• Emergency Generator 3yr load bank test

    We are a Nursing home facility reaching the deadline for a required generator load test. Does anyone know if there is a grace period after the 36 month date? If so, how many days?
  • NFPA 101 Section  Does Double Egress Doors apply to all Corridor Doors?  What about (2) Hoiur Fire Walls?

    I failed 100% inspection from State Fire Marshall because he stated that fire doors in a (2) hour fire-rated corridor wall have to swing in opposite directions.  Is this correct on all corridor doors or just smok...
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  • NFPA 1 and NFPA 45 Laboratory MAQ's

    These questions relate to design of a Class C laboratory space in a building classified as business occupancy, using flammable chemicals on the fifth floor above grade of a sprinklered building.  The Authority Ha...
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  • Open Convenience Stair

    Hello from Maine!   We're less than 90 days away from having this Large (48k sf - 66 bed), New Residential Board & Care (Chapter 32) facility that we've designed substantially complete.  I'm the Archite...
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  • Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings in escape stairs.

    Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings (landings in L shaped stairs) in escape stairways?   I'm reviewing an architectural layout which needs to comply with NFPA 101 and the architect has done someth...
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  • Photovoltaic roof access pathways

    NFPA 1, Sec., a minimum 36" pathway shall be provided on either side of a horizontal ridge.    Is the intent of "either side" for the pathway to be located on both sides of a ridge or on one s...
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  • Firestopping of Concealed Combustible Spaces

    Chapter states: “…ceilings are attached to the bottom of composite wood joists either directly or on metal channels not exceeding 1 in. in depth, provided the adjacent joist channels are fires...
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  • Egress Lighting with wireless RF switches

    Is there anything in the building codes prohibiting the use of wireless RF switches with egress lighting?  The wireless switches are powered with a button-type battery to turn on a tiny controller that ...
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  • Quarterly Inspection of Sprinkler Systems

    I wanted to confirm that testing and inspection of a sprinkler system could be completed as such; quarterly, quarterly, quarterly and an annual inspection.  I cannot seem to located that verbiage in NFPA 25. ...
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    If a jurisdiction has adopted IFC 2018, is there any prohibition against recreational burning or is there any way in restricting the practice?  Bonfires/fire pits etal 
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    We are constructing ASRS storage of 22m high and 170x116m length and width respectively. Solar PV panel is planned on roof top of ASRS storage. We are thinking of installation of high volume long range monitors for fi...
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  • LPG detector

    We have to provide LPG leak detectors on the parking area to detect the LPG  leakage from the vehicle. If the detectors activated , the ventilation should stop or not.
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  • Smoke detectors in separate building fire pump room

    The fire pump room is a separate building from the main building it serves. I'm having trouble finding code or anything that requires or exempts the provision of smoke detectors specifically for a separate building fi...
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  • Detectors above false ceiling

    Hello, Are smoke detectors required above false ceiling knowing that all cables distribution inside the residence is executed on cable trays and the false ceiling is used as plenum for ac return air?
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  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Requirments

    Hello everyone, I have a surgery center located on the first floor of a un-sprinklered, 2 story, Type II (000) structure. The state surveyor is making the center install sprinklers throughout the entire building....
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  • Utilities passing though exit

    Where can I find the reference in NFPA  that It is not accepted by fire codes to pass any utility through the exit that will not serve the exit itself.
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  • With regard to fire door frame labeling, will the "STEEL DOOR <FM>" stamp from the Factory Mutual lab suffice or do I need to bring a contractor in to verify its fire door rating and affix a label?

    Hospital setting; stairwell door frames with no stickers or tags attached.
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  • NFPA 101 Offices Inside Boiler Room/ Egress

    Hi, I have a question. We are looking at renovating an open boiler room space by adding two enclosed offices on the same floor/space as our boilers. The open space currently has three exits and will remain this w...
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  • Determination of Aircraft Hangar Group

    would a hangar consturcted out of PEMB with a SF area of 16,250 SF, an office space within the hangar of 1,800 SF and an eave height of 35ft...be considered a Group 2 or Group 3 hangar?
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  • AOR

    Is it not in line with NFPA 72 to have the horn/strobes in the AOR, silenced due to not being able to hear the voice-intercom in that area or maybe using a different tone/sound, like a chime only in the AOR?
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