• Egress Lighting with wireless RF switches

    Is there anything in the building codes prohibiting the use of wireless RF switches with egress lighting?  The wireless switches are powered with a button-type battery to turn on a tiny controller that ...
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  • Fireworks Storage

    Where can I find help in determing where fireworks can be stored?  Such as what type of structure, distances from other buildings, etc. It is a few boxes, but they are currently being stored by the marketing depa...
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  • Elevator Recall

    Does Fire Sprinkler riser's water flow switch initiate elevator emergency recall? In NFPA 72 "Table A." Typical Input/Output Matrix" shows water flow switch on first or second floor initiate elevator emer...
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  • Annual Fire extinguisher Inspection and signing the tag

    What is the requirement for Annual Fire extinguisher inspection tags the month of the annual inspection? Do you still need to date and Initial even though the tech has completed the annual inspection and signed and pu...
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  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag Training

    Would anyone happen to have training on how to read a fire extinguisher inspection tag?  I'm looking for some sort of cheat sheet type of document to give to our supervisors.  Any help would be greatly appre...
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  • Travel and common path Distance measurements from inside a fire barrier

    On reviewing the a recently approved Life safety drawings by AHJ for some projects that my company had supervision role with, I found that in storage and utilities spaces (mostly located at the parking ...
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  • Writing fire safety strategy reports

    Are there any templates about Fire Safety strategy reports according to NFPA ?
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  • 3 story/9 unit Condos - Sprinkler or Fire Alarm System?

    Does a new 3 story, 9 unit condominium require exterior sprinkler system or fire alarm system? 
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  • Hi,

    Industrial building with two flors, as one compartment , with conveneance storage of 1500m2, can all be one fire compartment because of technikal reasons ? The classicication of hazard is low to ordenary the producti...
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  • Storage in Electrical rooms

    We are in Florida and follow the NFPA 101 2015 edition. Can we store non combustible supplies like flashlights and extension cords in electrical rooms. the supplies are stored 3 feet away from the electrical panel and...
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  • Smoke Management System for Atrium_Balcony Spill Plume

    In case of Balcony Spill Plume, the equivalent width of plume shall be calculated as per NFPA 92 2015Ed, This plume width is a governing parameter of calculated mass flow rate for balcony spill plume by...
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  • Studying CFPS

    Dear my colleagues, I'm new to prepare for CFPS exam. My question: do i need to study by deeply reading all the content for CFPS exam from Fire Protection Handbook or only to know perfectly the technique of quickly ...
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  • Emergency Lighting Code: Bathroom?

    For installing emergency and exit lighting, It's commonly said,   "Internal rooms, bathrooms, and storage areas larger than a broom closet have no windows and therefore require emergency lighting." However I can...
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  • Convenience opening separation

    Code Enforced = NFPA 101 2015 Citation= 101: Project Description =  Interior renovation of a two-story office space. Floor area = 15,680 sf. Cost of the renovation exceeds 50% of the appraised value of the...
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  • 3hr HM Door and Frame in Wood Construction

    I am looking for standards related to NFPA 80 (ideally NFPA or UL Designs) for 3-hour rated hollow metal doors and frames built into wood construction. We have been using ASW 2600 by the Gypsum Association togeth...
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  • Retractable belt barriers on egress path

    I've been looking in NFPA 1, 101 and 5000 for a reference to retractable belt barriers (such as Tensabarriers TM), but I have not found any. Specifically I am wondering if there is a clear statement discouraging user...
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  • Stair to be Sprinklered ?

    #2_9-19-19 This is an unusual condition where a stairwell serving 7 occupied office floors + Bsmt + Sub-Bsmt has a sump-pump with control panel & disconnect switch at the Sub-Bsmt level. This stairwell serves as ...
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  • NFPA 820 - Ventilation Monitoring

    NFPA 820 Wastewater Treatment 7.5 Ventilation Monitoring states that Supply and exhaust units "shall be fitted with flow detection devices connected to alarm signaling systems to indicate inadequate ventilation a...
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    Are Floor Proximity Exit Signs required in a hospital (health care facility) or not? If yes, why are they required as they can be easily damaged by wheel chairs or trolleys? Any special precautions to be taken? If n...
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  • 5 Year Inspections

    Is five year inspections required for systems with CVPC piping if so under what NFPA Standards
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