• New Fire Extignuisher tagging

    So there is a debate going on about whether or not new fire extinguishers are required to be tagged.   NFPA 10 says it needs to be for annual inspections and such, but we cant find anything in regards to jus...
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    Where there is a prompt for determining the jockey pump capacity
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  • Elevator Lobby as Area of Refuge

    I have a high rise health care project where the architect is planning on using an enclosed elevator lobby as an area of refuge.  Fully sprinkled building as required and the egress stairway entrance is in the el...
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  • NFPA-37. Maximum allowable Fuel Storage inside The Building

    I have some doubt regarding the Fuel storage tank within the building.   In one of the project in the basement level 3, we have  diesel fuel day tanks for the generators as below (Also drawing attached bel...
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  • Fire Drills for Elementary Schools in COVID-19

    I am asking about fire drills during COVID-19.  I am looking at some aspects of reopening for my daughter's school in New York City.  Fire drills and social distancing are a concern.  The NY State regul...
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  • Can a propane tank be buried under a deck?

    Looking for opinions on placing underground propane tanks under decks at single family homes.  The code does not really address it unless you consider the deck a "Building."  Thanks for your input.
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    Dears,   Is there any restriction for new FM-200 System installation due to Montreal agreement?  in 2020
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  • NFPA 285 Window Opening Design

    Hi, We  are testing a cladding system as per latest  version of NFPA 285, the client is using a 1mm thick Aluminium flashing to cover the window opening and at the same time the client wants to use a cavity...
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  • Generator Sub base Fuel Tank and Day Tank

    In IFC Table TABLE 2703.1.1(1) specified the  maximum allowable quantities of combustible liquid class II per control area and under those table have categories of storage, open system and closed system. I w...
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  • PVC irrigation riser in open stairwell

    In a parking garage with an open stairwell, is there anything that would prohibit a pvc irrigation riser from being installed in the corner of the stairs so long as minimum egress width is still maintained?
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  • NFPA 780 - ESE

    Does NFPA 780 cover Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems? 
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  • Cooking in a temporary building

    We have a 5000 square foot temporary structure that will be used for dining.  The structure will be on location for 9 months.  The dining services group would like to use electric hot plates to perform cooki...
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  • Switching for Fire Service Access Elevator Hoistway Lighting

    IBC 2015 Fire Service Access Elevator   3007.5.2 Hoistway Lighting   The code clearly indicates hoistway lighting is required to be active during fire-fighters' emergency operation, however, it provides no...
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  • Door Access Control Electrical

    need to know what emergency power circuit should a door electrical circuit be connected to. when there is a mag lock and key pad securing a door, what emergency electrical power circuit should the device be connected ...
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  • Accessing egress stairway 

    Can I use an egress stairway for a non-egress purpose like accessing the building from the interior and up to the next story (Up, Vertical circulation) like the figure below, and what part of NFPA 101 discusses it? &#...
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  • Firefighters Stair Width

    I'm working on a hotel building that has 4 enclosed stairs each run width is 1200 mm according to occupant load. QS. What is firefighters stair and can it be combined with an egress stair,  i...
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  • Beam detector

    i am asking about minimum height of beam detector installation inside store for saving documents?as per nfpa 
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  • Re-entry into Passageway

    Hi everyone, with regard to NFPA 101 Exit Passageways 7.2.6, does the code permit re-entry into the building from the passageway? The passageway was built to bring exits within allowable travel distances for a large s...
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  • Two-way communication system circuits

    NFPA 72 in 24.8.6 mandates that: "Two-way telephone communications service shall be capable of permitting the simultaneous operation of any five telephone stations in a common talk mode." In my case I have a UL...
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  • Storage tank buildings

    To whom it may concern:   I am hoping that you are fine. My name is Jorge Cabrera and I work as an engineer in a public entity of Chile regarding electricity and fuel industry. I express the following some doubt...
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