NFPA Hands-On Training Expands to Hastings, Michigan

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on May 25, 2018


On February 3, 2016 NFPA launched it's first hands-on training class in Cranston, RI with a full class and hopes for a new genre of training offered by NFPA.  Within a few months, classes were selling out and our attendees were asking for more classes while others were asking us to add locations around the United States and beyond. Since that first class we've added hands-on training programs in New Jersey, Toronto, Mexico City and Kentucky. Today,  we are pleased to add Hastings, Michigan as our next hands-on training location.


NFPA 13 hands-on training will be offered in July and again in October. Here's what one of NFPA 13 hands-On Training students said about the class "Excellent course!  The instructors brought excellent real world experience to the classroom and the sprinkler activations provided an excellent visual element to what are normally only numbers and diagrams in the standard." For more information on the Michigan classes and about other hands-on training locations check out our webpage dedicated exclusively to hands-on training: