• Hot Stick Use

    What is or is there a specific requirement to wear insulated gloves while using a hot stick to close a fuse on an overhead line or switch a transformer off or on since a hot stick is considered the primary protection.
  • Bonding Cable's

    I'm working on an incident in an aerosol manufacturing facility. The following question has nothing to do with the incident. However while doing a quick walk through from the incident area, I noticed a bonding/gr...
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  • NEMA 3R Dry Type transformer installed in Class I Div 2 area

    What does the NEC say about installing a dry type transformer (480:208/120V) with a weather-proof enclosure in a Class I Div 2 area?  This is not an encapsulated transformer; just a general dry typ...
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  • Work space requirements

    110.26.(A)(3) states "other equipment that is associated with the electrical installation and is located above or below the electrical equipment shall be permitted to extend no more than 6 in. beyond th...
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  • Fire Rated Cables

    Can fire rated cables used for fire alarm system be pulled in pvc conduits?  What is the restriction for the cable conduits.
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  • NFPA70 Article 424 Fixed Electric Space Heating Equipment Question

    Under Article 424.38 Part B it states the uses which are not permitted. It states it cannot be installed over the top of walls where the wall intersects the ceiling and cannot be installed under or through walls. Now...
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  • Neutral position for single phase socket outlet

    Dear All, At my apartement project today was found some single phase socket outlet with different position for Neutral, please give me advice for it, if there any regulation about Neutral posisition for single phase ...
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  • Atlanta Interstate Collapses Due to Fire During Rush Hour Traffic

    Q: Is this much Hazardous Material being stored under a bridge really a good idea? Its a miracle that no one injured during this fire.    --------------------------------------------------------------------...
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  • NFPA 70E NEC question

    I work for a company that is going through a big growth phase.  In dealing with all this growth, we have had to rent additional HVAC equipment to handle the additional heat load of the plant.  Now my questio...
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  • nfpa 70 (2014)

    my home was built in the 1950s and I have been told that to meet standards I will need to replace all my internal wiring with wire that has a ground wire. I need to go from a 2 phrase to a 3phrase wiring.  Where ...
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  • Arc Rated Goggles and 70E

    I can find nowhere in the 2015 NFPA 70E any information regarding use of AR goggles.  However one company out there is selling an AR goggle with the specification stating "Designed to meet the performance sp...
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  • How often do battery packs for emergency lighting need to be replaced if the manufacture has no replacement recommendations?

    Does CMS require battery packs be replaced at any specific time frame ie every two years, three years ect?
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  • Power Point Presentation of the 2017 NEC Code Changes

    jsargent Is it possible to obtain a copy of that nifty 2017 NEC changes power point presentation?
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  • USB Powered Devices - SAFE?

    I am in a large office environment and I am seeing more and more devices that are powered by USB. The most common are fans, coffee cup warmers, and Christmas type lights. I know these are low voltage (I think 5 volts)...
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  • Why no PPE Class on Incident Energy Analysis label?

    Referring to NFPA 70E 130.5(D) - What is the reason that the PPE category can't be included on an Incident Energy Analysis label?
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  • New Construction Low Voltage Prewiring

    Was told by DuPage County in Illinois they require all low voltage wiring to be in pipe or raceway per Nec code for 2014 and 2017. As far as I know it does not. Especially speaker wire, cat6, cat5 and RG6(coax) which ...
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  • PV Disconnect Switch

    Residential PV disconnect requirements   I have a 4 wire 120/240 do I need a 2 pole or a 3 pole disconnect switch one person told me that I needed a 3 pole and run the neutral through the disconnect switch.Is th...
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  • Using Double Pole breakers as single pole in Housing Tract Residential

    I have always been taught for the past 30 years that you cannot use double pole (220/240V) breakers as single pole. When I moved into my newly built home, I ofcourse checked the checked the main panel.  When I op...
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  • NFPA 70E using fall protection with high ceilings...

    NFPA 70E using fall protection with high ceilings that have limited achorage points. How can additional anchorage points be added that will comply with the standard?
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  • Infra Red Scanning

    I work at a major East coast university and I want to research what the industry is using for infra red scanning and thermography.  The intended use of the equipment will be scanning electrical panels and conduct...
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