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joe clayton
first, im new to electrical.  I have been told by an Engineer of Record that is within code to use a 200amp breaker at a main panel to feed a 100amp subpanel.  this does not make sense in my brain. can anyone clarify this question and maybe send me to the correct section for citing use.
in Electrical
please provide NFPA code and clause reference, in local national code it mentioned 1525 mm 
in Electrical
Jeff Patrick
Where does NFPA 70E (or another code) state what you have to where for incident energies below 1.2 cal/cm^2? I remember it in version 2012 or older but I haven't seen a reference in 2015 or 2018. Are we just assuming that the non-melting natural fibers mentioned in the older versions are still enforceable or am I just missing it in the code book?… (Show more)
in Electrical
joe camello
Do i need 2 transfer switches in my nursing home after 2012 .
in Electrical
Tommy Heusner
I work in a local government facility, as a foreman for an electrical installation dept., in a convention center. The administration requires us to wear uniforms, and they supply them. But they are polyester. Shirts and pants. In my experience as a lineman, in another state, this was Deadly. I don't get any kind of reaction when I tell them this,… (Show more)
in Electrical
Glenn Varnon
Do metal enclosures require grounding in low voltage DC systems (24vdc)? Is  it specifically called out in the code and if so, where.
in Electrical
Cajetan Ezirim
what classification is the most dangerous, Class and Division?
in Electrical
Gregory Mercer
In the 2018 Edition of 70E we are saying that we can either have the incident energy analysis or the PPE level listed on the label. I am confused on why we are requiring one or the other and not allowing both. I am not seeing where the confusion would come into play if the incident energy was 5.7 and we were listing the PPE level at Category 2… (Show more)
in Electrical
Jeff Tootle
NEC 430.24 allows conductors feeding several motors and other loads to be sized based on 125% FLC of the largest motor, 100% FLC of all other motors, 125% of continuous non-motor loads and 100% of noncontinuous non-motor loads. Reading the paragraph in context with the exceptions and the following two paragraphs, it seems apparent that 430.24 is… (Show more)
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