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Joe Nelson
NEC 2017 680.26(B) states that conductive pool shells shall be bonded. 680.26(B)(1) states that, "Vinyl liners...shall be considered to be nonconductive materials." Some pool construction methods that utilize nonconductive vinyl liners also utilize a (unreinforced) concrete base (or shell) between native soil and the vinyl liner material. … (Show more)
in Electrical
Jennifer Hildebrand
I was recently at a residence where they had two separate and distinct switch boxes stacked on top of each other.  The upper switch box was recently put in by another electrician and the lower switch box has been in use for a few years.  Does this stacking of switches (One on top of the other spaced by approximately 1.5 inches) violate the NEC?… (Show more)
in Electrical
Gregory Mercer
I am trying to determine whether or not there are any retention period requirements for the Infrared Inspections. I found under 11.17.5 of 70B the Infrared Information, but it does not mention best practice on how long to store records from the testing. Is there a time period to keep these records?     Thanks again, Tyler
in Electrical
Jason Tomsett
For one-off/custom built pieces of manufacturing equipment that can be simply unplugged before servicing, is it still necessary to have a lockable power switch? My local AHJ says that as long as the switch is within sight of where the servicing is being done then it's OK to not have a lockable switch.  However much of the equipment gets shipped to… (Show more)
in Electrical
David H Austin
NEC 2017, GFCI protection for personnel, Non Dwelling Units I have been working with an Electrical Engineer who is helping an Auto Body repair shop expand their facility, and this includes adding new three phase, 60 amp, 208/120 volt welding receptacles. The Authority Having Jurisdiction is insisting, according to the 2017 edition of the NEC, that… (Show more)
in Electrical
Aaron Lewin
Can you have a attachment plug for a gantry hoist motor powered from a receptacle that is powered off a lighting circuit? Does the gantry crane need to be a dedicated circuit?  
in Electrical
Scott Campbell
Are level 1 & level 2 EES's referred to in NFPA 110 the same thing as a type 1 & type 2 EES's in NFPA 99?  I guess I'm asking if the terms "Level" and "Type" are interchangeable.   Thanks 
in Electrical
Christopher Fontecha
What is the link standard for temporary grounding rod installation when working on or near overhead live lines with electrical and mechanical equipment?
in Electrical
sean oreilly
Hello I was advised by a US customer that they are considering changing the site transformer due to risk/experience of Arc Flash? The transformer is too large and by chanaging to a smaller unit they will minimize/eliminate this risk?. I was referred to NFPA 70E as a guidance document to support the reasoning for this. (I don't have) I was also… (Show more)
in Electrical
Mark Welte
Can a internal disconnect switch (not over-current protection device) for AC unit be mounted above 6'-7" AFF? Based on Article 404.8A exception #2 and 240.24 Note that the over-current protection device (circuit breaker) is located in a panelboard which is lower than 6'-7" .
in Electrical
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