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Steve Benton
I thought that I would open up a discussion where viewers of this thread could share what they perceive to be the greatest electrical safety concern that they encounter or perhaps the most frustrating electrical safety issue that never seems to get resolved. Having been in the electrical field some 37 years I can say with great confidence that… (Show more)
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5 Year Reassessment Due--If there are no changes in the electrical system distribution from Utility provider to end user.  No new equipment, single-lines remain the same, available fault current from Utility provider remains the same and the existing labeling meets all the requirements of 130.5 (H) 2018 Edition.    QUESTION 1-- does the equipment… (Show more)
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With a meter main disconnect combo. Using the main lugs from the disconnect (not one of the additional breakers in the M M combo) to run cable to a interior panel board. Would this designate my Interior panel board as a sub panel? I would think not because the disconnect is not a breaker so this would be the same as a Installation direct from the… (Show more)
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I have been asked the following question. My answer would be yes, as long as the equipment is maintained and appears to be working properly. What would the correct response be?   I have a client that has a room that has power going into a room with (2) 300 amp bus bars.  We do not know the voltage at this point.  There are no open electrical parts… (Show more)
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Click to view contentCan you use a equipment grounding conductor as a means of a bonding jumper for conduit. I have always used a separate wire for the bonding jumper.   r.
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I have had a question for some time about operating molded case circuit breakers with or without PPE.  NFPA 70E states in table 130.5 that under normal conditions it is a low risk of exposure to an arc flash.  Then the table defines what normal conditions are.  One of those conditions is that the equipment has been maintained according to… (Show more)
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Smoke alarms and doors are not two separate realities. We have to flee from seeing smoke alarms and the doors of our homes as two separate realities. The synergies between these two elements, such as first-order preventive resources, are known to all firefighters for the avoidance of victims. DTM as an innovative configuration for the latest… (Show more)
I am coming across plans for an IV drip-therapy office, where patients get hooked up to an IV.  They get nutrients, B vitamins, "immunity-boosting" vitamins, etc., it is supposed to cure a hangover.  I'm seeing these pop up here and there, in FABULOUS Las Vegas.     I just want to make sure - I'm not viewing this as an Invasive Procedure.  … (Show more)
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Why the sprinkler could be omitted at electrical room (with specific conditions should be met) but not allowed to be omitted from IT rooms ((With the same conditions)? Also, suppose I have a light hazard room such as office but has one or two small electrical panels inside, should I treat as Electrical room (In terms of sprinklers)?
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Been having some discussions with other people in the trade, and the subject of Service Disconnects came up in regards to OCP and it's location for dwellings or in general. Some have mentioned that the first OCP device has to be the Service Disconnect and some disagree. I have looked at Article 230 and 230.90 and 230.91 specifically. I see no… (Show more)
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