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Hi, in a multiple-conductors cable the load is unbalanced among the conductors: which wires should be considered "current-carrying" conductors?   E.g.: a jacketed cable with 7 identical wires; for the specific application 4 wires are "power" wires (each loaded with 8A), the other 3 wires are "signal" wires (loaded with <100mA current). The… (Show more)
in Electrical
What are the requirements for high 480AC and low voltage control wiring?  Separated on each side of the machine and cross at 90 degrees?
in Electrical
Hello, good afternoon, i have a question Can i use table 130.7(C)(15)(c) of NFPA 70E 2018 if my analysis for incident energy was performed whit the IEEE 1584-2002 standard
in Electrical
Conductors in a cable tray are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d) and both ends of the conductors emerge from the cable tray and terminate in equipment with 75C rating. Since the conductors are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d), with proper spacing then, Table 310.15.(B)(20) can be applied, but when the conductors exit the cable tray to terminate in… (Show more)
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The interpretation of of NFPA20 Question asked by Vasanthula Dhanunjya Rao on May 17, 2018 Like • Show 0 Likes0 Comment • 0   Dear Sir, The interpretation of of NFPA20 is on the name plate of the Engine and not on the pump power requirement. Irrespective of the Pump power requirement, the minimum 4 hour requirement on engine… (Show more)
in Electrical
Hello, I would like to ask if there is any formal deffinition of the term "PHYSICAL DAMAGE". I think it is a widely used term along the NEC. So, should it be a formal deffinition in the NEC???.     Thank you so much for your help.      Diego Medina Electrical Engineer
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Good Morning,   I need some help with the interpretation of 400.12 and 400.10 regarding the installation of an energy recovery ventilator above a ceiling. The unit is ETL certified to UL 1812, which allows for installation of the ERV in ordinary locations in accordance with the NEC. The electrical inspector is stating that per 400.12, the unit… (Show more)
in Electrical
Please advise. Is there some media that would explain the definitive answer to using NEC 2017 to use tables 310.15 in correlation with 210.19 (A) and (B), ambient temperature and correction factors and 310.15 (B)(3)(a).
in Electrical
NEC 70 2011 requires GFCI protection for personnel (other than dwelling unit) 210.8(B)(6) in indoor wet locations What is considered a wet location? Bathroom, yes. Commercial kitchen dish washing area, yes. What about a living room with an aquarium? What about a room with a 5 gallon water dispenser? Water heater closet? Room with water softener?… (Show more)
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My organization is looking to replace our old a 40 cal arc flash suits.  Currently all of our suits are of the 1-piece coverall design.  For heat stress concerns, I am interested in replacing them with 2-piece jacket & pant style gear.  However, a concern has been brought up regarding a possible "chimney effect" where the arc flash could rise up… (Show more)
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