• rated door in 1hr rated elec. room

     I have an electrical room, no transformer, 1hr rating, and the door does not go into an exit corridor, Is the door rating 45 or 60 minutes?
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  • Chemical Industry Control room flooring

    Dear All, I was searching about types of floor that should be installed in Chemical industry Control room for fire and safety purpose, is there any standard to look at specify that C.R. floor should be epoxy or...
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    Are fire extinguishers expected in stairways? NFPA 10 states, "Fire extinguishers shall be located along normal paths of travel, including exits from areas." How do some interpret "including exits from areas?"  M...
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  • Emergency Lighting.

    Emergency Lighting. WHAT ARE THE CODES?
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  • Ceiling mounted AHU integration with Fire Detection and alarm system

    Are ceiling mounted AHUs provided inside client areas in high rise commercial buildings and Malls are required to be integrated with fire detection and alarm system to switch off the AHUs in case of fire?  ...
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  • Residentail Board and Care Intent

    Residential Board and Care:   Question:  Is it the intent of the NFPA 101 to limit the number of small residential board and care facilities within a single building?   Project:  I am proposing (...
  • 6 head or few domestic water sprinkler installs

    In NFPA 101, section there is an allowance to install up to 6 sprinkler heads for the protection of a hazardous area without requiring a licensed sprinkler contractor and design. For many years we've provided ...
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  • MER's are rated walls required?

    Hi All- Seems to be some conflict here at my facility re: MER space  Do the walls need to be rated?  My understanding is that, yes the walls should be 1 hr., Am I misinformed?   Thanks in advance-&#...
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  • NFPA 221 Masonry Design

    I am putting together slides for an upcoming seminar titled, "Fire-Resistive Design & Detailing with Masonry Walls".  I am looking for masonry details to share with the audience.  Anyone have slides or d...
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  • Re: Is there a Learn Not to Burn curriculum for 4th grade similar to the downloadable plans for K-1 grades?

    Here is a 4th Grade program prepared for McHenry Township Fire Protection District who posed the original question above in an effort to gauge other curriculum available.  Hopefully others will find it helpful.&#...
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  • Reference books

    I have been asked to develop some life safety standards for fraternity house corporations. Recommendations, (with the caveat that the local jurisdiction having authority should ultimately be consulted) include number ...
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  • Evacuation sign posting

    I have had emergency evacuation signs made 8.5 X 11 of the several secondary areas within our facility that the public and our employees are subject to be in, my question is how high should a emergency evacuation sign...
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  • Life Safety For Special needs

    Hi, Does any one knows what are the life safety requirements for a building or facility occupied by special needs children?
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  • NFPA 130

    My name is Kerry Galloway. I am a Regulatory Compliance Engineer. I am curious to know the typical cost for NFPA 130 certification for a server system used on trains or railway vehicles. I would also like to know h...
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  • NFPA vs IBC

    Is this a topic for discussion? Are the same thing? Who is wining?  nfpa  ibc
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  • SHUTDOWN OF FAN COIL UNIT in the event of fire emergeny

    HI..                  Regarding the shutdown of fans in the fan coil unit by fire alarm   The FCU is fully controlled by unitary controller provided by BMS So  ...
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  • CLSS test

    Has anyone taken this test CLSS. what should I expect? 
  • Detection - Mitigation - Notification of toxic & exposive gases

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtvsl7noslemn6b/UMASS%20Dartmouth%20Drawing%20Keltron%20%20Macurcogas%20shut%20off_2%20radix%20wire.pdf?dl=0   Following the recent gas explosions , the drop box drawing is a ...
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  • Means of Egress- Exterior walls

    Hello everybody, I am Concept Designer Architect and I am new to the field of the fire protection and means of egress projects, If any body could help in the following:  In the Public projects should the exterior...
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