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Would a GFCI outlet in a cabinet be considered readily accessible?  Our local AHJ is saying no because homeowners will more than likely place items under the sink in front of the outlet.  We do not understand how this is any different than many homeowners who will put free standing shelving, or permanently mounted shelving within the dedicated… (Show more)
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NEC 240.21 (C) states that conductors are permitted to be connected to a transformer secondary without overcurrent protection at the secondary. It further states that 240.4(B) is not permitted.  240.4(B) is for next size up of standard overcurrent devices as long as calculated load is less.  At the same time, 450.3(B) allows 125% for secondary… (Show more)
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I am going to design a flame detector in a chemical store so any one give me NFPA raferance.
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Anyone know why GFCIs are not required for equipment located below sinks such as in-sink waste disposers and trash compactors? I don't see a requirement in 210.8 and other sections such as 422.16(B)(1) and (2). Was curious to know the reasoning.   Thanks.
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I need assistance from someone who specializes in electrical safety programs in a test lab environment where both technicians and engineers are working on and testing medium voltage equipment at an electrical power systems facility where NFPA 70E Article 350 may apply. Please let me know if you have a recommendation or if you can help me locate a… (Show more)
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I'm new in this forum and probably this question was answered previously. Can someone recommend a class/company to train the trainer for NFPA 70E? does that person requires a certification?
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Is it saying ALL the A-occupancies described in 518.2, or just the ones that are listed???   (Handbook is no help) thanks in advance.         406.12 Tamper-Resistant Receptacles. All 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt nonlocking-type receptacles in the areas specified in 406.12(1) through (8) shall be listed tamper-resistant receptacles.  … (Show more)
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Section 695.6(A)(2) of the 2017 NEC requires conductors that connect "directly" to an on-site standby generator to comply with all of the following: (a) Independent Routing, (b) Associated Fire Pump Loads (c) Protection from Potential Damage, (d) Inside of a Building. Does that mean that feeder conductors from an on-site generator protected in… (Show more)
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Hi There , I got fiber glass pole, in a parking lot , I need chance the regular light for LED, but someone said , I cant chance the all filter , just because the pole, anyone knows ,about the code , I got the NEC 2017 , where I can found the anwer
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Hello,    We are a California Electrical Contractor and we installed a new 1200 amp switch gear section for a retail center. This was a upgrade of a existing 1000 amp switch gear section.    We are running into issues with the local city on the requirements on the working space for the existing electrical room. The code states in the NEC on… (Show more)
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