• What Is Wrong With This Genset?

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  • Electric Griddle info.

    Hello, my company is promoting a function and we have 4 electric griddles similar to the George foreman type.  I was trying to find information on what gage extension cords are needed spanning a length of 75-100 ...
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  • Emergency Lighting

    Hello,   Are emergency lighting fixtures required to be painted a certain color(red) when installed in industrial facility? Is there an NFPA code requirement for this?   Thanks, EE
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    Hi All,   I am making a 3 Phase power meter using a MICROCHIP IC ATM90E36A. They recommend to use neutral wire as a GND reference to measure voltages at 3 hot legs but in my loads (Air Conditioners) there is no ...
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  • What would be the proper wire size?

    I have a feeder circuit - power coming into a terminal block rated for 175A then wired to a 50A contactor to a compressor with an RLA of 28.8A.  The terminal block states 75C wire and the compressor states use mi...
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  • Emergency lighting fixtures

    Dear sir/Madam, Subject: Emergency lighting fixtures I have a Question for NFPA to clarify :  1. Are all lighting fixtures (luminaries) used for emergency lighting required to be listed? 2. Does that includ...
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  • Schoolyard Hazard

    What's wrong here?
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  • Commercial System Inspector

    Cennox is a nationwide corporation looking for a  Commercial Systems Inspector.   Part- Time in the Cleveland,OH; North Dayton, OH;  Full- Time in Richmond, VA;  Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO 
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  • Remote Stop Switch (Physical button or Screen button)?

    Good evening all!    NFPA 110, Article mentions that a remote stop switch is necessary for generators.  Does anyone know if this switch has to be a physical one or can it be an electronic one?&...
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  • NEC 700.10 wiring method in boarding home.

    Hello, the question I have been tasked in answering is, could NMB cable qualify as an approved wiring method on the emergency system side? The facility is a boarding home, single level, less than 100 p...
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  • Main Lug Only Panel Fed From a Delta/Wye Transformer

    I am working in a project for a Utility Substation and I came across a question that perhaps someone in here could help me with.  I am aware that utilities don't have to abide by the NEC-NFPA70 per 90.2.   ...
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  • Energization of Electrical Equipment On a Set Time Schedule

    Some years ago a worker was completing work on a de-energized transformer.  He was electrocuted before he finished his work.  Very sad incident.   The investigation revealed that the worker tr...
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  • Generator Remote Manual Stop Station

    I'm looking for an interpretation of what is intended for a "remote manual stop station" in accordance with NFPA110-2010  "All installations shall have a remote manual stop station of a type to...
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  • Definition Of Unit Equipment

    Hello, I'm reading 2016 NFPA 111 and it states that "unit equipment" is excluded from this standard. I know that "bug lights" are considered unit equipment.  I want to know about the smaller inverters that you fi...
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  • NFPA 99 ( )Clarification Required

    With refer to NFPA 99 Older versions Ref Wiring Requirements Separation from other circuits .The life safety branch and critical branch shall be kept independent of all other wiring...
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  • Level 1& 2 vs. Type 1 &2 EES

    Are level 1 & level 2 EES's referred to in NFPA 110 the same thing as a type 1 & type 2 EES's in NFPA 99?  I guess I'm asking if the terms "Level" and "Type" are interchangeable.   Thanks...
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  • NEC (2017) Significant Changes Training in Ohio

    ************************************************************************************************* If you are in the Buckeye state, and if you use the NEC®, and if you are wondering “What’s new and di...
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  • Fire door at Transformer Fire wall

    Hi,   I have a query related to fire door at Transformer Fire wall. Anybody have any experience to provide fire door at Transformer fire wall ? Which code permits fire door at transformer fire wall as escap...
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