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Announcement 1 Last Code Challenge question of the year - click to get your vote in!
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Dan Ford
Was NFPA 70 (2011) Art 690.31 (E) (1) "mounting must be 10" below roof" deleted or relocated in NFPA 70 (2014)?
in Electrical
Brad Boltz
We are adding power to two steel tube framed fabric covered buildings and need to properly bond and ground/lightning protect all metal objects. Is there a standard/code for this structure or best practice information as I have looked and found absolutely nothing. We are looking at 4/0 copper conductor to all the steel and an additional ground rod… (Show more)
in Electrical
Daniel Pohnert
"800.2 Definitions. Communications Circuit. The circuit that extends voice, audio, video, data, interactive services, telegraph (except radio), outside wiring for fire alarm and burglar alarm from the communications utility to the customer's communications equipment up to and including terminal equipment such as a telephone, fax machine, or… (Show more)
in Electrical
It's the last ERT Code Challenge question of 2017, so get your votes in! I'll be posting the answer next week before NFPA goes on break December 25 - January 1. Happy Holidays!   What is the maximum distance a service-entrance cable mounting support can be installed from the service head, gooseneck or connection to a raceway or enclosure?
juan martinez
Is the neutral wire still allowed to be down sized on an overhead service. and does it still require to be continues trough the meter can bonding lugs?
in Electrical
Dave Maksimovich
At what incident energy level would energized electrical work be prohibited?
in Electrical
Ewan Ramsay
Good morning,   I have a question about the dedicated electrical space above electrical panels (LV and MV). Does the cable entry location affect the required electrical dedicated space above the panel, e.g. my Switchboard Panels are bottom entry not top entry. is the 6ft or to the ceiling dedicated electrical space still applicable? can I have… (Show more)
in Electrical
Donald Gagnon
Based upon are interpretation of the definition a variable frequency drive ( VFD) or a motor starter would fall under that category. Could a VFD or motor starter be interpreted that way?
in Electrical
Jesus Santos
In 2014 NEC 690.12(2), Eventhough the controlled conductors are not more than 10 ft which are located outside the building, Do I still need to install "rapid shutdown" the controlled conductors are more than 30 volts and 240 volt-ampere?
in Electrical
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