• List of High Hazard Materials

    NFPA 101 provided definition to Hazard Material and would like to ask if someone has some kind of list of high hazard materials that meets with the requirement of Hazard Material of NFPA 101- 2018 Edition.&#...
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  • Cheap evacuation chair?

    Any recommendations for a cheaper evacuation chair?  We have a $2,000 stryker chair but need another for a five step staircase.  Thanks
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  • Organizational Planning Tips for Pandemic Preparedness

    The growth and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection around the world has everyone on edge. Businesses, schools, and healthcare institutions are all breaking out their pandemic plans from H1N1 in 2009 or, if ...
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  • Do You Know the Difference Between Life Safety Drills and Exercises?

    Recently, two teachers’ unions joined forces with Everytown USA, a gun violence prevention advocacy group. They released a position statement against active shooter exercises, featuring realistic simulations, in...
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  • Fire Damper

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? There is a BX wire attached to a thermal link in some way and there is a spring under tension attached to the wire. I believe the spring is meant to pull the wire out of...
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  • NFPA 101 Question

    How far can a device or a project screen in an adult educational classroom project out in the aisle or a corridor?
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  • patient doors

    I work in an in-patient hospice facility. Do the patient have to have door closure arms on them or can I just install a magnet to hold the door open?
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  • Need for Manual Pull Stations

    Hi all, I took the NFPA 72 course with you this past december in Orlando, I am from Costa Rica,  It was brought to my attention during the course that when a building is fully sprinklered, the...
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  • Question about a 500 m. long 15 % slope escapeway

    Hi to everyone,   I am participating in a civic group that is confronting a public Administration backed project involving the construction of a mostly underground running city train. The project, said to be ful...
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  • Where are the Retardant system for metal structure standart in NFPA

    Hi, I'm from Panama. Here in Panama, the NFPA standards are used. and for the construction of a two-story building with metal structure WF view. Firefighters are demanding some 2 hour fire retardant system for columns...
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  • NFPA 211 - Exhaust Heights

    A facility is looking to replace the existing boilers and the existing exhaust stack that goes up and out of the building does not appear to be a viable option.   There is an old steam tunnel entrance that would...
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  • Fire Block Expanding Foam

    Is there an acceptable fire block expanding foam for application in a Healthcare facility in NY?
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  • NFPA 101 - 2018, Chapter 32: Cross-corridor doors

    Within NFPA 101 - 2018 edition, under Chapter 32 for a New Residential Board and Care facility, subsection there is to be two Smoke Compartment's per floor (of 22,500sf or less).  It goes on to describe ...
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  • Interior Exit Discharge

    Multi-story building.   NFPA 101-2012 edition. Reference Section (fire barriers/horizontal exits). (1) and (2) are met.    A floor above discharge floor has a fire barrier wi...
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  • Is the Medical-surgical vacuum inlet flow requirement stated @ STP conditions, i.e. 0 inHgV? states Medical–surgical vacuum inlets shall draw 85 Nl/min (3 SCFM) without reducing the vacuum pressure below 300 mm (12 in.) gauge HgV at any adjacent station inlet.    Table 5.1.11 St...
  • The 101 Life Safety code

    I have a suite that exit to the corridor that has smoke doors and are kept close by closers that requires greater then 5 pounds of force. Under the statement says this is acceptable. I am being told they ar...
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  • Higher Ed / Space Use Change

    If a space that was being utilized to teach college classes (initially) vacates and becomes a student group lounge, doesn't the O/L factor used for calculation change? Even though the square footage has not changed? ...
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  • Dry sidewall sprinklers acceptable for walk-in cooler and freezer?

    I have been assigned a task to add sprinkler coverage to a walk-in cooler and freezer. These walk-in boxes have been moved from one facility (not sprinkled) to another facility (fully sprinkled). There isn't much room...
  • Stairwell pressurization fan room fire rating

    Greeting everyone,  I have a mechanical room for a CHW DOAS unit and an adjacent room for a stair pressurization fan as shown in the attachment. The stairwell shaft Can I take out the wall dividing the two rooms...
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  • Horizontal exit between hangar and annex building

    Is there any rule prohibiting the horizontal exit from annex building to the aircraft hangar in accordance with NFPA 101?
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