• Wheelchair Elevator Access During Fire

    A office manager is telling their staff to allow wheelchair bound persons access to the elevator during a fire as long as office personnel inform firefighters on the egress floor. This is a non-ambulatory office build...
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  • This should never happen.

                                            Thanks to NFPA and its readers they surely understand the true dimension of ...
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  • Cooking in a temporary building

    We have a 5000 square foot temporary structure that will be used for dining.  The structure will be on location for 9 months.  The dining services group would like to use electric hot plates to perform cooki...
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  • Switching for Fire Service Access Elevator Hoistway Lighting

    IBC 2015 Fire Service Access Elevator   3007.5.2 Hoistway Lighting   The code clearly indicates hoistway lighting is required to be active during fire-fighters' emergency operation, however, it provides no...
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  • Door Access Control Electrical

    need to know what emergency power circuit should a door electrical circuit be connected to. when there is a mag lock and key pad securing a door, what emergency electrical power circuit should the device be connected ...
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  • Accessing egress stairway 

    Can I use an egress stairway for a non-egress purpose like accessing the building from the interior and up to the next story (Up, Vertical circulation) like the figure below, and what part of NFPA 101 discusses it? &#...
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  • Firefighters Stair Width

    I'm working on a hotel building that has 4 enclosed stairs each run width is 1200 mm according to occupant load. QS. What is firefighters stair and can it be combined with an egress stair,  i...
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  • Beam detector

    i am asking about minimum height of beam detector installation inside store for saving documents?as per nfpa 
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  • Re-entry into Passageway

    Hi everyone, with regard to NFPA 101 Exit Passageways 7.2.6, does the code permit re-entry into the building from the passageway? The passageway was built to bring exits within allowable travel distances for a large s...
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  • Two-way communication system circuits

    NFPA 72 in 24.8.6 mandates that: "Two-way telephone communications service shall be capable of permitting the simultaneous operation of any five telephone stations in a common talk mode." In my case I have a UL...
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  • Storage tank buildings

    To whom it may concern:   I am hoping that you are fine. My name is Jorge Cabrera and I work as an engineer in a public entity of Chile regarding electricity and fuel industry. I express the following some doubt...
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  • Supervising Station

    Hello! good morning. I am new. This is my first post. I need your help please.   I want to implement a "supervising station alarm system" in the company I work for, but my boss ask me about the benefits of do it...
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  • Storage Building specifications

    Is there a specification that when constructing a storage building separate from the nursing home, that it has to be so many feet away from the NH??  if so, can you tell me how much and where in the regulations i...
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  • NFPA 101- Table (Occupant Load Factor)

    What constitutes a space as regular Business Use or Concentrated Business Use? Under Concentrated Business Use, it says (f) See A., but when I turn there, I don't see an explanation. Am I missing something?
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  • Striking Back at Lightning: 20 years of saving lives

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  • Exit Signs

    - What is the distance between exit signs installed (how many exit signs in a 150 ft corridor leading to an exit we should install) ? please give reference from NFPA 101/72 - What is the minimum distance be...
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  • Detectors Application

    In which rooms/areas/type of building we install:    - Smoke Detectors -Heat Detectors -Beam Detectors -Combined(smoke and heat)
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  • About ANKA sci-tech.co.ltd

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  • Building Height of a stadium building

    How is Building Height of a stadium building measured?  High-Rise Building is defined as; A building where the floor of an occupiable story is greater than 75 ft (23 m) above the lowest level of fire depart...
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  • Does my product violate fire code?

    Here is link to the product's information:  Forearm-Operated Door Handle | SafePassage and a video Hands Free Latch Door Solution - SafePassage - YouTube.   I have combed through code research, but I c...
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