• Electric rooms (MDB, Transformers and generator) occupancy classification

    I'm working on a conference hall project, According to NFPA 101, what is the classification of these occupancies?. Also, what is the classification of the projector and sound room, is it ancillary to predominant...
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  • Fire Evacuation Plans and Their Interactive Management

      The Advantages of firesafetycloud.com in Fire Safety Management.   The consequences of poor fire safety practices and a lack of emergency planning can pose a serious threat, not only to the building and...
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  • Fire Protection System Requirement for 1600 kv Oil Type Transformer

    It is understood that 1600 kv oil type transformer is considered high hazard but I can’t find code reference for fire protection system requirements. The transformer room is part of building struc...
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  • Chemical fume hood exhaust system - can we use a lab exhaust or must it be hazardous exhaust ?

    Hello experts. I am new to the field. I am involved in the general safety in a laboratory setting. I want to understand what is the difference between a regular lab exhaust system and a hazardous exhaust system. ...
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    Dears,   Is there any restriction for new FM-200 System installation due to Montreal agreement?  in 2020
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  • Is OSB a class C rated interior finish product

    We have multiple independent projects where the builder has used OSB as an interior finish product to minimize damage to sheetrock. In all of these projects, per the LSC they must meet as Class C interior F...
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  • Diesel power plant with temporary living quarters

    I'm looking for help determining if a small diesel power plant with temporary living quarters is required to have a notification or/and a full fire system.
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  • Are there any fire resistance rating requirements for steel structure supporting equipment on building roof in NFPA?

    The below section is Polypropylene Extrusion Building in Petrochemical Processing Plant. As I understand NFPA 5000 Table 7.4.1, Construction Type II-222 can be applied for this industrial building by the building heig...
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  • Separation distance for fuel tank

    What is the minimum distance between diesel fuel tank and Diesel generator, also between that tank and transformer? As I have a situation where fuel tank will be between two diesel generators and transformer "6....
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  • Polyethylene plants

    Hi there, i am very new to the Xchange forums and this is my first question. does anyone out there have any experience with relevant test methods for artificial polyethylene foliage? i am based in the UK and manufac...
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  • AOR

    Is it not in line with NFPA 72 to have the horn/strobes in the AOR, silenced due to not being able to hear the voice-intercom in that area or maybe using a different tone/sound, like a chime only in the AOR?
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  • Do interior industrial fire-rated egress doors require windows?

    See photos.  We have an area that we are planning on having sensitive protected material and the doors have glass in them and am being asked if the windows may be covered up or the doors replaced with solid doors.
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  • Sprinkler Design - Cable Tunnels

    Hi. I am working on a sprinkler system design for cable tunnels in a power plant. I am referring to NFPA 13, and found the below clause which is a little bit confusing: Automatic sprinkler systems shall ...
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  • waste garbage compactor systems

    I have a question relative to NFPA 82 "Standards for Incinerators and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment". The provisions for waste compactors in NFPA 82 (2019 edition) Chapter 8 on paragraph indi...
  • Chemical Transport on Elevators

    Has anyone seen a sign like this before at an elevator? Do you know if there is a standard that dictates these requirements? I have looked at NFPA 45 and IFC and so far I have not been able to figure out where this re...
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  • Employee Training on Fire Doors

    I have a safety question for you. Got hit on audit about sign on fire rated door. They want us to train staff on fire door requirements. Where would I find such?
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  • In reference to "2019 NFPA 110 Section 8.4" is it the NFPA minimum requirement to exercise generator sets in service at least once monthly for a minimum of 30 minutes (I meant to ask even if it's not mentioned in the Manufacturer's maintenance manual)?

    2019 NFPA Section 8.4.2 states that generator sets in service shall be exercised at least monthly, for a minimum of 30 minutes. I just want to know whether this is the NFPA minimum requirement despite what's stated in...
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  • Fire watch  Question

    we are planning to correct part of our fire protection system where a portion of the system will be down while work is being performed. Does the fire watch have to take place in only the area in which the system is do...
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  • ESFR sprinkler

    “When a sprinkler system is designed and installed to comply with the requirements of Factory Mutual Datasheet 8-21 Roll Paper Storage and are also ESFR sprinklers.  Is the installed protection system consi...
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  • Home occupation film processing

    I have an application for a home based film development in a apartment (6unit) older block. Only in my home town would some attempt this. Thanks
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