• Does a door that is a Non Required exit door, currently locked and label Not and Exit required to remain unobstructed

    Does a door that is currently block required to have the furniture remove. Door is label not an exit per fire marshal prior instructions. Now during current Fire inspections door was call out requiring for the fu...
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  • Door and Frame Fire-Rated Labels

    If a door frame carries a 20-minute label, does the door itself have to match that, or can it exceed that?  In other words, if the frame has a 20-minute label, does the door have to also have a 20-minut...
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  • Adding units to an Existing Apartment Building

    We have a project in the exploration phase that is asking if they can transform an unused third floor/attic space in an Existing Apartment Building without adding sprinklers. They will meet all the other requirements ...
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  • Electric rooms (MDB, Transformers and generator) occupancy classification

    I'm working on a conference hall project, According to NFPA 101, what is the classification of these occupancies?. Also, what is the classification of the projector and sound room, is it ancillary to predominant...
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  • UL555 listed dampers - smoke migration around the outside of smoke, and/or fire rated dampers

    Compare two 1' x 1' fire dampers. One is German made: Category:Trox 90 minute fire damper 1' x 1' - Wikimedia Commons  and one is domestic: Category:UL555 qualified 3h smoke and fire damper - Wikimedia Commons...
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  • Fire Protection System Requirement for 1600 kv Oil Type Transformer

    It is understood that 1600 kv oil type transformer is considered high hazard but I can’t find code reference for fire protection system requirements. The transformer room is part of building struc...
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  • Chemical fume hood exhaust system - can we use a lab exhaust or must it be hazardous exhaust ?

    Hello experts. I am new to the field. I am involved in the general safety in a laboratory setting. I want to understand what is the difference between a regular lab exhaust system and a hazardous exhaust system. ...
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  • Wheelchair Elevator Access During Fire

    A office manager is telling their staff to allow wheelchair bound persons access to the elevator during a fire as long as office personnel inform firefighters on the egress floor. This is a non-ambulatory office build...
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  • Egress and Emergency Lighting

    Egress Emergency Lighting - I am in a debate over the requirements for Egress and Emergency lighting in a medical clinic renovation project.  This clinic is a occupancy B facility that operates M - F from 7 am to...
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  • Operating Room battery powered back up lighting

    Battery powered back up lights in the Operating Room of a hospital.  We have tested our battery powered back up lights in the OR as required monthly for the past several years.  We have changed the batterie...
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  • pressure jokcey

    How do I determine the pressure level of a cockroach pump? To maintain pressure in a fire protection pressure system. In nfpa 20 section 4.27 it is stated that pressure is needed to maintain the pressure due to leakag...
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  • Does BDA wiring have to be in conduit?

    NFPA 1221 5.5.2 states where installed in buildings, conductors and fiber optic cables shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 70 in anyone of the following wiring methods  electrical metallic tubing  i...
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  • Fire Alarm Self Storage Building

    Self Storage Building      I have a question regarding a Fire Alarm notification requirements for a three story self-storage building The building has two elevators requiring smoke and heat detectors f...
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  • School Fire Drills During Covid-19

    Hello I was wondering if there are any standards or procedure modifications for conducting fire drills to comply with covid-19 protocols for schools that are returning to campus in the fall. Thanks
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  • How To Calculate Occupancy

    I work in a detention facility, how can I calculate the occupancy of a room like our intake receiving holding tank. How many people can I have in our holding tank during the booking process. Our walls are cement block...
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  • New Fire Extignuisher tagging

    So there is a debate going on about whether or not new fire extinguishers are required to be tagged.   NFPA 10 says it needs to be for annual inspections and such, but we cant find anything in regards to jus...
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    Where there is a prompt for determining the jockey pump capacity
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  • Elevator Lobby as Area of Refuge

    I have a high rise health care project where the architect is planning on using an enclosed elevator lobby as an area of refuge.  Fully sprinkled building as required and the egress stairway entrance is in the el...
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  • NFPA-37. Maximum allowable Fuel Storage inside The Building

    I have some doubt regarding the Fuel storage tank within the building.   In one of the project in the basement level 3, we have  diesel fuel day tanks for the generators as below (Also drawing attached bel...
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  • Fire Drills for Elementary Schools in COVID-19

    I am asking about fire drills during COVID-19.  I am looking at some aspects of reopening for my daughter's school in New York City.  Fire drills and social distancing are a concern.  The NY State regul...
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