Dears,   Is there any restriction for new FM-200 System installation due to Montreal agreement?  in 2020
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  • 20 minutes fire rated doors on two storage room in an otherwise non fire rated corridor.

    Checking through some construction document notice that the plans have install 20 minutes fire rated doors on two storage room in an otherwise non fire rated corridor. The walls of the storage rooms are not fire rated...
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  • Detached Generator Rooms

    Detached generator rooms for power outage back up. What type of lock is code compliant for egress. Some have single door and some have double doors.
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  • Electric rooms (MDB, Transformers and generator) occupancy classification

    I'm working on a conference hall project, According to NFPA 101, what is the classification of these occupancies?. Also, what is the classification of the projector and sound room, is it ancillary to predominant...
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  • Fire door “open position”

    Ok, had in my notes...for inspection of  fire swinging doors, the definition of full open position (electronic hold open from that point, but mechanical l had down 70degrees...but no foot notes!   Tried doin...
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  • Building Height of a stadium building

    How is Building Height of a stadium building measured?  High-Rise Building is defined as; A building where the floor of an occupiable story is greater than 75 ft (23 m) above the lowest level of fire depart...
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  • Is a Refuge Area required in a 2 story school?

    I need information on requirements for refuge communications/communicators in two story schools.  My NFPA Handbook 2019 p. 711 at the top of the page references Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools....
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  • NFPA 101 Smoke control

    I have to build an airport terminal. My question is, should I comply with what is established in of NFPA 101 of 2018?
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  • Portable Fire extinguisher

    kindly i would like to ask about portable fire extinguisher 12 kg dry powder how many dimensions can extinguishing fire inside building?
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  • Requirements for Smokers Inside Bldg.

    New to forums...hope this question is posted in the correct one:   Renovation of existing single story non-combustible building into a commissary type kitchen...cooking food for food truck sales. Two large custo...
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  • How many single-user restroom doors have a fire-rating on them?

    It does not seem logical that single occupancy restroom doors would need to be fire rated or even fire proof due to the fact these are small rooms with only one entry door. In my research so far I have not encountered...
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  • Generator Placement Near a Window

    I am planning to have a generator installed at my house.  The preferred location has the exhaust side of the generator greater than the required 5 feet from a window, door or vent.  However, several installe...
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  • Fire signal interlock to HVAC system

    Hi, I would like to know which HVAC system should be shutdown during a fire alarm. I know that my AHU will be interlock with the smoke detector to shutdown and MV fans for areas such as the staircase/FFL/carpark will ...
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  • NFPA 96 -

    Hi there, I am inquiring about NFPA 96 (2014) for a proposed kitchen exhaust fan to be located on the gable rooftop (A Frame).   Article, states “Fans shall be provided with safe access and a wor...
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  • Smoke Control System Requirement in Factory

    I am designing Fire protection System Food Factory. I want to know if smoke control system is required to install in it. Also what are the requirements of fire curtain in this hazard.    Appreciate the supp...
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  • Food Factory Fire Protection Requirements

    For a Food factory (Juice & milk) I want to know if we have to protect complete factory with sprinkler system or only high hazard area like Raw material storage and finished product storage.  Secondly, I wan...
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  • Exit Discharge Through Interior Building Areas

    7.7.2 Exit Discharge Through Interior Building Areas. I need assistance for understanding this part for applying it on my case, I work on an auditorium that has no direct exit discharge and all of it's exists compone...
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  • Adding units to an Existing Apartment Building

    We have a project in the exploration phase that is asking if they can transform an unused third floor/attic space in an Existing Apartment Building without adding sprinklers. They will meet all the other requirements ...
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  • Maintained or Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting System

    I am designing an emergency lighting system for a building which will function as a recreation center having a large-scale dining hall and a large-scale laundry facility. Do I select a maintained or non-main...
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  • School Fire Drills During Covid-19

    Hello I was wondering if there are any standards or procedure modifications for conducting fire drills to comply with covid-19 protocols for schools that are returning to campus in the fall. Thanks
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