• Smoke Evacuation Test

    Dear Team   I am going to do corridor smoke test in one of residential building; I need to know the following: a) What is the amount of smoke needed by smoke machine and what is the time required such process? ...
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  • NFPA 101 and 701 - IF the Fabric passed the test, how do we know how many hours will it be resistance to the Fire ( 1 HR or 2 HR or .... ??)

    while designing canopy for exterior canopy car shade of steel and fabris as a shade, its required in NFPA 101 and 701 to pass 1 of two tests, Its already passed test number 2.  How do we know how many hours...
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  • Fire Safety Inspection for clinic

    Does anyone have a fire safety inspection form they would like to share
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  • Dry riser system in basements

    Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA, how it could be considered to design. Is there any code to have a Dry riser / pre ...
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  • Is the green running man exit sign allowed to be used instead of the red "EXIT" sign?

    Many countries (Canada, Australia, nearly entire Europe, Japan) use the pictogram with the green running man as an exit sign, meanwhile the US uses a green or red "EXIT" sign. My question would be whether it is allowe...
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  • Min egress width at back-bar?

    2015 NFPA 101:   What is the required minimum clear egress width for the back-bar employee area in a restaurant bar (new construction)?
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  • Does a sofa fabric for use in a hotel need to pass NFPA 260? 

    Does a sofa fabric used in a hotel need to pass NFPA 260?  Is this stated somewhere in ada or florida building code?
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  • FACP Monitoring

    I am looking for a simple answer we have always enforced fire panels being monitored by Central Sation? Where in NFPA 72 can I find the exact section so I can included on my my report after an inspection or  an...
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  • How far along are we in the world of fire alarm system and security system integration?

    Today’s Daily Dispatch featured an op-ed by our president Jim Pauley, addressing concerns and questions around how to best protect occupants in the event of an active shooter incident or other hostile event...
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  • NFPA Hands-On Training Expands to Hastings, Michigan

      On February 3, 2016 NFPA launched it's first hands-on training class in Cranston, RI with a full class and hopes for a new genre of training offered by NFPA.  Within a few months, classes were sellin...
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  • Loaded Sprinkler Heads

    We are running into a labor issue with a recent healthcare survey of loaded sprinkler heads, my question is how are other places handling the maintenance of cleaning sprinkler heads that are loaded with dust? We have...
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  • Capsule Hotels and Fire Safety

    I am a fire safety compliance (building) officer within the City of Sydney.We recently have seen the opening of Australia's first "Capsule Hotel" accommodation. Capsule hotels (google search for more information) ...
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  • Exit Discharge Door Safety

    The unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Parkland Florida prompted thought with regard to solid panel exit discharge doors and a possible area of improvement. The NFPA standard should consider the ...
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  • Emergency/exit lights in older Churches?

    In my NYS town we have a few churches that are over 75+ years old. They do not have “any” emergency lights or exit signs in the Nave (where Mass is held) the occupancy load varies from 50-125. I recently t...
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  • Why Escape Chute and CDD are not approved for fire escape in residential buildings? 

    Why is it said in FAQ that Escape Chute and Controlled Descent Devices do not offer that level of protection. These devices offer the inhabitants 'First Line of Escape' from the situation (if they are trained through ...
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  • When is an E-power generator required for Hotels?

    I am having trouble finding code regarding EMG's in Hotels.  What are the requirements for emergency generators and fuel tanks?  Any information on where I can find this is much appreciated.
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  • NFPA-170 Symbols already created in CAD

    Greetings - Does anyone know if anyone sells the symbols in NFPA-170 already made as a dwg. file. I don't want to go through the process of creating each symbol and then building a specific tool set/bar in CAD. This r...
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  • Fire Drill Evacuation Template Hospital

    Does someone have in a word doc. a Fire Drill Evacuation Template I could use as a starting point?
  • Facility Managers and Fire Safety

    https://sourceable.net/facilities-managers-must-be-on-top-of-fire-safety/   Great article on Facility Managers and Fire Safety! This article does a great job describing the importance of the facility manager role...
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  • Codes related to architechtural features of a new hotel building

    We are engaged in the certification and review of architectural plans for a new hotel building in accordance with NFPA codes. Apart from NFPA 101 which other codes need to be considered for the project to be considere...
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