Jeramie Morris and the Importance of NFPA Certification

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Jan 24, 2018

Jeramie Morris with his sons Tyler (6) and Parker (8)


Jeramie Morris, a global fire protection SME at DOW and a newly elected executive board member of the NFPA's Industrial Fire Protection Section (IFPS) has a lot of acronyms after his name - CFPE, CFI-I and CFPS. When I met Jeramie at an IFPS meeting a few years back I was impressed with his thirst for knowledge and wanted to know more about what drove him to acquire NFPA certifications.  I sat down with Jeramie a few months back to get his take on NFPA certifications and why they are important to him. 


Q: Why did you seek out NFPA certifications?
A: My first NFPA certification (CFI-I) really helped me progress in my career from understanding and researching codes. I really enjoyed the class and digging into the various NFPA codes and guides. As I continued to develop in Dow and I was offered my current role, global fire protection manager. The retiree who I was replacing highly recommended me getting the certifications. He really placed a high priority on me obtaining Certified Fire Protection Specialist.


Q: What NFPA certifications do you have and how did you prepare for them?
A: I currently hold Certified Fire Inspector I, Certified Fire Plans Examiner, and Certified Fire Protection Specialist. For all of the certifications, I took the classes hosted by Michigan Fire Inspectors Society. For CFI-I, I took the 80 hour course, which was beneficial to understanding the code and applying the knowledge to inspections in the field. As a class, we had a couple study sessions and created our own practice test. For CFPS, I attended the two day primer class and as a class, we also created our own practice test that was used with the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook.


Q: What does certification mean to you professionally and personally?
A: After achieving my last certification, Certified Fire Protection Specialist, I had a feeling of great personal achievement. The exam was one of the most challenging exams I have taken in my career. Professionally, I have received recognition for the certification when interacting with outside consulting firms as well as other fire protection companies. It has also assisted in networking and getting to know other CFPS holders. The certification helps endorse yourself to others, that you understand the level of knowledge, experience, and proven it through the exam.


Q: How did you your start your career at Dow?
A: In January of 2000, I started my career at Dow as a college co-op in emergency services and security while attending Saginaw Valley State University pursing my criminal justice bachelor’s degree. Shortly after being hired, I was offered a full time position in emergency services and security as a field technician/dispatcher. In this role, I was required to be a first responder and I got my first exposure to firefighting. Prior to my current role as global fire protection manager, I have held various rolls in emergency services and security as well as environment health and safety.


Q: Do you plan on adding any more NFPA certifications to your portfolio?
A: In 2018, I am planning on obtaining Certified Fire Inspector II. This will complete the list of NFPA certifications that I currently have set goals for and can use toward my day to day work.


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