• Smoke Evacuation Test

    Dear Team   I am going to do corridor smoke test in one of residential building; I need to know the following: a) What is the amount of smoke needed by smoke machine and what is the time required such process? ...
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  • Are there any restrictions to using drop grid (suspended ceilings in hotel occupancies? If none, what wiring type is allowed to be ran in the void spaces?

    I've got a hotel in my jurisdiction that has placed a suspended ceiling in the lobby, and each hallway of the 3 story structure.  I had a fire chief recently tell me that those type ceilings were not permitted in...
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  • STR's as Rooming and Lodging?

    Are there any municipalities out there that are taking the stance that Short Term Rentals (Air BnB, et als) are actually Rooming and Lodging and not One and Two Family dwellings? We've been told that in other forums t...
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  • NFPA 101 and 701 - IF the Fabric passed the test, how do we know how many hours will it be resistance to the Fire ( 1 HR or 2 HR or .... ??)

    while designing canopy for exterior canopy car shade of steel and fabris as a shade, its required in NFPA 101 and 701 to pass 1 of two tests, Its already passed test number 2.  How do we know how many hours...
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  • Is the green running man exit sign allowed to be used instead of the red "EXIT" sign?

    Many countries (Canada, Australia, nearly entire Europe, Japan) use the pictogram with the green running man as an exit sign, meanwhile the US uses a green or red "EXIT" sign. My question would be whether it is allowe...
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  • does a new apartment residential building 24 floors fully covered with automatic sprinkler required by NFPA to have smoke detectors in the apartments

    Hello, I want to ask you about a new apartment residential building 24 floors with a fully supervised automatic sprinkler system, does the NFPA require smoke detection in the sleeping rooms, living & kitchen or c...
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  • Would the roof qualify as an egress balcony?

    This question came is for a one and two family home.  They want to have an elevator serve the roof. This space would be for viewing the nature around the home.
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  • Old Life Safety Code- Stairs Width Question

    Was there ever a time such as the 1950's when a dwelling stair was allowed to be less than 36 inches?
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  • High-Rise Notification

    In a typical high-rise, it is our local AHJ and my understanding that it is acceptable for occupant notification during a fire alarm to be the floor of initiation, one floor above and one floor below. This scenario of...
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  • Above how much height, we need to have stair pressurization system?

    Please help me above how much height, do we need to provide stair pressurization system. If not height, which decide the need fpr stair pressurization system as per NFPA.
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  • Need to know uses of CO sensor base with Multi Detector.

    Multi Detector with CO sensor base instead of Smoke / Heat Detector. I don't have experience with CO sensor base. so I would request you please advice as per NFPA where the uses of CO sensor base.  or can we use ...
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  • Window Protection

    I have been requested to Install window sprinklers in a house due to the proximity to the adjacent building. Is it acceptable to use QR Pendants or Uprights in lieu of listed window sprinklers? 
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  • Storage Near Sprinkler Risers

    Hello Everyone,   Is there a requirement in an NFPA standard that deals with restricting storage near sprinkler risers? If so, which article in what NFPA Standard?   Thanks!
  • Shared Exit in 2 family building

    Can you have a shared exit in a 2 family building and if so does that exit need to be a fire rated assembly? NFPA 101 section states the primary escape shall be to the outside of the dwelling unit at street o...
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  • Why Escape Chute and CDD are not approved for fire escape in residential buildings? 

    Why is it said in FAQ that Escape Chute and Controlled Descent Devices do not offer that level of protection. These devices offer the inhabitants 'First Line of Escape' from the situation (if they are trained through ...
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  • manufactured home roof vent caps

    are  roof vent caps with dampers allowed for venting kitchen range hood exhaust fans in manufactured homes?
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  • Facility Managers and Fire Safety

    https://sourceable.net/facilities-managers-must-be-on-top-of-fire-safety/   Great article on Facility Managers and Fire Safety! This article does a great job describing the importance of the facility manager role...
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  • Explanation of NFPA101, 9.4.7

    I am dealing with a building renovation and the existing condition that has been giving the design team fits is, the elevators open directly adjacent to a stairway. NFPA 101, 9.4.7 indicates this is a major no no. The...
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