• Amp reading access in a fire pump panel

    There is a local inspection company that has told several clients they need a new electrical fire pump panel because they would have to open it to get amp readings.  they are writing it up as a violation.  I...
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  • Electric outlets in the floor

    What are the rules for floor outlets on a stage in a elementary school?  Thanks John
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  • Relocatable Power Tap or Additional Outlet

    Hoping to hear some opinions about the dilemma.   Situation:  A home entertainment center, which now has an uninterruptible power supply.  The UPS is currently plugged into an outlet, definitely accept...
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  • Fountain that does not share pool water

    I have permanent decorative fountain in ground for aesthetic purpose that does not have water common to pool. I see that per Part V NEC 2014 Section 680.50, Part II which include equipotential bonding only applies if ...
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  • main lug sub-panel

    main lug subpanel  I was working on a 200 amp panel and I came across a sub-panel 8 space 8 circuit maxed out  that has an overcurrent protection 2 pole 30 amp with a 10/3wire  the 200 amp is maxed ou...
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  • Does a UPS (supporting computer and telemetry) in a patient care room but outside the patient care vicinity need UL 1363 approval?

    I am an electrician at a VA health care facility. I was recently tasked with doing a Relocatable Power Tap (RPT) audit of all of our patient care rooms. I understand that the area within 6 feet of where the patient re...
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  • Protective rubber glove protection

    Hello Gentlemen, I am an instructor here in Brazil, and in class, electricians always complain that they cannot use the insulating glove in conjunction with the leather glove to perform tasks that require greater &ldq...
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  • What PPE is Required and used during a Zero Energy Verification

    As it pertains to NFPA 70E's requirement of placing a device, piece of equipment etc in a "Electrically Safe State", you turn off a breaker to a light switch or outlet. The next step is to verify via a meter that the ...
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  • NEC 2014 Section 250.64

    I have electrical service conductors going into trough.  From trough inside service cables their is connection tap three separate service  disco enclosures with fuses.   I have one grounding electrode ...
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  • Do I need to test exit signs which have a battery backup but are also on Emergency generator power?

    Healthcare facility
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  • What PPE Category is Required in Verifying Zero Energy?

    As it pertains to NFPA 70E's requirement of placing a device, piece of equipment etc in a "Electrically Safe State", you turn off a breaker to a light switch or outlet. The next step is to verify via a meter that the ...
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  • Fire protection requirements for a Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer operation

    Dear Sir,   We are working on the fire protection system for a Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer operation is the cargo transfer between two ships that are moored alongside each other. Types of cargo transferred via ...
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  • Will a receptacle outlet mounted below a kitchen wall mounted counter top be counted as one of the required receptacle outlets in the 2020 NEC for section 210.52(C)(3)?

    The wording in the 2017 NEC regarding physically impaired and totally flat counter tops at islands and peninsulas has been removed. 
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  • Transformer tap changer

    I have small storage room which has 75kVA transformer 480V to 208/120V three phase with tap changer primary side.  The transformer secondary feeds Panel A in the same room.   The Panel A feeds receptacles,...
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  • NEC 334 Nonmetallic

    NEC 334 Nonmetallic – sheathed cable (Romax) Type NM / NMC & NMS. What does the B stand for in NM- B cable? Aluminum or copper clad aluminum manufactures, are sending this information and it can not be fou...
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  • NFPA 20:2019 - Sizing Circuit Breaker from Fire Pump Panel

    We are designing to use a circuit breaker with only magnetic unit trip protection for a single fire pump (without a jockey pump).Should the FRAME of the circuit breaker meet the rated current OR...
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  • Don't mess around with compliance at a BHO lab...

    Watch the guys on the ladder   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg36duyIsAs   
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  • NFPA 20

    I am not sure this goes to fire protection system.  I have dedicated utility service that feed service rated fire pump controller to fire pump.  I need to know the circuit breaker internal in the fire pump c...
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  • NFPA 79 Wording/meaning

    I am just making sure I am reading this properly.  Could use an outside opinion.   In NFPA 79 Where color is used for identification, the color shall be used throughout the length of the conductor...
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  • LV control  panel primary and secondary  fusing

    In low voltage control panels ( typically 120 VAC PLC panels )  how can the code be correctly applied for fusing from a control transformer to loads such as electronic modules.  One main fuse from the line s...
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