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Joseph Evankovich
Hello, the question I have been tasked in answering is, could NMB cable qualify as an approved wiring method on the emergency system side? The facility is a boarding home, single level, less than 100 people and not classified by the building department as a type I of II facility. The alternate source is a generator and for information purposes… (Show more)
in Electrical
Monis Ansari
Can a multi purpose /universal socket outlets be installed in a Hospital private room?
in Electrical
Khaled Malsen
How do I size fire pump over-current protection for the second feed from the standby generator?
in Electrical
Kenneth Kirkland
I am checking the resistance to ground for equipment/instrumentation installed in a processing plant. I seem to remember that an acceptable resistance value is less than five ohms but am unable to find any reference to what this value should be.
in Electrical
We have a pad mounted transformer surrounded by a fence with only 3 feet of separation.  This inhibits us to properly station a safety watch for the purpose of contact release.  Anybody have any suggestions?
in Electrical
Dan Klages
We recently had an at work injury; of which we believe the cause to be either from stored energy within a capacitor, or possibly static energy discharged.   Scenario: Electrician is in an elevated man basket connected to a crane and is attempting to replace a broken HID lamp in a parking lot lighting fixture.  Inadvertently, the electrician makes… (Show more)
in Electrical
Mark Smythe
In the 2017 NEC, 501.15 (A)(1)(2) it clearly lists the only fittings allowed in the 18" between a seal and the enclosure. In previous versions of the NEC conduit bodies were included in this list but have been eliminated in the 2017 cycle. Was this intentional and if so what was the reasoning. Thank you.
in Electrical
Scott Benway
In Table 300.5 column (4), does this column refer to listed conduit, cable or conductors listed for direct burial? As long as the installation is residential, and meets the 120V or less, GFCI protected and with a max OCP of 20A?  The other columns specifically call out the installation method as conduit or cable.   Thanks
in Electrical
George King
Is there a minimum melting point requirement for gaskets on wet area/outdoor electrical junction box covers?  
in Electrical
Laura Hazlewood
Hi  On an electrical luminaire - outdoor floodlight, could someone please confirm what colour wires are required for use in the US? NFPA 791 states that the correct colour wiring is required but it doesnt say what these colours are. Is there a definitive information source that someone can send me to please.  Thanks
in Electrical
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