papers, organizes work teams and has engaged on special projects since its founding. The subjects range from structural design, fire safety, exterior building illumination and elevator design among others.  The Council also has responsibility for determining who has the tallest building in the world-a fascinating and sometimes controversial undertaking.  A list of the "100 Tallest" is maintained on the CTBUH website.  NFPA is an Organizational member of CTBUH and has been an active participant in Council activities since 1997.    In 2010, the Council completed its effort to relocate to Chicago and is now housed at the Illinois Institute of Technology.