• Knowledgeable Person

    Is there a industry excepted definition of a Knowledgeable Person.  I am working on updating my EEWP and we are looking into the approval portion and would like to have a knowledgeable person in this pr...
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  • breaker size

    can a single breaker of 250A MCCB can supply power to the two motors of rated 150 KW each or shall we have two diffrent breakers for each motor
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  • Electrical safety weekly topics

    What is the best source to get on an emailing list for weekly, plus or minus, safety topics to use in safety meetings in an electrical industry? Expecially Arc Flash topics but general electrical safety topics are nee...
  • Solar Pole Lighting Voltages

    Hello I am developing a solar pole light for walkways.  It is self contained, contains Lithium Ion batteries, and not connected to the grid.  I am wondering at what voltages (solar panel, battery or LED dri...
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  • Absence of Voltage Testing

    According to the NFPA 70E, when are noncontact test instruments permitted to be used to verify absence of voltage in circuits less than 1000 volts? 
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  • Operating Generators and NFPA-70E

    I am being challenged by our work group regarding working on a HV generator set (11kV) that is in close proximity to other operating generators at 11kV within a powerstation.  From NFPA-70E Table 130.7(C)(15)(a) ...
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  • Electrical Equipment Labeling- QR Code

    Imagine being asked to have a look at a piece of equipment that is having some issues or perhaps you might just be doing periodic maintenance and inspections. The equipment could be any number of types but I’ll ...
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  • If we install air aspirating system then there is no need of infra red beam detectors as per standard?

    We have oil rig Manufacturing warehouse of  length 128.12 , width 62.82 and height 13 meters,contractor  has proposed vesda  air aspirating  system, saying that if we install  air aspirating d...
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  • charge controllers

    Per 690.72(B), two charge controllers may be required if one diversion controller is part of a PV system. Does anyone know how to check a listing to verify compliance with this code section? I can't find any source, a...
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  • Question about NEC 348.20, FMC Run Length

    Hello All,   I am an trying to find out if the 6 ft rule for FMC has always been in place, or if it was added at some point after the first NEC was released?   Also, if it was added after a certain point, ...
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  • NFPA 70 for deep well pump application Class 1 Division 2

    I have a project that takes storm water (not sewage) via gravity flow into an underground storage system (all debris has been removed prior to entering storage). This water will be treated via recirculation using...
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  • light and power circuit in same trunk

    Can i run power  circuit and light circuit in same conduit or trunk of same voltage ?
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  • Transformer Bonding conductor size from XO to frame

    What is correct table for sizing the conductor between the Neutral and the transformer frame/enclosure for a dry type indoor 480V-208/120V transformer?  The transformer is part of a premises wiring system, not a ...
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  • surge protection (SPD)

    If a MCC has a surge protection device in it and if it feeds a panel board and is on a emergency system (generator) does the panel board still a surge protection device to meet the requirements of NEC 700.8.
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  • Does a magnetic flow meter need to be earth grounded.

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  • TEFC motor terminal box.

    Does a TEFC motor terminal box need to be sealed on the inside.
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  • Double Tapping Breakers?

    What type of breakers are available today that will allow "Double Tapping" in a residential breaker panel?
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  • Pull boxes penetrating walls

    Hi everyone!   We are doing a renovation project and one of our concerns is a pull box penetrating a wall. According to one of the project managers, in Japan's standards, a pull box made of a 1.6mm-thick p...
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  • is Field Certificate mandatory for unlabeled equipments?

    Good morning   I have a US vendor who is installin paneld made in Ahmedabad, India. The contract was closed by my mechanical colleague and he didn´t take too much care about mechanical devices, but now I...
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  • Type NM cable in EMT Conduit

    What does the NEC state for running Romex (NM) cable through EMT conduit?  I have always been told it was not permitted, but some quick reading on the web makes me think otherwise.
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