• Chemical Transport on Elevators

    Has anyone seen a sign like this before at an elevator? Do you know if there is a standard that dictates these requirements? I have looked at NFPA 45 and IFC and so far I have not been able to figure out where this re...
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  • Occupancy Classification. Generator building

    What is the occupancy classification of an emergency generator building?  The building is 250 sq. ft. and it is dedicated to the house the emergency generator. I'm contemplating Industrial occupancy and...
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  • Employee Training on Fire Doors

    I have a safety question for you. Got hit on audit about sign on fire rated door. They want us to train staff on fire door requirements. Where would I find such?
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  • Door Undercuts

    Where are the requirements for door undercuts for fire-rated openings?
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  • Multi-Family apartment Building Group Meter Room

    In an apartment building, there is a meter stack, with main tapbox rated at 800A. total 25 meters are supplied from this tapbox using 800A horizontal bus. Tap box is 33 inches wide. combined meter stacks an...
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  • Smoking room

    I live in Illinois. I had a request from a Bed and Breakfast owner about adding a smoking room in there garage. The garage is not attached to the B&B. Is there any codes out there for this? 
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  • 2012 NFPA 101 - Atrium 8.6.7 and Exit Stairs 7.7.2

    I am working on a 5-story medical office building project in Ithaca, NY that is Article 28 Business and Ambulatory Health per 2012 NFPA 101. The ambulatory health care program is located on the 3rd floor only and is s...
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  • Sprinkler Riser penetration in the required stair landing but out of the Path of Egress

    I have a sprinkler riser that was not installed as documented.  It is within the required 48" x 48" stair landing, but is out of the path of egress (if an arc is drawn from the handrail).  I never desig...
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  • Positive Alarm device designation/ Trained personnel

    A proposed performing arts complex has requested installation of a positive alarm system to prevent unwanted alarm activation during performances that produce fog/ smoke/ etc.   In review of section 23.8.1....
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  • Fire doors

    why does 2 hour rated wall assembly has only 1.5 hour rated doors?
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      Are Placards for gas cylinder storage rooms and any other placards REQUIRED by code to be place ON the door. If yes, would there be any instances that the required size of the placard exceeds the 5% allow...
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  • NFPA 101, Par. 8.6.6 Communicating Space condition #3 

    NFPA 101, Par. 8.6.6 Communicating Space condition #3 “The entire floor area of the communicating space is open and unobstructed, such that a fire in any part of the space will be readily obvious to the occupant...
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  • Attached Garages in 1 and 2 Family Dwellings

    I've found it difficult to come up with concrete answers in NFPA with regard to 1 &2 Family Dwellings and attached garages. Chapter 24 is all but silent on attached garages (CO section speaks to it). Are they to b...
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  • Hospital Death Trap and I2

    This document is a paper I wrote a few years ago. The idea of patient safety, proper egress is a joke!   Monday, February 22, 2010 James Hamil Allen Hancock College FT 104 Building Construction/ Fire Protection S...
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  • What constitutes a non-combustible floor under a commercial gas range?

    Most commercial gas range manufacturers state that their product is for use on a non-combustible floor.  If a restaurant is planned to be installed in a building with an existing wood-framed f...
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  • Corridor width in high rise building

    I have a high rise building with a corridor width of 7 ' 7".  I have been asked if it would be okay to add 27 inch cubicles on one side of the corridor so that college students have a place to work  This wou...
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  • In reference to "2019 NFPA 110 Section 8.4" is it the NFPA minimum requirement to exercise generator sets in service at least once monthly for a minimum of 30 minutes (I meant to ask even if it's not mentioned in the Manufacturer's maintenance manual)?

    2019 NFPA Section 8.4.2 states that generator sets in service shall be exercised at least monthly, for a minimum of 30 minutes. I just want to know whether this is the NFPA minimum requirement despite what's stated in...
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  • What is the occupancy class of baggage handling area?

    Hi, What is the occupancy class of baggage handling area in an AirPort terminal building in accordance with NFPA? Regards 
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  • Mini business Occupancies with CIP walls

    There is a new form of building being proposed in our community in Swartz Creek, MI. It is a small building being marketed by Biggby Coffee. It will only employ 3-5 staff at a time so does not need 2 means of egress I...
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  • A classification for a Residential building - Palace

    I got confused about a classification for a building that I have to put its fire strategy. and may I get some help from you guys. It is a residential palace for one family, with 11 Bed rooms distributed on 2 flo...
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