• Changes to NFPA 1582

    Are there any proposed changes to NFPA 1582 that address the findings of recent cancer studies that indicate firefighters are at a higher risk for cancer.  I am specifically interested in changes to the sections ...
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  • Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings in escape stairs.

    Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings (landings in L shaped stairs) in escape stairways?   I'm reviewing an architectural layout which needs to comply with NFPA 101 and the architect has done someth...
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  • Change in occupancy (Mercantile to Assembly)

    I am trying to get to the bottom of an construction issue and was hoping to get some help.  Background This is occurring in a jurisdiction that has adopted NFPA 1 and 101. Significant construction project in whic...
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  • Combine Exit Stair Enclosure and Lift Shaft Pressurization System

    Is it acceptable to combine exit stair enclosure and lift shaft pressurization system in one pressurization system? The pressurization system will consist of one duty fan and one standby fan. There is a li...
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  • NFPA 31 Vent Screen Mesh

    NFPA 31 Section 8.6.4 states vent screen must be #4 (0.187") or coarser. This does not align with UL180:2019 which states the screen must be 2.0 mm (0.787") to 4.0 mm (0.157") - Section 8.4. These need to be aligned. ...
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  • Cellular Communications and towers

    Single Source Cellular communication may be allowed by the AHJ.   I have been told that in order to meet the intent of NFPA -72 the cell tower must have 24 hour back up as well?  Has anyone head of this...
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  • Nozzle placement and limitations in NFPA 2001 for clean agent fire suppression system

    I need advice on the following two questions:   1. Recently we concluded an installation on the Novec1230 fire suppression system. However, once our installation has finished, the other contractor namely the Ele...
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  • When do you have to have voice messaging in audible alarm notifications (Assembly Occupancy)?

    I have been scouring NFPA 101 and NFPA 72 and have not been able to determine when an assembly occupancy must add voice to their fire alarm system. Any help in pointing me towards the right portion of the code I would...
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  • Evacuation Holding Areas Healthcare

    I was wondering the standard in a health care occupancy in regards to evaucation/holding areas. In a inpatient unit, we have staff and patients in the event of a fire emergency to be directed to an unaffected smoke ba...
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  • elevator maintenance / inspections

    Which standards deal with elevator maintenance/inspections?
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  • Polyethylene plants

    Hi there, i am very new to the Xchange forums and this is my first question. does anyone out there have any experience with relevant test methods for artificial polyethylene foliage? i am based in the UK and manufac...
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  • Separation distance for fuel tank

    What is the minimum distance between diesel fuel tank and Diesel generator, also between that tank and transformer? As I have a situation where fuel tank will be between two diesel generators and transformer "6....
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  • Wet Pipes in Exposed Area

    can we install fire protection [wet] pipes in exposed area/ or any restrictions [Temperature] 
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  • Outside Stairs as Exit from the Mezzanine

    Our case is an existing business occupancy, enclosed mezzanine (1 story building) with an interior stair and an open outside stair (unenclosed) serving as the 2 means of egress from the mezzanine. NFPA 101 Section 8.6...
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  • Installing doors (clearances required)

    Hi there, I have a question regarding install of a door.  I have a double doorframe which currently has heavy duty plastic curtains.  Request made to install doors as opposed to curtains.  We have two d...
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  • Fire Detection for Above Suspended Ceiling Areas

    Hi, I need help to understand whether it is required to have a smoke detection for the areas between the suspended ceiling and the ceiling (Void Areas) where they are protected with an automated sprinkler system...
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  • Clarification of the use of nonmetallic electric conduits above false ceiling.

    Pls refer to the attached file
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  • Emergency Generator 3yr load bank test

    We are a Nursing home facility reaching the deadline for a required generator load test. Does anyone know if there is a grace period after the 36 month date? If so, how many days?
  • NFPA 101 Section  Does Double Egress Doors apply to all Corridor Doors?  What about (2) Hoiur Fire Walls?

    I failed 100% inspection from State Fire Marshall because he stated that fire doors in a (2) hour fire-rated corridor wall have to swing in opposite directions.  Is this correct on all corridor doors or just smok...
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  • NFPA 1 and NFPA 45 Laboratory MAQ's

    These questions relate to design of a Class C laboratory space in a building classified as business occupancy, using flammable chemicals on the fifth floor above grade of a sprinklered building.  The Authority Ha...
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