• Can 2 pole breakers supply 2 circuits

    Say for example, you have a 120/240 V, 2 pole, 20 A breaker. Does the NEC allow this breaker to serve 2 separate 120 V circuits?
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  • NFPA70-E frequency of Arc Flash studies

    I work for a water district in southern California. I recently paid an engineering firm to complete Arc Flash studies on 20 sites. If in 5 years there are no changes to the equipment. do I need to have a complete Arc ...
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  • How can calculate the pump head

    How can calculate the pump head. please share me method
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  • Floor outlets on stages

    Hello Richard The type floor outlets I was speaking of were the thick Brass cover plate with the screw plugs that cover the outlet,when not in use, i was looking for a code that said that if not in use, it has to b...
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  • Protective rubber glove protection

    Hello Gentlemen, I am an instructor here in Brazil, and in class, electricians always complain that they cannot use the insulating glove in conjunction with the leather glove to perform tasks that require greater &ldq...
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  • What PPE Category is Required in Verifying Zero Energy?

    As it pertains to NFPA 70E's requirement of placing a device, piece of equipment etc in a "Electrically Safe State", you turn off a breaker to a light switch or outlet. The next step is to verify via a meter that the ...
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  • NFPA 20:2019 - Sizing Circuit Breaker from Fire Pump Panel

    We are designing to use a circuit breaker with only magnetic unit trip protection for a single fire pump (without a jockey pump).Should the FRAME of the circuit breaker meet the rated current OR...
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  • NFPA 101 - Emergency lighting

    NFPA 101 requests 10.8 Lux for emergency lighting. I am just wondering if this applies to large open space too ? if we have 50m2 open plan office, do I still need to achieve the 10.8 lux or a lower lux level is requir...
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  • powder paint dust collectors

    How often should I have my explosion proof dust collectors inspected for the powder paint booths   Sammy Clayton Enviromental and Safety Administrator Newton Instrument Company 111 East "A" Street Butner, NC...
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  • NFPA 70 Article 314.29 (a)

    So this all started by me speaking out of my ass by telling someone I think the code has a unobstructed distance requirement from the opening of junction boxes, and pulling condulets. They just accepted it, but I deci...
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  • Custom Temporary Power Outlet Unit

    Hello, I work in a ship yard and we're currently looking into fabricating a portable power outlet unit. Supply: 208VAC 3PH, 100A Feed: 110VAC, 1PH, Various 30A and 60A    The vendor we typically buy them ...
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  • Relocatable Power Taps

    Hi all. I keep going down the RPT rabbit hole after reviewing NFPA 1, UL 1363, UL White Book, and OSHA. I have come to the conclusion the NEC is silent on RPTs. All the references above seems to say hey, yup...
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  • NFPA 70 700.16  Egress Lighting

    Hi, My question is in regards to the second paragraph of 700.16 which states:   "Emergency lighting systems shall be designed and installed so that the failure of any individual lighting element, such as the bur...
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  • Interpretation of NFPA 130: 2017 clause 12.4.1 & 12.4.4

    Question 1: Whether NFPA 130: 2017, chapter 12 requirements are applicable to Trainways (Metro rail Viaduct/tunnels) as mentioned under clause 12.1.1. Please confirm?   Question 2: As per NFPA 130: 201...
  • *Electrical Safety Concerns*

    I thought that I would open up a discussion where viewers of this thread could share what they perceive to be the greatest electrical safety concern that they encounter or perhaps the most frustrating electrical safet...
    Steve Benton
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  • i am going to active the deluge system with it and its inside

    i am going to active the deluge system with it and its inside  
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  • MCCBs PPE or Not

    I have had a question for some time about operating molded case circuit breakers with or without PPE.  NFPA 70E states in table 130.5 that under normal conditions it is a low risk of exposure to an arc flash....
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  • Service Disconnect

    Been having some discussions with other people in the trade, and the subject of Service Disconnects came up in regards to OCP and it's location for dwellings or in general. Some have mentioned that the first OCP devic...
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  • NEC 310.104

    For those who were helpful on this post, Thank You.   Chiefns830 managed to drive me away.   Nothing that I read indicated that homeowners were not welcome to ask electrical questions.
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  • 480vac 3ph Power Distribution

    I have a system where we are supplying a skid with 3 VFD/motors. The VFD/motors are each wired to there own fused safety disconnect.  The skid also has a fused disconnect for power supply to a 480/120 transformer...
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