• Electrical safety shoes

    My current employer requires electrical safety shoes. We have many questions about what that really means. There is a standard from ASTM (F2413-11) but how do you maintain that rating? Do they require daily or before ...
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  • Knowledgeable Person

    Is there a industry excepted definition of a Knowledgeable Person.  I am working on updating my EEWP and we are looking into the approval portion and would like to have a knowledgeable person in this pr...
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  • Cat 2 or Cat 4 protection - Table 13.7(C)(15)(a)

    I have equipment, an MCC, where the the available fault current is less than 42 kA and the upstream OCPD has a cycle clearing time of less than 2 cycles. Can I then refer to row 1 since the OCPD cycle clearing is...
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  • Trying to determine if layering HRC-2 and HRC-4 is appropriate

    I have a recommended outfit of 20cal pants and jacket (HRC-2) with and additional long 40cal (HRC-4) overcoat. Question is would just a 40 cal HRC-4 suit be suitable or is it additive and need a 60cal suit? Additional...
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  • Electrical safety weekly topics

    What is the best source to get on an emailing list for weekly, plus or minus, safety topics to use in safety meetings in an electrical industry? Expecially Arc Flash topics but general electrical safety topics are nee...
  • Is tray cable in cable tray considered exposed?

    DEFINITION: Exposed - (as applied to energized electrical conductors or circuit parts) Capable of being inadvertently touched or approached nearer than a safe distance by a person. It is applied to electrical conducto...
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  • Per NFPA 70E 130.2(B) Energized Work Permit if you deenergize the breaker in a bucket and the only power left is the incoming from the stabs to the top of the breaker is the work permit required?

    Also if you have multiple VFD's in one cabinet and you are changing one but the rest are powered up would a wok permit be required?
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  • Absence of Voltage Testing

    According to the NFPA 70E, when are noncontact test instruments permitted to be used to verify absence of voltage in circuits less than 1000 volts? 
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  • Operating Generators and NFPA-70E

    I am being challenged by our work group regarding working on a HV generator set (11kV) that is in close proximity to other operating generators at 11kV within a powerstation.  From NFPA-70E Table 130.7(C)(15)(a) ...
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  • that establishes nfpa -20 on the electrical supply of the controller for fire pump on the top or the lateral supply of the controller. can you clarify what the nfpa says about it

    that establishes nfpa -20 on the electrical supply of the controller for fire pump on the top or the lateral supply of the controller. can you clarify what the nfpa says about it
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  • Calculating Arc Flash PPE Tables

    Referring to NFPA 70E Table 130.7(C)(15)(A)(b) - Where is there more info, step-by-step, on how to go through the process in this table? I can't find any links and there's nothing in the annexes for this. I would hope...
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  • Electrical Equipment Labeling- QR Code

    Imagine being asked to have a look at a piece of equipment that is having some issues or perhaps you might just be doing periodic maintenance and inspections. The equipment could be any number of types but I’ll ...
    Steve Benton
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  • Sheathing Question for 220

    Where in the codes doe it state what kind of sheathing is required for wiring through floor joists?  I am going to pick a wire to run 220.  I assume that single wires coated with plastic is not to code, when...
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  • Line side/Load side versus Bus side/Line side

    Does anyone know the history and where (if one exists) for the official definition of "Line Side" and "Load Side"?   Countless standards such as the NFPA 70 (NEC), 70E, IEEE 1584, C37.20.2, and even electric equ...
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  • If we install air aspirating system then there is no need of infra red beam detectors as per standard?

    We have oil rig Manufacturing warehouse of  length 128.12 , width 62.82 and height 13 meters,contractor  has proposed vesda  air aspirating  system, saying that if we install  air aspirating d...
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  • When are grounding clusters part of LOTO?

    What has been proposed is to install the ground clusters with a key attached and the lock that key fits installed on the LOTO point.  This is in addition to the LOTO for the job.  The purpose is to remove th...
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  • Electric Griddle info.

    Hello, my company is promoting a function and we have 4 electric griddles similar to the George foreman type.  I was trying to find information on what gage extension cords are needed spanning a length of 75-100 ...
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  • Hubble Plug prob testing

    Hubble Plug Testing.    I have a customer that currently uses a standard probe to test a 220 Hubble (water tight) plug that has been wired in by an electrician at the box/panel.  They are testing ...
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  • NFPA 70 for deep well pump application Class 1 Division 2

    I have a project that takes storm water (not sewage) via gravity flow into an underground storage system (all debris has been removed prior to entering storage). This water will be treated via recirculation using...
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  • light and power circuit in same trunk

    Can i run power  circuit and light circuit in same conduit or trunk of same voltage ?
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