• Classroom door barricades: Life safety hazard, or necessary precaution?

    Shaken by gun violence, more schools around the country are purchasing after market classroom door barricades that attach to the inside of the door, making it next to impossible to enter from the outside during an act...
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  • NFPA Expo (Boston - Las Vegas - Chicago) which Venue is BEST

     Click which location you like the best? 
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  • BS 9999 vs NFPA 101

    NFPA 101 for life safety code, and BS 9999 for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings - code of practice.   NFPA 101 is all "the code". BS 9999 is also accountable to refer.   What's yo...
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  • NFPA vs SFPE

    Hi,   SFPE Vs. NFPA   Which is good in high ethical fire standard to trace to foster fire engineering. 
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  • How far along are we in the world of fire alarm system and security system integration?

    Today’s Daily Dispatch featured an op-ed by our president Jim Pauley, addressing concerns and questions around how to best protect occupants in the event of an active shooter incident or other hostile event...
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  • Wildfire mitigation: Whose job is it really?

    Just about everyone agrees that fuel mitigation is crucial for combating the nation’s growing wildfire problem, but culture, politics, and geography can be significant barriers keeping communities from doing the...
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  • Fire Protection System in Operating Rooms (Operation Theaters)

    Experts, Give your opinion on, which fire protection system would you recommend in operation theaters considering high value medical equipment's, occupants and all other factors. healthcare section NFPA13 nf...
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  • Which best describes you?

    Which of the following roles best describes you, and your visit to Xchange today?
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