110-Years of Electrical Manufacturers Associations

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The American Electrical Manufacturers Association formed on August 16, 1905 consisting of just (12) New York area electrical manufacturers.  The organization changed its name to the Electrical Manufacturers Club (EMC) in October 1905.  The EMC exists to this very day.



On June 3, 1908 a group of electric motor manufacturers formed the American Association of Electric Motor Manufacturers to promote motor design standards.  The organization expanded its membership to include generator manufacturers and reorganized as the Electric Power Club (EPC) on November 2, 1910. 



The Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies (AMES) formed on May 9, 1915 with a goal of developing uniform performance standards and cost accounting in manufacturing and distribution.



Recognizing a common mission, the AMES, EMC, and EPC came together in 1922 to form the Electrical Manufacturers Council with each organization remaining a separate entity. 



On September 1, 1926 the AMES & EPC agreed to consolidate their memberships into a single organization, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).  Today, NEMA represents over 400 member companies that employ 400,000 American workers at over 7,000 American facilities.  Domestic production exceeds $117 billion dollars a year.



NEMA publishes over 550 product standards.  This includes 228 NEMA standards, 40 ANSI standards, 229 American National Standards, and 81 CANENA/IEC Harmonized Product Safety Standards.  NEMA participates on over 2,500 meetings per year.



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