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Hello, I have a question about a residential garage that I am building. My family is having a detached garage built on our property. It is far from our main house but close to an electrical pole. We plan to have new service delivered to the garage. The foundation is concrete block. My question is, what type of cable can be run in the garage that… (Show more)
in Electrical
Hello, I have been researching HazLoc code (NFPA 70) (specifically C1D2 and C2D1) and am struggling to get a complete grasp on the requirements. Would anyone be available to help explain/answer further questions? Thanks
in Electrical
can hospital-grade receptacles , in non patient care areas, be used on circuits using MC without a redundant EGC?
in Electrical
When you have a Wye/Wye bank of 3 transformers each with a different impedance which impedance do you use for the purpose of the arc flash model? In my case I have impedances of 6.49, 6.61, and 6.53. Do you use an average which would be 6.54 or do I use the lowest value of 6.49?
in Electrical
Per figure 4.9.5 bends shall not be less than 8" which makes sense as such lowers impedance, but what has me confused is why a bend shall not be less than 90 degrees.   It seems to me the less bend the lower the natural impedance would be and that would seem to be desirable, as such does anyone know why the 90 degree requirement exists?  … (Show more)
in Electrical
With the adoption of the new NEC code, inspectors are shutting down projects with LED downlights in drywall ceilings, saying you have to be able to put two hands up in the fixtures at one time or add an access panel for each downlight.     Is that the intent of section 410.24?  If yes, why?  None of the manufacturers we've talked to have been… (Show more)
in Electrical
I have a question regarding NFPA 70.  I have an industrial building that is constantly changing the location of their production lines.  The building provides packaging services to nationwide customers.  They change the function of the lines based off of what the customer wants packaged.  This creates the problem of moving production lines to… (Show more)
in Electrical
We are installing a Fire Protection System (Diesel engine) and the pressure maintenance (jockey) motor is electric motor, as covered in 695.4 (B) (2) (a). Will the JOCKEY motor overcurrent device carry the locked rotor current ?    Please reference code/documentation that can be used to support any answers.    THANK YOU for your help !!!  Jonh… (Show more)
in Electrical
I installed a 240 volt 50 amp R.V. outlet to  the 2017 N.E.C. .  The R.V. is a 2004 model.  The manufacturer is out of business.  There is a bare copper bond/ground wire,  #8,  that goes from the ground bus in the R. V. electrical panel straight out to a compartment in the nose of the unit.  Therein is located a large bus bolted to the frame of… (Show more)
in Electrical
I have replaced my main 200A panel on my 1924 home Am I required to install AFCI breakers in order to pass building and safety inspection?
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