• NFPA 79 Inspector needed

    I'm looking for a 3rd party inspector to inspect a machine to NFPA 79 standard in the Wisconsin area.   Any suggestions.
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  • What Is Wrong With This Genset?

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  • Instrumentation Enclosure Component Fill Volume Requirement?

    Instrumentation Enclosure Component Fill Volume Requirement?   Hello,  I work for what amounts to an industrial supplier and we produce instruments that are composed of various electrical/other components....
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  • Knowledgeable Person

    Is there a industry excepted definition of a Knowledgeable Person.  I am working on updating my EEWP and we are looking into the approval portion and would like to have a knowledgeable person in this pr...
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  • Surge Protection

    NFPA 79, 7.8.1 States that " SPD's (surge protective device) shall be provided for industrial machinery w/ safety interlock circuits to protect against the effects of overvoltages sue to lightning and switching surges...
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  • Wire Color for Remain Energized 24VDC Conductors.

    NFPA79 specifies: The use of other colors for the following applications shall be as follows: (1) WHITE with BLUE stripe for grounded (current-carrying) dc circuit conductor (2) WHITE with ORANGE stripe ...
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  • Electric Griddle info.

    Hello, my company is promoting a function and we have 4 electric griddles similar to the George foreman type.  I was trying to find information on what gage extension cords are needed spanning a length of 75-100 ...
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  • 300va transformer, must the core be grounded

    I have equipment using a 300va custom wound transformer.   The core is lacquered and I have to grind off the coating to ground the frame.     Is it mandatory that the core be grounded and...
  • Door Interlock as par NFPA 79 Clause 6.2.4.

    Hello,   We have separate enclosure where enclosure which contains the supply disconnecting means has mechanical interlock that door can not be open without  making switch OFF. We also have second enclosur...
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  • HOA hand switch leg direct to motor starter

       There has been some debate among my coworkers lately about the "Hand" switch leg of a rotary HOA selector switch going directly to the coil of a motor starter. I have been making the case that this i...
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    NFPA 79 Section 13.5.2 states that "the combined CSA of all conductors and cables shall not exceed 50% of the CSA of the raceway. My question is can this value be greater than 50% if the temperature of the cables in ...
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  • Equipment Grounding

    In regards to NFPA 79 Chapter 8:   If multiple non-current carrying conductive parts have continuity across them, (i.e. pipe -> equipment frame -> other pipes) can I use their continuity as a ground path o...
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    Hi All,   I am making a 3 Phase power meter using a MICROCHIP IC ATM90E36A. They recommend to use neutral wire as a GND reference to measure voltages at 3 hot legs but in my loads (Air Conditioners) there is no ...
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  • MTW in Conduit?

    Can MTW wire be ran in conduit or is it strictly to be used for wiring in a panel?   We would be installing the wire between our control panel and motor and running it in conduit.
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  • What would be the proper wire size?

    I have a feeder circuit - power coming into a terminal block rated for 175A then wired to a 50A contactor to a compressor with an RLA of 28.8A.  The terminal block states 75C wire and the compressor states use mi...
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  • Current-currying conductor in cable

    Hi, in a multiple-conductors cable the load is unbalanced among the conductors: which wires should be considered "current-carrying" conductors?   E.g.: a jacketed cable with 7 identical wires; for the specific ...
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  • Commercial System Inspector

    Cennox is a nationwide corporation looking for a  Commercial Systems Inspector.   Part- Time in the Cleveland,OH; North Dayton, OH;  Full- Time in Richmond, VA;  Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO 
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  • Electrical luminaire wire colours

    Hi  On an electrical luminaire - outdoor floodlight, could someone please confirm what colour wires are required for use in the US? NFPA 791 states that the correct colour wiring is required but it doesnt say wh...
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  • Main Lug Only Panel Fed From a Delta/Wye Transformer

    I am working in a project for a Utility Substation and I came across a question that perhaps someone in here could help me with.  I am aware that utilities don't have to abide by the NEC-NFPA70 per 90.2.   ...
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  • Energization of Electrical Equipment On a Set Time Schedule

    Some years ago a worker was completing work on a de-energized transformer.  He was electrocuted before he finished his work.  Very sad incident.   The investigation revealed that the worker tr...
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