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I am using Aspirating Smoke Detectors in a factory. Do we need Third Party Certification for Pipes of Aspirating Smoke Detectors?
in Electrical
I have a heating unit that is supplied 3 phase (with ground) power via an SJ/SO type of cord (it may be either 230 or 460).  The question is about conductor colors within manufactured cables: do I have to re-identify the white wire some other color?  Most 4 conductor SO/SJ cables have a black, red, white, and green.  Clearly the green must be used… (Show more)
in Electrical
Dear NFPA,   My project is 3 story residential building, whole building is sprinkled including service rooms. 1) Electrical Room is not sprinkled. 2) Telecommunication Room is equipped with telephone racks and it is sprinkled.   These rooms are fire rated for Two hours.   In view of above, we need your valuable suggestion-what NFPA 13/ 13R/… (Show more)
in Electrical
Can anyone tell me what style guide NFPA uses to determine the numbering of sections of the electrical code?  I am working on the Seattle Electrical Code and am needing to know how some subsections are numbered.
in Electrical
It is extremely disappointing that unlike NEC 2017 and its handbook, the NEC 2020 edition and its handbook are not available in PDF format that you can store on your computer as a digital resource and access it anywhere. The availability of NEC 2020 & its handbook only as a print and online digital format will make its access extremely difficult… (Show more)
in Electrical
Hi,   I've just joined and have a question about plumbing work. If I'm working on a sink with a disposal, are EH rated shoes needed. I never thought about it before but my friend mentioned that he wouldn't do a job without EH safety shoes. And I'm interested in more thoughts on that. Much obliged! 
in Electrical
The City of Napoleon is working toward modifications for our WWTP disinfection facility. The building is currently open on three sides, with a solid roof and contains two (2) ultraviolet (UV) disinfection channels. The UV units receive fully treated secondary effluent from the WWTP processes under normal conditions and will, on occasion (1-2 times… (Show more)
in Electrical
I have water fountain decorative NEC 2014 Section 680 Part V and for lights using pool transformer isolated primary 120V to secondary 12VAC RMS. Lights are no niche 12 VAC RMS.   Following questions: a.  The transformer secondary conductor to low 12VAC RMS lights require equipment grounding conductor to lights more than one branch circuits?  … (Show more)
in Electrical
I have a question about adding quick disconnect plugs into a 480 drop. Right now we have cables going from the Bus Bar down to the equipment, Does it require a electrician to turn the bus bar off, cut it in half, add in a male/female rated connector for quick and easy movement of machines in a facility that is moving around equipment very… (Show more)
in Electrical
We are beginning a renovation of one of our long term care units in a nursing home here in ny. The contractor wants to install decora receptacles with usb ports by the patient beds, is this an approved application by NFPA standards? Do they even make Hospital grade receptacles with usb ports? Thank you  Mike
in Electrical
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