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Daniel Shamalov
I'm an electrical engineering student and I'm graduating in December 2018. For my senior design project, I'm working on designing an automatic transfer switch which can be monitored and controlled using an app that I will program. I'm drawing a circuit for it which isn't finished yet and trying my best to comply with NEC. After my design is… (Show more)
in Electrical
James Johnson
I want to use rigid pipe for conduit in a residential setting, but I want to use the unions/joints and flanges used with black pipe used with gas lines. If I run romex through, is this acceptable to codes
in Electrical
Gene Hammerstein
Power company connected power to my power pole which has an Eaton 200 amp main breaker.  I now need to run power to my barn.  Want to install a sub panel inside the barn. The location of where I will be entering the barn is approximately 15 to 20 feet from the power pole.  I know it's over kill but I'm wanting to install a 200 amp panel inside the… (Show more)
in Electrical
Daniel Mauck
Trying to find Table for NM cable allowance in PVC conduit. For a garage, using #12 and #14 NM cable.
in Electrical
Kenny Thelen
I have a lab that has a 120V 20A DC receptacle, non-nema twist lock, near a sink. If I where to replace this receptacle, would it require GFCI protection? If so, where is this requirement in NEC?
in Electrical
Aaron Johnson
Facilities personnel at one of our sites is inquiring about the need for an explosion proof thermostat in a paint storage room (storage only in paint cans, room is fire-rated).  From my search it does not seem to be required.   NFPA 1: table, intimates that the area is classified as a Class I, Div 2, Zone 2.  NFPA 70:501.10(4) states that… (Show more)
in Electrical
jesus murguia
I'm new in this forum and probably this question was answered previously. Can someone recommend a class/company to train the trainer for NFPA 70E? does that person requires a certification?
in Electrical
Cress Wakefield
It's my understanding that Type CMG cable meets the requirements of NEC Articles 725/800 and that it can be installed in the open (without raceway or tray) in concealed ceilings and walls of commercial spaces. The wiring is part of a 24VDC system that will be contained within a room (does not rise between floors) and the ceiling is not a plenum… (Show more)
in Electrical
Tyler McAllister
Please forward the question below with the attachments to NFPA for interpretation.   Code Reference: NFPA 820, Section 9.2.10   As part of a wastewater project that is dealing with declassification of existing tunnels a new fan in the tunnel is designed to be fed from a MCC(-0202).  The MCC is a primary power source.  This MCC is being fed… (Show more)
in Electrical
Aaron Lewin
Can you terminate two conductors under one bolt for a 600 AMP breaker. The conductor size 4/0 and 10 AWG. 
in Electrical
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