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NFPA 70 Article 220- Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Calculations

Single Family Dwelling Unit

Dwelling Unit  2,500 sq. ft.

General Lighting

2,500 x 3VA=                                            7,500VA

Space Heating

30A+ 45A= 60A x 240V =                         18,000VA

Small Appliance and Laundry

(2x 1,500VA) + 1,500VA=                         4,500VA

Dryer=                                                       5,000VA


8,000VA x demand factor 80%=                6,400VA

Water Heater=                                       +  4,800VA

Total=                                                        46,200VA   / 240V= 192.5A

200A Service



Master Electrician

Posted by matthewnoel31 Sep 3, 2016

I recently joined the NFPA and I am looking forward to exchanging information and ideas with other members.

I am a licensed master electrician, but I definitely do not know everything!


Masterlock and key.png

      I make a lot of 3-D models with the SketchUp program in my spare time, this is one of them.




Matthew S. Noel