• NFPA-70E 130.5 (H) Labeling 2018 Edition

    5 Year Reassessment Due--If there are no changes in the electrical system distribution from Utility provider to end user.  No new equipment, single-lines remain the same, available fault current from Utility prov...
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  • 70E question regarding light switching

    I have been asked the following question. My answer would be yes, as long as the equipment is maintained and appears to be working properly. What would the correct response be?   I have a client that has a room t...
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  • MCCBs PPE or Not

    I have had a question for some time about operating molded case circuit breakers with or without PPE.  NFPA 70E states in table 130.5 that under normal conditions it is a low risk of exposure to an arc flash....
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  • Sprinklers Inside Electrical And IT Rooms

    Why the sprinkler could be omitted at electrical room (with specific conditions should be met) but not allowed to be omitted from IT rooms ((With the same conditions)? Also, suppose I have a light hazard room such as...
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  • Line side/Load side versus Bus side/Line side

    Does anyone know the history and where (if one exists) for the official definition of "Line Side" and "Load Side"?   Countless standards such as the NFPA 70 (NEC), 70E, IEEE 1584, C37.20.2, and even electric equ...
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  • Distance between the HVAC DUCT and Power Socket

    As per standard what is the required space between vertical HVAC Duct & Power socket on wall. 
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  • Conductor size compared to lug size

    Scenario: There is a 4 bar electrification system for an Overhead Bridge Crane.  The runway is 900 ft long.  The company that designed the electrification system needed to use bar that is rated up to 250amp...
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  • NFPA 70 E Approach boundary marking in MCC rooms

    Dear Sir,   We wanted to mark the boundary in the floor for Limited approach, Restricted approach & Flash hazard boundary in all our MCC / LCC rooms,   Kindly suggest the color code for floor marking t...
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  • When am I required to wear PPE

    From the very beginning of my exposure to the NFPA 70E I have been taught that if I am inside the limited approach boundary with exposed energized conductors i have to wear appropriate ARC rated PPE.  My manageme...
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  • NFPA 25, Electric Fire Pump Test Result

    In reviewing a fire pump test report written on a CA State Fire Marshal issued form, it indicates that a non-acceptable test result was found according to section (adopted 2011 code, which appears as
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  • For fire pumps does article 240.87 (Arc Energy Reduction) apply?

    We have a situation where we have a 125HP fire pump.  The NEC does not require GFI projection due to the application.  Normally a 1000A, 480V service would require GFI protection.  The question came up ...
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  • TRAY

    I have a question regarding the use of cable tray in meeting links because here in Colombia it is not accepted in these places and I do not find any reason that the NFPA70E says that the tray is not considered a chann...
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  • What PPE is Required and used during a Zero Energy Verification

    As it pertains to NFPA 70E's requirement of placing a device, piece of equipment etc in a "Electrically Safe State", you turn off a breaker to a light switch or outlet. The next step is to verify via a meter that the ...
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  • What PPE Category is Required in Verifying Zero Energy?

    As it pertains to NFPA 70E's requirement of placing a device, piece of equipment etc in a "Electrically Safe State", you turn off a breaker to a light switch or outlet. The next step is to verify via a meter that the ...
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  • Absence of Voltage Test on Generator-Powered Facility

    Our company has several portable plants that are completely powered by generator with no utility connection. For an absence of voltage test on this type of plant, would it be sufficient to use a permanently mounted te...
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  • Electrical safety weekly topics

    What is the best source to get on an emailing list for weekly, plus or minus, safety topics to use in safety meetings in an electrical industry? Expecially Arc Flash topics but general electrical safety topics are nee...
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  • Electrical safety shoes

    My current employer requires electrical safety shoes. We have many questions about what that really means. There is a standard from ASTM (F2413-11) but how do you maintain that rating? Do they require daily or before ...
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  • Knowledgeable Person

    Is there a industry excepted definition of a Knowledgeable Person.  I am working on updating my EEWP and we are looking into the approval portion and would like to have a knowledgeable person in this pr...
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  • Cat 2 or Cat 4 protection - Table 13.7(C)(15)(a)

    I have equipment, an MCC, where the the available fault current is less than 42 kA and the upstream OCPD has a cycle clearing time of less than 2 cycles. Can I then refer to row 1 since the OCPD cycle clearing is...
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  • Trying to determine if layering HRC-2 and HRC-4 is appropriate

    I have a recommended outfit of 20cal pants and jacket (HRC-2) with and additional long 40cal (HRC-4) overcoat. Question is would just a 40 cal HRC-4 suit be suitable or is it additive and need a 60cal suit? Additional...
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