Installations Under the Exclusive Control of an Electric Utility

Blog Post created by dvigstol Employee on Jun 17, 2015

     Recently, I fielded a question about what equipment is considered to be "under the exclusive control of an electric utility" with respect to section 90.2(B) of the NEC.  This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to who is considered the Authority Having Jurisdiction and responsible for inspection of the equipment.  At face value this seems to be a relatively straight forward question with a cut and dry answer.  However, the level of resistance that my "cut and dry" answer received, leads me to believe that there are different view points out there.  As I explained my interpretation through an anecdotal and hypothetical real world scenario, I became curious as to what other methods are used to explain this and draw that oh-so-important line in the sand.  What does "exclusive control of an electric utility" mean to you?  What methods do you use to explain this when there are differing opinions of whether something is or is not?  Please share your experiences and opinions with us and others that read this post.


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