• Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Requirments

    Hello everyone, I have a surgery center located on the first floor of a un-sprinklered, 2 story, Type II (000) structure. The state surveyor is making the center install sprinklers throughout the entire building....
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  • Utilities passing though exit

    Where can I find the reference in NFPA  that It is not accepted by fire codes to pass any utility through the exit that will not serve the exit itself.
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  • With regard to fire door frame labeling, will the "STEEL DOOR <FM>" stamp from the Factory Mutual lab suffice or do I need to bring a contractor in to verify its fire door rating and affix a label?

    Hospital setting; stairwell door frames with no stickers or tags attached.
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  • NFPA 101 Offices Inside Boiler Room/ Egress

    Hi, I have a question. We are looking at renovating an open boiler room space by adding two enclosed offices on the same floor/space as our boilers. The open space currently has three exits and will remain this w...
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  • Determination of Aircraft Hangar Group

    would a hangar consturcted out of PEMB with a SF area of 16,250 SF, an office space within the hangar of 1,800 SF and an eave height of 35ft...be considered a Group 2 or Group 3 hangar?
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  • AOR

    Is it not in line with NFPA 72 to have the horn/strobes in the AOR, silenced due to not being able to hear the voice-intercom in that area or maybe using a different tone/sound, like a chime only in the AOR?
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    Red triangle Stickers are often pasted on the window of tall buildings as firemen access. My question is, In this technological era, do you think the firemen must break the glass window with a hammer to save people? I...
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  • Occupancy in Kitchen Storage

    For Commercial Kitchens, are Walk-In Coolers and Dry Storage considered occupied space and if so, is the occupancy 500SF/Person? (2018 NFPA 101 Table  Storage Use for other than Mercantile Occupancies)
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  • Penthouse air intake smoke damper/fire damper?

    Hi I have a question. We are designing a make up air system for a kitchen exhaust for a beach house at Long Island NY. The air intake is going to be a louvered penthouse at the roof and the kitchen is at the top flo...
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  • Medical Air Compressor Alternatives

    Hello community,   I'm looking for any information on stand alone and portable medical air compressors or medical gas delivery systems that don't require a centralized medical air compressor. Currently, these ar...
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  • “Lightning Kills! Save a Life in Africa Program” Provides Vital Gift of  Lightning Protection for Schools

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  • Foam Suppression Systems for Diesel Generator

    I have been trying to get the experts at NFPA to answer a few simple questions, but keep getting referred back to standards which offer little beneficial information.  Please can someone with any knowledge of die...
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  • Special Amusement Exception

    Per NFPA regulations and IBC 4.11, the following exception exsists. I am attempting to determine that if a haunted house structure had walls, but is within a building structure that is without walls, would meet the ex...
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  • workplace seating

    my question is about distance between workstations sitting back to back.  what is the minimum distance from tabletop to tabletop. 
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  • Return Air Plenum; Sprinklers; Walls to the Deck

    Can anyone tell me what the construction requirements are in Healthcare Occupancy where you have open-air return plenum in non-sleeping compartments and non sleeping compartments?   In sleeping compartments, wh...
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  • Number of Receptacles in Category 1 Space

    I have a plan review that I'm doing with a room that was originally labeled as "operating" room, now labeled as "trauma/resuscitation."  This is for a stand alone Trauma center building.  The registered...
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  • Re: Fire Protection for Conveyor Systems

    Is there any special fire protection requirement for garment conveyor systems?
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  • what is the NFPA 101 requirements for unoccupied buildings

    what are the fire loading requirements for an unoccupied building, scheduled for demolition and in process of being demolished? What are the fire inspection requirements? what is the fire loading requirements &...
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  • Separation of occupancies by a fire barrier

    As per NFPA 101 , the multiple occupancies of separated occupancy type are to be separated from each other by fire barriers as in Multiple occupancies of mixed type  the separation requ...
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  • CO Detection and Monitoring in Nursing Homes

    I'm training to become a Fire Safety Inspector, for a State Agency, applying Life Safety Codes to Long-Term Care facilities. I cannot find in NFPA-101 or 99, the requirement for a Long-Term Care facility to have and m...
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