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I need to run 14-2 UF-B from the panel to outdoor lighting.  The cable run will go up a concrete block wall, across engineered trusses and down another concrete block wall before exiting through a conduit embedded in the building slab.  Options for the block walls appear to include running the UF-B through Sch. 40 conduit or stapling it to a 2x4… (Show more)
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where in the NEC do I find requirements for automotive repair and service facilities?
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I am short on time and need help going in the right direction.   The AHJ wants the sound levels in each room without a horn/strobe. I indicate horn/strobes in the corridors and common spaces.   I know the output for each horn/strobe: 98dBA   The distance from each room to the horn/strobe varies, but I plan on basing the calculation to the… (Show more)
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I have read the 70e almost twice now and am having trouble finding any black & white information regarding the required PPE for doing life testing (performing work) in a 3 phase panel between 240VAC & 480VAC in an industrial environment.  All the places I used to work required a suit, two pairs of gloves, a helmet, and a face shield.  The place I… (Show more)
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Recently a solar PV systems sales outfit sent me a drawing for a 1500w PV system, comprised of 2 parallel strings of 3 250w  panels in series going to a combiner box. Each string developed 105v at just under 7.4a each, for a total combined amperage of 14.7a. Section 690.8 states that the sum of the amperage of all modules in parallel times 125% be… (Show more)
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I have a project that consist of existing shore power pedestals on a commercial dock. The customer is experiencing troubles, once the tide gets extremely high and over the dock, the pedestals get submerged under water. The question is about 2- 50amp pedestals being powered by a 100amp 240v breaker, and when the water reaches the studs on the… (Show more)
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Would a GFCI outlet in a cabinet be considered readily accessible?  Our local AHJ is saying no because homeowners will more than likely place items under the sink in front of the outlet.  We do not understand how this is any different than many homeowners who will put free standing shelving, or permanently mounted shelving within the dedicated… (Show more)
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My home was build in 2006 and I moved in in 2015.  I haven't had any electrical issues until the last 6 months.  First I noticed the lights would periodically dim in one room.  About 2 months ago, I lost all power to the same room where the lights were dimming.  I replaced the circuit breaker (which hadn't tripped).  A couple weeks later the power… (Show more)
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An EE who is engr on staff with one of the Calif subtrades firms sent this info to us, pointing out what he sees as a potential danger with the new adjustable breaker types.  The question becomes, "is there anything related to 240.6 that secures tampering resistance to an acceptable/confident level?" "Does bolting down, or locked access really… (Show more)
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I've been asked to review a schematic which uses a 4/c UF cable to supply (2) 208V 30A branch circuits to a control cabinet. Neither of the circuits requires a neutral. The circuits originate in the same panel board and the cable contains a single EGC. The cable is Protected by way of EMT for a distance of 25'.  Any help/ code reference would be… (Show more)
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