• NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7

    NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7 does not mention either vertical or inclined platform lifts.  See specific 9.4.7 language below:   NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7  Openings to Exit Enclosurers.  Conveyors, elevator...
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  • Replacement for STARC walls (and similar vendors)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for temporary construction barriers, not using STARC walls or similar vendors.  The criteria is as follows: Reusable Cleanable Durable Modular Class “A” Fire Ratin...
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  • Life Safety Plan - Working Lab in Business Occupancy?

    Building Construction Data:  Hospital Built in 2016 in West Virginia using NFPA 2009 and IBC 2009, Type II Construction (2,2,2 Institutional and 0,0,0, Business).  There is a two hour fire barrier between In...
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  • Cheap evacuation chair?

    Any recommendations for a cheaper evacuation chair?  We have a $2,000 stryker chair but need another for a five step staircase.  Thanks
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  • Are CO detectors required in hospitals, schools and C&I buildings in NY, MA, RI?

    Are carbon monoxide (CO) detectors/alarms required in the states of New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island for hospitals, colleges, K-12 schools, and commercial/industrial buildings that use natural gas? My company ...
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  • means of egress from A3 auditorium balcony

    Sprinklered A-3 church, new Is the exit access from the balcony, 2nd floor O.K. as shown: thru the 2 open stairs #1 & #2 discharging in the auditorium 1st fl? Is the means of egress from the balcony thru the Wai...
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  • NFPA 101: Section subsection 2.b

    I was wondering if someone could help me understand Section subsection 2.b within the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code.   The code reads, "A vertical extension is provided below the projection such that ...
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  • Are fire pin assemblies acceptable per NFPA 80?

    In reference to NFPA 80, are fire pins acceptable for connecting corridor fire barrier doors? 
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  • Are heat detectors required in toilet/ bathrooms (healthcare)

    I have tried looking through Dubai CD but nothing in this regard.
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  • Occupancy Classification. Generator building

    What is the occupancy classification of an emergency generator building?  The building is 250 sq. ft. and it is dedicated to the house the emergency generator. I'm contemplating Industrial occupancy and...
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  • Construction Requirements for Containers

    What would be the requirements for construction of the Containers which are used for different occupancies like mercantile or assembly etc. ? And What NFPA Standard governs it Would it be appropriate for containers to...
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  • Sprinkler-protected glazing

    Atriums, under NFPA 101 - 8.6.7(1)(c) Require closely spaced automatic sprinklers along the glass wall, in order to protect the glass break from fire. Can the automatic sprinklers normal pendant type be used? Due...
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  • CO2 Gas cylinders for Total flooding system :NFPA-12

    Hi,I want to know what is the frequency of hydro testing requirement for Co2 gas cylinders used in fixed fire protection system for building,switch gear and cable cellar rooms.Can anyone help.     NFPA-12 2...
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  • COVID-19 restrictions, limited occupancy

    In Canada, Fire Inspectors are being asked to respond to complaints involving locked or obstructed exits, limited occupancy and physical distancing in box stores, grocery stores and restaurant pick up locations.  ...
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  • Steel Structure Fire Protection Requirements

    How is the main steel structure exposed to air can be protected from fire in high-rise buildings? For example Eiffel Tower, does the steel structure in Eiffel Tower has any kind of fireproof paint?  I would much...
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  • Fire Protection Handbook - 2008 is the latest edition...really?

    How can the current 20th Edition, dated 2008 be used to: "...Stay ahead with the most trusted, comprehensive, and up-to-date fire and life safety resource -- NFPA®'s fully revised 20th edition Fire Protectio...
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  • Is NO EXIT sign required at gate that hinders going past level of exit discharge

    NFPA 101, paragraph requires a means to dissuade persons from going past the level of exit discharge.  This is oftentimes met by providing a gate. Is a "NO EXIT" sign as stated in paragraph requ...
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  • Post COVID-19 building evacuation

    In preparation to having people going back at work, I'm searching for info on best practice and arguments for changes in building evacuations process with a more sensible aspect concerning health & safety for...
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  • Dear Specialist Colleages and Members,

    for Medium Voltage Switch Gear Room or some calling Distribution Room  Fire Protection , I know that most of in house design offices are applying Gaseous /Flooding protection such as Novac or FM200 or some times ...
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  • Horizontal exit between hangar and annex building

    Is there any rule prohibiting the horizontal exit from annex building to the aircraft hangar in accordance with NFPA 101?
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