• Adding units to an Existing Apartment Building

    We have a project in the exploration phase that is asking if they can transform an unused third floor/attic space in an Existing Apartment Building without adding sprinklers. They will meet all the other requirements ...
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  • UL555 listed dampers - smoke migration around the outside of smoke, and/or fire rated dampers

    Compare two 1' x 1' fire dampers. One is German made: Category:Trox 90 minute fire damper 1' x 1' - Wikimedia Commons  and one is domestic: Category:UL555 qualified 3h smoke and fire damper - Wikimedia Commons...
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  • extruded polystyrene board insulation

    Hi everyone,   Can anyone advice if we can use extruded polystyrene board insulation class E as per EN 13501-1 for exterior walls behind stone cladding, if not, what is the accepted classification and ...
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  • pressure jokcey

    How do I determine the pressure level of a cockroach pump? To maintain pressure in a fire protection pressure system. In nfpa 20 section 4.27 it is stated that pressure is needed to maintain the pressure due to leakag...
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  • Firefighters Stair Width

    I'm working on a hotel building that has 4 enclosed stairs each run width is 1200 mm according to occupant load. QS. What is firefighters stair and can it be combined with an egress stair,  i...
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  • Protection of a Combustible Facade on a Roof

    A client is desirous of installing a Pitched Facade (1 in 12) of combustible nature: it will provide the effect of a Pitched Roof, while sitting on a flat Roof system. Is there a code or standard reference for any ty...
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  • Regarding the NFPA 101(2015)

    To expert whom it may concern,   According to the NFPA101(2015) section, "The lighting control device does not turn off any battery-equipped emergency luminaires, unit equipment, or exit signs. Tec...
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  • Cheap evacuation chair?

    Any recommendations for a cheaper evacuation chair?  We have a $2,000 stryker chair but need another for a five step staircase.  Thanks
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    NYC EGRESS - Pre-existing residential and mixed use buildings.   We have been contacted by our insurance broker stating that our buildings do not meet current NFPA 101 life safety code requirements. We have a mi...
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  • Need for Manual Pull Stations

    Hi all, I took the NFPA 72 course with you this past december in Orlando, I am from Costa Rica,  It was brought to my attention during the course that when a building is fully sprinklered, the...
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  • Fire protection on Roof floor (Mechanical equipment )

    Dear,   As per NFPA, ist required to have a fire protection system (Fire hose cabinet, fire extinguisher,....  ) on the Roof floor for a Hotel where Mechanical types of equipment are located (AHU, Chiller,....
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  • Polyethylene plants

    Hi there, i am very new to the Xchange forums and this is my first question. does anyone out there have any experience with relevant test methods for artificial polyethylene foliage? i am based in the UK and manufac...
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  • Open Convenience Stair

    Hello from Maine!   We're less than 90 days away from having this Large (48k sf - 66 bed), New Residential Board & Care (Chapter 32) facility that we've designed substantially complete.  I'm the Archite...
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  • Smoke detectors in separate building fire pump room

    The fire pump room is a separate building from the main building it serves. I'm having trouble finding code or anything that requires or exempts the provision of smoke detectors specifically for a separate building fi...
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  • NFPA Requirements

    Hello, could you please advise with NFPA requirements of the use of gypsum ceiling tiles laminated with textured pvc film, in the internal environment of the residential buildings. that are affecting the a...
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  • 3 story/9 unit Condos - Sprinkler or Fire Alarm System?

    Does a new 3 story, 9 unit condominium require exterior sprinkler system or fire alarm system? 
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  • 3hr HM Door and Frame in Wood Construction

    I am looking for standards related to NFPA 80 (ideally NFPA or UL Designs) for 3-hour rated hollow metal doors and frames built into wood construction. We have been using ASW 2600 by the Gypsum Association togeth...
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  • LP gas pipe under topping?

    LP gas pipe under topping.   I am inspecting a construction of a residence,. The drawings ask for LP gas piping to be installed 3 feet below Finish floor , for the kitchen, dryer and a BBQ. The contractor want t...
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  • A classification for a Residential building - Palace

    I got confused about a classification for a building that I have to put its fire strategy. and may I get some help from you guys. It is a residential palace for one family, with 11 Bed rooms distributed on 2 flo...
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  • Smoking room

    I live in Illinois. I had a request from a Bed and Breakfast owner about adding a smoking room in there garage. The garage is not attached to the B&B. Is there any codes out there for this? 
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