Is it mandatory to use double headed hydrants in Fire Hydrant System ?, Is it specified anywhere in NFPA. Please clarify
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  • Low voltage in Class 1 Div 2

    Is a 9V battery-powered device OK for use in a class I div 2 area?
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  • Standard on tank construction on water tenders/tankers

    I am looking for information on the standards for construction of the tank on water tender/tankers. I heard that NFPA 1903 was the mobile water tender standard yet i am unable to find the standard. I am specifically w...
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  • Fire Safety of Buildings

    Who is responsible for fire safety buildings projects/plans? Who designates them - legislation?
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  • Benefits for NFPA Members in Xchange

        NFPA Membership provides Xchange users with access to even more content and resources. In addition to the discussion Forums and blogs, NFPA Members also have access to:   NFPA Live Expert Q&a...
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  • how do i get an updated 2018 version?

    life code safety
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  • NFPA 10

    I purchased Pdf format of NFPA 2018, How I will get that?  I need on urgent basis
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  • Kindly guide me

    Hi Dear Seniors, please guide me how I can my First name in my NFPA login ID details? All details are editable except my name, I have to change due to some spelling missing, Kindly guide me.
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    In Hazardous Area Classification, can we know the gas group of any specific component which is not available in NFPA 497 and IEC 60079-20. As per API 505 and NFPA 497, the range for MESG and MIC ratio a...
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  • fire alarm monitoring

    What code section states a fire alarm system has to be monitored?
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  • Evacuation circuits

    I need to ask if evacuation circuits on distribution depend on fire zones or smoke zones.
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  • NFPA needs code for Industry Ductwork

    There is a need for a NFPA code for industry ductwork fire protection, NFPA 91 mostly talks about cooking area ductwork fire protection  and we often have to refer back to NFPA 13.
  • NFPA 13 23.1.4 Clarification

    Please clarify NFPA 13 23.1.4 for the following: What is owner's certificate? What are considered specially listed equipment?   Thanks!
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  • NFPA 20 - Requirement of Relief Valve and Overspeed of the Engine

    Dear Sir,   May I have a question about pressure relief valve installed on the discharge side of the centrifugal fire pump?   Clause mentions that relief valve is required if 121% of net rated shu...
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  • NFPA 70, 2017 Edition Interpretation

    NFPA 70 NEC, , 2017 Edition, Article 422, Appliances Section, 422.5 concerning GFCIs.  How is water cooler being interpreted?  Is this a drinking water fountain with a pressurized water source or are th...
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  • System Capacity for a Dry Pipe System

    Hello,   When determining system capacity per Section of NFPA 13 must all applicable sections (, ., .,, or be met or can the designer choose.  For example, if t...
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  • NFPA 10 Chapter 6.6

    Should they add a statement that a "K" Class is only allowed if a fire suppression system is present?  The plaque states the requirement, but that is in the annex.  We have quite a few AHJ's in Louisiana tha...
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  • Looking for NFPA 99, 2018 codes.

    CMS K913 box refers to the following codes, see description below. But I can not find these in NFPA 99, 2018. Has the numbering been changed?     Electrical Systems – Wet Procedure Locations Operating...
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  • Access to Webinars?

    Hello, Do I have to be a paid NFPA Member to view the live webinar on 6/7/18 "Ensuring a Reliable Backup Power Source for Health Care Facilities"?   I created an account with Xchange, will that give me access to...
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  • Fire Helmets

    Recently a salesman inform us that for now on, fire helmets will expirate after 5 years. previousy it was10  I look into NFPA 1971 and 1851 but didn't find anything about that Somebody can tell me were to find ...
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