Blog Post created by gmoniz Employee on Jun 19, 2015

ATTENTION POOL OWNERS: By now your pool is open and all
systems are up are running. You carefully monitor the water chemistry,
maintaining safe levels of various products to keep the water clean and healthy
for you and your family; but, have you checked the ground fault circuit
interrupter (GFCI) supplying your pool electrical equipment? A GFCI is a device
such as a receptacle, circuit breaker or part of the supply cord, that is
designed to protect people from electric shocks.  Testing is simple, all GFCIs have a test
button, just push the test button on the device.  While you are carefully monitoring the water
chemistry, the GFCI constantly monitors current flowing through the
circuit.  Take a minute and test the GFCI
now and while you are at it, test the GFCIs protecting your kitchen, bath,
basement and outdoor receptacles. Be Safe!