Harnessing the Power of Wind

Blog Post created by mwearley Employee on Nov 24, 2015


Harnessing the power of wind is an intriguing idea, but far from new. Wind power was used to propel ships to the new world in 1492. With conventional fossil fueled generators, after you buy the generator, you have to buy the fuel. The constant need to buy fuel doesn’t end until the machine is finally taken out of service.

Individual wind turbines and larger wind farms are springing up in a lot of places. Unlike their fossil fueled counterpart, there is no fuel to purchase. What a great concept, no fuel bill! No pollution! It isn’t quite that simple. There are a lot of factors that must be considered when evaluating the viability of a new wind project. Here are a couple of interesting documents posted online that provide some interesting insights on what must be considered for a wind project:

Wild Life considerations