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Leonel Antonio garay
I work in a 34.5 Kv plant. We must to calculate the incident energy but we don´t know what is the most appropriate method. Some people have told me about the "IEEE 1584: Guide for performing arc flash calculations" but this guide calculate for 208 v to 15 Kv.    Help please,
in Electrical
James Stiles
Is there a resource for determining what group a combustible material belongs to if it is not listed in NFPA 497, Table 4.4.2.  In this instance: 4-Ethyltoluene 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
in Electrical
Gennadiy Begelman
To Whom It May Concerns,   I am a project manager at a final signal design unit.   Could you share any interpretation information or suggestions for the article 314.28 (Pull Box Sizing). Pull box size defined as 8 x largest conduit diameter. Does it apply to all types of pull boxes/handholes? Are there any exceptions?   The typical MnDOT approved… (Show more)
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lance schexnaydre
I work in a chemical facility and was recently informed that in order for production technicians to operate 480V breakers with the covers secured this would require 25cal arc flash PPE.  I have not been able to confirm this level of PPE requirement.
in Electrical
Joseph Evankovich
In regards to the 2017 requirements of NEC 406.12(5), It would appear the TRR requirements would only apply to what is considered the "business" part of clinic, medical or dental or outpatient, all places where small children attended or not may access. Example: would a corridor leading to a designated patient care space in a hospital require TRR… (Show more)
in Electrical
Michael Neely
Article 500.4 (a)  We are working on project that requires drawings for a C1D2 location.   What are the qualification requirements if any to issue approved hazardous location drawings.
in Electrical
Chris Nichols
Where can I find the regulation about power cables (110v) and video (coax, cat 5 dvi) in the same conduit? So confusing...
in Electrical
Pratik Bandyopadhyay
Hi,   I have a query related to fire door at Transformer Fire wall. Anybody have any experience to provide fire door at Transformer fire wall ? Which code permits fire door at transformer fire wall as escape path for personal safety?
in Electrical
Greg Lillmars
In Article 404.8 (A) it states that circuit breakers and switches need to at 6' 7" or less. In exception #2 it allows the switch or circuit breaker to be higher than 6' 7" for appliances etc. In a single family home, would this be applicable to a gas furnace in a unfinished basement to install the service switch in the ceiling joist adjacent to… (Show more)
in Electrical
Chris Gorham
240.21 Protecting feeders, feeder taps and transformer secondary with protective relaying, current transformers and "transfer tripping" of supply side of each from an interrupting device located remotely to the overcurrent protection device(Current transformer and Relay combination)   Does anyone have a historical precedent for applying… (Show more)
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