• Uniterrupted Power System / LSC

    I recently came across an UPS grandfathered in an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)  / endoscopy.   A lightning storm in the area somehow tripped or overloaded the UPS.   The normal power was n...
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  • grounding buggy testing

    How often does a grounding buggy need to be  electrically tested (megger). 4.16-13.8 volts
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  • UL 60950 PDU plugging into a UL 1778 UPS

    I know that RPT (Relocatable Power Tap) units (power strips) have to be plugged into a permanent receptacle per this link. NFPA 1:  Electrical Fire Safety and Relocatable Power Taps (power strips), #FireCodeFrid...
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  • MC securing and supporting

    Would like to see if I can get a response from NFPA as per 330.30 (C) Unless otherwise provided, cables shall be supported at intervals not exceeding 1.8m (6ft) Horizontal runs of Type MC cable installed in wooden o...
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  • When is interacting, really interacting?

    So, I'm trying to figure out when to have our folks wear PPE according to NFPA 70E.  For example, if one of my folks (Qualified) is throwing a 480 volt switch on a welder plug; is that interacting or what about t...
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  • Generator grounding and connecting neutrals

    We have a few 480 volt 3 phase generators that supply emergency power to our sewer pump stations. we do not connect the neutral as we do not us 277 volts. but what do we do with it. ground it? bond it? the generator...
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  • Surge protectors

    In a long term faciltity, when using surge protectors in resident rooms, do they have to be hospital grade?
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  • Free NEC Changes Webinar

    Free Webinar - Proposed Changes to the 2017 Edition of the National Electrical Code Register now for the free NFPA webinar on the proposed changes to the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC®). NFPA's Jeff S...
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  • class 1 division 1 on one side of the wall and non-classified on the other

    I have a building that is classified class 1 division 1 on one side of the wall and non-classified on the other. I want to pass a conduit through a sleeve and the conduit will leave a gap space in the sleeve. I was ...
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  • Table 130.7(C)(16) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    There seems to be a discrepancy from different people I have had discussions with regarding the cal/cm2 min/max rating for the appropriate PPE Level. My understanding is that PPE level 1 is 0 - 4 Cal/cm2 incident ener...
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  • Metal vs Plastic drop down boxes

    I am having a discussion with one of our commercial clients who has been instructed by their insurance carrier to install plastic drop down boxes in their production area and replace the metal boxes.  Are plastic...
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  • Learning Electrical Design

    Hi there,   I am a new PE who would like to get into Electrical distribution design. I love my current job but it does not provide me the option to learn Electrical Design. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tr...
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  • chill water piping running through Electric room.

    Electric and Communication room drawing shows HVAC chill water piping and FCU in Electric room and Communication room. Please advise me about the installation, if the pipes are through room and may be running above th...
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  • Separation distance between the other cable ?

    In case of use to Cable tray ; (For Fire alarm system) What is the separation distance between the other Cable? (Power or Lighting cable, Communicationcable, etc~~~) 1. Indoor case ; 2. Outdoor case ;   Thank...
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  • Question about power distribution block usage in an industrial control panel

    We have a panel that is to be supplied with a 225amp breaker where mutliple fused circuits of 15 amps each will be utilized from a power distribution block. The main conductor will come from the 225 amp breaker and fe...
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  • I have a question pertaining to a phone charger fire

    A phone charger, plugged into an extension cord, on the sofa.  Accidentally gets covered over with a blanket and end result is a fire.  My question is:  Can a phone charger get that hot to ignite a blan...
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