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Steve Weyenberg
In an Earlier Question... I asked and received this response...   Question 2 Electrically Safe Work Condition.. 1) Is touch Safe/finger safe design considered ESWC while energized? IF NOT - What would dictate ESWC... No point anywhere in a panel that even a probe / pin could contact? (Epoxy seal everything?) Using Hoffman Sequestr (Incoming Power… (Show more)
in Electrical
David Waddell
I work at a chemical plant where flammable vapors are present. Static discharges are not our friend, so we bond everything to buillding steel. I've been asked to prove that our earth ground is viable. My problem is that the plant utilized  concrete encased rebar to establish the ground. Cables were attached using cadwelds and bolted to the… (Show more)
in Electrical
Kyla Caponigro
For a feeder serving a single dwelling unit in a multi-family dwelling unit complex consisting of 2 ungrounded conductors and the neutral conductor from a 208Y/120 volt system, rated 100 amperes, the feeder conductors supplying the entire load are permitted to have an ampacity not less than ______ of the feeder overcurrent device rating.
Mohan Sabapathy
What are the implications, on the downstream loads, when switching from a Wye-Delta 4800V system to a Delta-Wye 13800V system?
in Electrical
Thomas Van Hooser
When working inside confined spaces must electrical lighting circuits be seperate form all other electrical circuits?   Where in the NEC is this subject addressed? 
in Electrical
Mondana Rezania
There two switched, GFI rated.  one turns on the ceiling light fixture and the other one turns the exhaust fan.   Attached drawing show the bathroom layout. Do I need to move the switches? I am an architect by trade. Thank you, Mondana
in Electrical
Ted Gacek
First question: Are Backup UPS considered relocatable taps? Second question: Can extension cords and power strips that are plugged into Backup UPS be considered daisy chaining?  
in Electrical
Rodney Childress
Does article 422.16 (B) (2) in 2014 NEC require this also?  What statement, being accessible?   To be totally 2017 NEC code compliant, the dishwasher is also required to have AFCI protection as well, 210.12(A). Most installations I see use a dual function AFCI/GFCI breaker in the panel to ensure that the GFCI is readily accessible. Keep in mind,… (Show more)
in Electrical
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