• LV control  panel primary and secondary  fusing

    In low voltage control panels ( typically 120 VAC PLC panels )  how can the code be correctly applied for fusing from a control transformer to loads such as electronic modules.  One main fuse from the line s...
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  • Hazard Evaluation NEC Dust Area

    Hi, I'm looking for a certified company who could make me a hazard evaluation for a silo area, and manufacturing area too for the cornmeal factory. Could you recommend me one, please? 
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  • Does the NEC allow for the use of nonmetallic electric conduits in plenum of a confined space in a building?

    The NEC don't allow for the use of nonmetalic electric conduits in plenum (open space above false ceiling used for return air) in order avoid the convey of smoke and/or fire to other parts of the building. Is this ap...
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  • Minimum Area required for Fire alarm system

    As per NFPA 72, what is the minimum required area of the room or building where fire alarm control system is not required? 
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  • Elevator Recall

    Does Fire Sprinkler riser's water flow switch initiate elevator emergency recall? In NFPA 72 "Table A." Typical Input/Output Matrix" shows water flow switch on first or second floor initiate elevator emer...
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  • Cell Dialers / Radios

    I am trying to locate any requirements of NFPA 72 on the installation location of cellular dialer/radios.  Are they required to be in the same room as the fire alarm panel?  Thanks
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  • Tamper Switches

    Which standard and paragraph shows that Tamper switches signal in 200 seconds?
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    Hi,        I would like to know one thing related to the Fire Alarm system Status Monitoring Device (MOST PROBABLY A DACT). We have one third party agency to monitor the Fire Alarm system, install...
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  • PVC conduit  installation in gypsum board wall

    I need to ask if PVC conduit installations permitted inside gypsum board walls on Electrical installation (Electrical Sockets and Data Points) and Fire Alarm installation. I already Searched ARTICLE 352 in NEC 201...
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  • Residential Smoke Alarm Wiring Requirements

    Must all electrical connections to residential smoke alarms be made within junction boxes?  What are the other wiring requirements?
  • NFPA-72

    Can any one help me about MCP location and sounder with flasher location according to NFPA-72 in a hotel.
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  • engine hall

    please advise me which detector are good for engine hall heat detector or flame detector acording to NFPA-72
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  • NFPA-72 Engine hall

    please advise me which detector are good for engine hall heat detector or flame detector acording to NFPA-72
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  • NFPA-72

    i am design a fire alarm system in a hotel which is best for alarming sounder or sounder with flasher. give me NFPA raferance i have NFPA-72 1996 and 2007 edition.
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  • NFPA-72 Help

    Please help me to design fire alarm system according to NFPA-72.I have NFPA copie.
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  • I have a smoke detector in a small bathroom of a building. Later, the client decided to put a false ceiling. In our drawing, it is only mentioned smoke detector. But I do need to add above ceiling smoke detector?

    The depth of the false ceiling (measured from the actual ceiling) is 900mm. Also, please mention the code number in NFPA 72 for the above issue? 
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  • Installing Extra Conductors Question

    Hello,    We are building apartments in Nevada. Does the fire alarm installer have the authority to install a wire with more conductors than the plan indicate? In our case, the plans show 18-2 for smoke det...
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  • NFPA 72 - Sound Calcs

    I am short on time and need help going in the right direction.   The AHJ wants the sound levels in each room without a horn/strobe. I indicate horn/strobes in the corridors and common spaces.   I know the ...
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  • If we install air aspirating system then there is no need of infra red beam detectors as per standard?

    We have oil rig Manufacturing warehouse of  length 128.12 , width 62.82 and height 13 meters,contractor  has proposed vesda  air aspirating  system, saying that if we install  air aspirating d...
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  • Electric Griddle info.

    Hello, my company is promoting a function and we have 4 electric griddles similar to the George foreman type.  I was trying to find information on what gage extension cords are needed spanning a length of 75-100 ...
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