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Post any LINKS to "light pole electrocution" here.  Similar to this one would be great:
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Our jurisdiction requires the bonding of metallic Babyguard fencing posts within five feet of the pool's water's edge. We consider the posts as fixed, not permanent but fixed in place as installed into the pool deck with fiberglass sleeves. We consider this comparable to metal window frames installed in a wall within the five foot distance. We do… (Show more)
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We have a 4160V wye system that is grounded via a high resistance ground system and we are trying to determine the insulation level of the phase conductors.   We’ve referred to Table 310.104(E) but it doesn’t give any mention to 5kV cable above 100% insulation level.     Note 1 (100 percent insulation level) says: “Cables in this category shall… (Show more)
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My current employer requires electrical safety shoes. We have many questions about what that really means. There is a standard from ASTM (F2413-11) but how do you maintain that rating? Do they require daily or before use inspection?  Why are they not discussed in 70E? It is clear about heavy leather work boot but no mention of this type in 70E.… (Show more)
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NFPA 70 NEC 2017 Article 600.4 (A)   Signs and outline lighting systems.  Signs and outline lighting systems "shall" be listed.   The term "shall" is the most litigated term in law.   My question is: Are all electrical signs required to be listed?   I have spoken to numerous Master Electricians and this particular question is highly debated.… (Show more)
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Click to view contentElectrical inspector passed this.  Doesn't feel right to me.  If its not grounded then it must have been a two prong before.  Is it ok to just label the plate like this?  
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Can any one help me about MCP location and sounder with flasher location according to NFPA-72 in a hotel.
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Is there a industry excepted definition of a Knowledgeable Person.  I am working on updating my EEWP and we are looking into the approval portion and would like to have a knowledgeable person in this process that would audit the work before the final approval would be granted.  We would have training for those that would be able to fulfill this… (Show more)
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