NFPA 1: Combustible Waste and Refuse, #firecodefridays

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Apr 1, 2016

Spring cleaning? Don't let the trash and waste pile up around the house, or apartment, or office.... 


NFPA 1, Fire Code, 2015 edition, Section 19.1.2, states that persons owning or having control of any property shall not allow any combustible waste material to accumulate in any area or in any manner that creates a fire hazard to life or property.


This requirement may be applicable to the owner of a single family dwelling or to the building owner/property manager of a large apartment complex, for example.  The concept is still the same regardless of the property.  The accumulation of combustible waste material indoors or outdoors (recycling bins, bags of trash, old household items, and other waste) can increase the fuel load that can contribute to the development of a fire or serve as a potential ignition source.  Provisions should be in place to ensure the proper storage and disposal of waste materials so as to prevent the ignition and/or spread of fire.


Other topics addressed by Chapter 19 of NFPA 1 include:

  • Size, location and identification of rubbish containers
  • Rubbish handling operations
  • Vehicles or conveyances used to transport combustible waste


The 2015 edition of NFPA 1 is available to view for free online.


The First Draft of the 2018 edition of NFPA 1 is now open for public comment.


Happy #firecodefriday!