• NFPA Requirements

    Hello, could you please advise with NFPA requirements of the use of gypsum ceiling tiles laminated with textured pvc film, in the internal environment of the residential buildings. that are affecting the a...
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  • Writing fire safety strategy reports

    Are there any templates about Fire Safety strategy reports according to NFPA ?
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  • 3 story/9 unit Condos - Sprinkler or Fire Alarm System?

    Does a new 3 story, 9 unit condominium require exterior sprinkler system or fire alarm system? 
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  • 3hr HM Door and Frame in Wood Construction

    I am looking for standards related to NFPA 80 (ideally NFPA or UL Designs) for 3-hour rated hollow metal doors and frames built into wood construction. We have been using ASW 2600 by the Gypsum Association togeth...
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  • LP gas pipe under topping?

    LP gas pipe under topping.   I am inspecting a construction of a residence,. The drawings ask for LP gas piping to be installed 3 feet below Finish floor , for the kitchen, dryer and a BBQ. The contractor want t...
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  • A classification for a Residential building - Palace

    I got confused about a classification for a building that I have to put its fire strategy. and may I get some help from you guys. It is a residential palace for one family, with 11 Bed rooms distributed on 2 flo...
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  • Smoke detectors in separate building fire pump room

    The fire pump room is a separate building from the main building it serves. I'm having trouble finding code or anything that requires or exempts the provision of smoke detectors specifically for a separate building fi...
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  • Smoking room

    I live in Illinois. I had a request from a Bed and Breakfast owner about adding a smoking room in there garage. The garage is not attached to the B&B. Is there any codes out there for this? 
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  • Attached Garages in 1 and 2 Family Dwellings

    I've found it difficult to come up with concrete answers in NFPA with regard to 1 &2 Family Dwellings and attached garages. Chapter 24 is all but silent on attached garages (CO section speaks to it). Are they to b...
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  • NFPA 54 9.6.1 - Connecting Appliances & Equipment

    Hi,   I am seeking some additional clarity regarding the NFPA 54 codebook, specifically section 9.6.1 pertaining to Connecting Appliances and Equipment. It would appear that items (2), (3), and (4) all describe ...
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  • Structural Fiberglass Exit Stairs

    Seeking information re the use of structural fiberglass stairs for use as exterior open exit stairs for a four story hotel. Are structural fiberglass stairs commonly used and are such stairs required to be listed?...
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  • Fire Modelling for Tiny Houses

    Has anyone seen any computer modelling to show fire behavior in "Tiny Houses"? Many of these dwellings have loft sleeping areas with ceiling/roof windows for escape. It would seem that given the minimal cubic footage,...
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    I want to know the pump required gpm. I have 10 story residential building.Floor height 10'-0". Every floor has landing valve & every floor has hose boxes for each floor. So how much GPM pump should i use ...
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  • Is it safe to install a natural gas generator within 5 ft of a fixed, inoperable window?

    I'm hoping to install a standby generator but the only suitable location has a window closer than 5 ft.  I'd like to make the double hung window fixed/inoperable to make it safe and code compliant.  The wind...
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  • what should be the height of side wall sprinkler

    At what height the side wall sprinkler will be installed from finish floor level. what is the criteria to make the selection. If k=5.6 at what height range sprinkler should be installed. Also what is the maximum space...
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  • Apartment Unit Occupant Load?

    I am looking to see what others use as occupant load factors for individual apartments, based in NFPA, not other Codes? There was confusion that each apartment was like a single family dwelling and therefore had to me...
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  • Residential Board and Care

    Residential Board and Care:   Question:  Is it the intent of the NFPA 101 to limit the number of small residential board and care facilities within a single building?   Project:  I am proposing (...
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  • Residentail Board and Care Intent

    Residential Board and Care:   Question:  Is it the intent of the NFPA 101 to limit the number of small residential board and care facilities within a single building?   Project:  I am proposing (...
  • maximum offset angle at trash chute discharge

    what is the maximum offset angle allowed in City of Chicago at trash chute discharge point, as per NFPA 82 offset should not be greater than 15 degrees, but 30 and 45 degree offsets have been allowed with th...
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  • Combustible fire escapes?

    Hello,   I am being told that the secondary egress from upper floors of my building is inadequate. We have a three story, six unit apartment building with two apartments per each floor. The building is approxima...
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