• Suite exit options

    In a healthcare occupancy, does a suite need one, or two exits?
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  • Passive-Purge NFPA 13D questions

    I work for an insurance company and am doing a project on residential sprinkler systems.  I have a couple of questions I am trying to get answers to.     1) On a Passive-Purge system that does not...
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  • Manual pulls in new Hotels and Dormitories

    101: requires initiation of a fire alarm system by:  1) Manual means in accordance with 9.6.2, 2) Manual fire alarm box at the hotel desk or central point under continuous supervision, 3) automatic sprink...
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  • Fuel fired heating appliance

    I have a question regarding a code NFPA 1 section 1)  All fuel fired heating appliances shall be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer s instructions, and shall be inspe...
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  • mobile home park safety

    I am trying to find out if nfpa has any minimum distance recommendations for spacing between trailers I a mobile home park
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  • codes for barbecue smoker

    Hi, what are the requirements for venting a barbecue smoker?  The smokers would be outside and used for a Barbecue business.  thanks,  Paul Van Lanen
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  • NFPA 286

    We have 16 oz. and 18 oz. vinyl materials that my customers are wanting to use for divider curtains for athletic venues such as indoor tennis, basketballs, volleyball courts etc.  Other applications for this mate...
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  • How close can an open gas fire pit be to a building?

    Can a recreational fire pit (gas, open flame) be less then 25'-0" from a building? (This project in specific is a wood construction hotel)?If so where is this written in the code?   307.4.2 in the IFC : Recreati...
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  • Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings in escape stairs.

    Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings (landings in L shaped stairs) in escape stairways?   I'm reviewing an architectural layout which needs to comply with NFPA 101 and the architect has done someth...
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  • Storage of Oxygen.

    Storage of Oxygen.   We are a Long term care skilled nursing facility in Northern California. Currently we have separate storage closets for full and empty oxygen cylinders. Does any code require separate storag...
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  • NFPA 31 Vent Screen Mesh

    NFPA 31 Section 8.6.4 states vent screen must be #4 (0.187") or coarser. This does not align with UL180:2019 which states the screen must be 2.0 mm (0.787") to 4.0 mm (0.157") - Section 8.4. These need to be aligned. ...
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  • Fire Protection System Requirement for 1600 kv Oil Type Transformer

    It is understood that 1600 kv oil type transformer is considered high hazard but I can’t find code reference for fire protection system requirements. The transformer room is part of building struc...
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  • 02 cylinder signage question

    I work in a healthcare facility. While doing an inspection the other day, I came across O2 cylinders properly labeled full and empty and were divided the correct way. There is no door needed to access this room w...
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  • Fire alarm system replacement, conduit size?

    We have a 35 year old fire alarm system in a dept store that needs replaced. The system is currently installed in 1/2" emt conduit. Is it permitted (code wise) to re use the existing 1/2" conduits with new wire, or do...
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  • Scooters and Charging

    Is there any code reference to these new scooters for charging requirements and protection for their charging stations?
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  • Field relabeling

    Are there classes/ certifications for field labeling( Rated Door frames/ Rated doors) ? If so can you point me in the right directions. Thanks
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  • NFPA 130: 2017

    1) Is Clause 6.2.5 is applicable for Cable troughs (cable trenches or boxes) running on rail viaduct/tunnels?   2) Chapter 12 applicable all locations of metro buildings (stations, viaduct, tunnels, at grade etc...
  • Life Safety Plan - Working Lab in Business Occupancy?

    Building Construction Data:  Hospital Built in 2016 in West Virginia using NFPA 2009 and IBC 2009, Type II Construction (2,2,2 Institutional and 0,0,0, Business).  There is a two hour fire barrier between In...
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  • Changes to NFPA 1582

    Are there any proposed changes to NFPA 1582 that address the findings of recent cancer studies that indicate firefighters are at a higher risk for cancer.  I am specifically interested in changes to the sections ...
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  • Change in occupancy (Mercantile to Assembly)

    I am trying to get to the bottom of an construction issue and was hoping to get some help.  Background This is occurring in a jurisdiction that has adopted NFPA 1 and 101. Significant construction project in whic...
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