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Conductors in a cable tray are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d) and both ends of the conductors emerge from the cable tray and terminate in equipment with 75C rating. Since the conductors are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d), with proper spacing then, Table 310.15.(B)(20) can be applied, but when the conductors exit the cable tray to terminate in… (Show more)
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In the 70E 2015 there was a Table 130.7(C)(15)(A)(a) that was very useful for Arc Flash Hazard identification for Alternating Current and Direct Current Systems.  Why was it deleted in the 70E 2018 edition?
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All,   First of all, I am new to these boards and it is my first time posting so please bear with me.   I am trying to figure out if there is a quick way to analyze the need of an incident energy analysis for control panels. The panels my team works with have voltages that range from 24VDC up to 480VAC. I am hoping to have a question or series… (Show more)
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I have had zero luck with this but several differing opinions   We were trying to judge the ampacity of an existing cable, 3 conductors 500KCM in one jacket or cable.   This cable is attached to building rafters, about 10 ft between rafters and the cable is surrounded by air above below beside and is indoors near roof  no other conductors  …  … (Show more)
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I have a feeder circuit - power coming into a terminal block rated for 175A then wired to a 50A contactor to a compressor with an RLA of 28.8A.  The terminal block states 75C wire and the compressor states use minimum 75C wire for ampacity determination.  We are contemplating either 8AWG or 10 AWG MTW - THHW wire for this circuit.  The circuit… (Show more)
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Hello, I work in a nuclear power plant performing electrical maintenance. My question involves a situation where I am working on a 480 volt electric motor. The motor is tagged out at the MCC that feeds the motor. As part of the tagout, the disconnect switch is in the off position and the control/power fuses are removed. Am I required to perform a… (Show more)
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We are having a debate about the correction factor for ambient temperature and the adjustment factor for conduit fill over 3 current carrying conductor.  The question is do you need to apply both if you have an ambient temperature greater than 86 degree and more than 3 current carrying conductors?  Or do you use which ever is greater, adjustment… (Show more)
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NEC 70 2011 requires GFCI protection for personnel (other than dwelling unit) 210.8(B)(6) in indoor wet locations What is considered a wet location? Bathroom, yes. Commercial kitchen dish washing area, yes. What about a living room with an aquarium? What about a room with a 5 gallon water dispenser? Water heater closet? Room with water softener?… (Show more)
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I have read the 70e almost twice now and am having trouble finding any black & white information regarding the required PPE for doing life testing (performing work) in a 3 phase panel between 240VAC & 480VAC in an industrial environment.  All the places I used to work required a suit, two pairs of gloves, a helmet, and a face shield.  The place I… (Show more)
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#@Old House Renovation - Code Requirements In an old house my daughter is purchasing, an electrical contractor is doing work to address her request to replace all knob and tube wiring and to correct two wires landed on one breaker (panel had no remaining breaker spaces).  This work resulted in the two questions below.  Note, the jurisdiction… (Show more)
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