• UL555 listed dampers - smoke migration around the outside of smoke, and/or fire rated dampers

    Compare two 1' x 1' fire dampers. One is German made: Category:Trox 90 minute fire damper 1' x 1' - Wikimedia Commons  and one is domestic: Category:UL555 qualified 3h smoke and fire damper - Wikimedia Commons...
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  • Fire Evacuation Plans and Their Interactive Management

      The Advantages of firesafetycloud.com in Fire Safety Management.   The consequences of poor fire safety practices and a lack of emergency planning can pose a serious threat, not only to the building and...
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  • fire suppression system

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  • COVID-19 restrictions, limited occupancy

    In Canada, Fire Inspectors are being asked to respond to complaints involving locked or obstructed exits, limited occupancy and physical distancing in box stores, grocery stores and restaurant pick up locations.  ...
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  • Steel Structure Fire Protection Requirements

    How is the main steel structure exposed to air can be protected from fire in high-rise buildings? For example Eiffel Tower, does the steel structure in Eiffel Tower has any kind of fireproof paint?  I would much...
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  • Water Slides, Rides and Attractions Building

    A building consists of G+4 and is mainly used for water slides, rides and attractions purpose. The ground floor consists of entrance, showers, lockers & changing rooms, toilets, small retail shop and ice cream sho...
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  • Firestopping - Where does the buck stop?

    A large developer built a large number of condominiums (3 condos per building) in Orange County in 2005. Built to California Building Code. I bought one in 2017 in good faith and recently peeked inside the ceiling sp...
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  • Assembly Occupancy in High-Rise Open Structure Building

    If we have a multi-story open structure building used for assembly occupancy purpose, the last top 8 floors are opened which means that they are not enclosed in external walls. Only internal stairs and elevators are p...
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  • Diesel power plant with temporary living quarters

    I'm looking for help determining if a small diesel power plant with temporary living quarters is required to have a notification or/and a full fire system.
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  • Illuminated EXIT signs and Live Theatre

    Greetings, I was recently at a live theatre production outside my jurisdiction and noticed the EXIT signs went out with the house lights when the show started. Being a prevention officer, I always assess my exit route...
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  • Dissecting the Details: NFPA 99 2015 and 2018 Editions Categories

    A wonderful discussion with my friend michael.civitello inspired this conversation.   Michael pointed out that moderate sedation is permitted in both NFPA 99 2015 and 2018 Category 2 and 3 medical gas systems.&#...
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  • Foam Suppression Systems for Diesel Generator

    I have been trying to get the experts at NFPA to answer a few simple questions, but keep getting referred back to standards which offer little beneficial information.  Please can someone with any knowledge of die...
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    Red triangle Stickers are often pasted on the window of tall buildings as firemen access. My question is, In this technological era, do you think the firemen must break the glass window with a hammer to save people? I...
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  • Medical Air Compressor Alternatives

    Hello community,   I'm looking for any information on stand alone and portable medical air compressors or medical gas delivery systems that don't require a centralized medical air compressor. Currently, these ar...
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  • Automatic Fire Suppression System or Stand Pipe in a Railway Depots

    Hi Everyone,   Anyone can advise us if what type of fire suppression system to be installed in a railway depot (Light & Heavy maintenance area). Is it automatic fire sprinkler system or standpipe system? Tha...
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    Which is the best suitable fire extinguisher for the operation theater ?   I prefer to place one or two clean agent / FM 200 portable fire extinguishers near the operating room as it is a clean, non toxic g...
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  • Convenience opening Or Communicating Space

    What is the deference between convenience opening and communicating space?   Thus this floor opening created by the stair shall be allowed to be unprotected or shall be separated since it is connected to corri...
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  • Attached Garages in 1 and 2 Family Dwellings

    I've found it difficult to come up with concrete answers in NFPA with regard to 1 &2 Family Dwellings and attached garages. Chapter 24 is all but silent on attached garages (CO section speaks to it). Are they to b...
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  • Hospital Death Trap and I2

    This document is a paper I wrote a few years ago. The idea of patient safety, proper egress is a joke!   Monday, February 22, 2010 James Hamil Allen Hancock College FT 104 Building Construction/ Fire Protection S...
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  • Fire Fighting system Requirements for Raw Material Store as a part of factory

    Greetings   Please advise about the firefighting system requirements for raw material store as a part of factory, can i follow the requirements related to factory's hazard classification, for example (Plastics f...
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