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Please join the Electrical Section for this panel discussion on Wednesday at 11:00-12:30 in Room 502 ab. The panel will consist of 13 presenters who will present a variety of industry perspectives on how a broad spectrum of constituents have worked together for 118 years to develop electrical safety requirements. This fast-paced presentation will demonstrate how important it is that industry work together to identify hazards and to update the requirements so that the code is able to address the ever changing electrical industry. The presentation will point out how important it is that jurisdictions adopt the latest edition of the code.

John discussed UL standards for safety evaluation of PV equipment. He also reported on recent research performed by UL, including hazards that first responders may face. He also addressed current requirements for rapid shutdown. His PowerPoint presentation is packed with useful information. It will be available through the NFPA Conference & Expo mobile app.

John Kovacik chaired the NEC DC task group. For the current cycle, the task group developed three proposed new articles for consideration by CMP 13. The new articles are:

  • Article 706-Energy Storage
  • Article 710-Microgrids
  • Article 712-DC Microgrids

CMP 13 created first revisions based on proposed new Articles 706 and 712. CMP 13 resolved the public input for Article 710. However, CMP 4 developed a first revision for Article 705 that would capture many of the requirements for stand-alone and intentionally islanded systems.


John's power point presentation is packed with useful information on the task group's work and the panels' disposition of the work. His presentation is now available in the mobile app for the 2015 Conference and Expo.

Later to day, come to session T55 on Tuesday at 2:00-3:00 to review current NFPA 70E requirements and hear about the research findings related to electrical injuries.  Room S502ab.


2017 NEC First Draft Report

Posted by mwearley Employee Jun 23, 2015

I am pleased to announce that the NEC First Draft Report is available at This is several weeks earlier than scheduled! I am developing online training on how to navigate the report, including how to submit public comments. The training will be presented live to allow Q&A. A recorded version will be posted here and on docinfo.