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I am being challenged by our work group regarding working on a HV generator set (11kV) that is in close proximity to other operating generators at 11kV within a powerstation.  From NFPA-70E Table 130.7(C)(15)(a) a generator would fall into the "other equipment" category and that the arc flash boundary is 40ft.  Their concern is that they are… (Show more)
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Anyone know why GFCIs are not required for equipment located below sinks such as in-sink waste disposers and trash compactors? I don't see a requirement in 210.8 and other sections such as 422.16(B)(1) and (2). Was curious to know the reasoning.   Thanks.
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A TVSS should be install. On the Load side or line side of the breaker.
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that establishes nfpa -20 on the electrical supply of the controller for fire pump on the top or the lateral supply of the controller. can you clarify what the nfpa says about it
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NFPA79 specifies: The use of other colors for the following applications shall be as follows: (1) WHITE with BLUE stripe for grounded (current-carrying) dc circuit conductor (2) WHITE with ORANGE stripe for grounded (currentcarrying) ac circuit conductor, which remains energized when the main supply circuit disconnecting means is… (Show more)
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In my country there is no regulation on installation of PV panels. My question is regarding the ones that are already installed, in this moment they don't follow NFPA 1 nither NFPA 70. How can I design a fire protection systems for this already installed panels without moving them around? Is there some kind of standard I can follow? Thanks
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Click to view contentThis is the generator output board main showing standard mode and ERMS mode.  If ERMS left 'ON' and power outage, the breaker will trip on inrush. Our generator rep has seen an output breaker accidently left open but not ERMS. I previously posted a note concerning this in Building and Life Safety, had one person respond and just want to share with… (Show more)
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Hello can anyone explain me the example given  in this section? In particular the second figure and why there are different values of 'n' depending on the distance from middle point. Thank you!
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Steve Benton
According to the NFPA 70E, when are noncontact test instruments permitted to be used to verify absence of voltage in circuits less than 1000 volts? 
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