• 312.2 damp and wet locations

    312.2 says in wet or damp locations to cabinet or cutout boxes shall be mounted so there is at least 1/4 inch airspace between the inclosure and the wall or supporting surface. My question is how to achieve this spaci...
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  • NFPA 70, Article 690.31

    I need assistance with interpretation of the following article.  My contractor is using the following Code exception to omit labeling on PV string wires.  Their logic is that each string wire is is pre-fabri...
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  • Should a floating ground system chassis be connected to Earth Ground? 

    I have a mobile Radar system, with internal generator, mounted on a truck that was designed and built with a floating ground. When the system is removed from the truck and is sitting on the ground, should the system c...
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  • IBC vs NFPA

    Hi All,   In what jurisdictions/instances is the International Building Code enforced? It appears the IBC is more stringent than NFPA codes that I have come across, at least for electrical requirements.   ...
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  • Review of alarms by NFPA evidence, now! the necessary #EvolutionHangLife

    Starting the house on the roof for us is not the most appropriate, but it is certainly an advance and therefore we congratulate the companies that sponsor and collaborate in this study to review the effectiveness of t...
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  • Wireway Classified as "Free Air"

    Can a wireway be classified as a "Free Air" environment if there is 125 scfm of airflow through it?
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  • GFCI requirement for water closet

    With regards to GFCI requirements NEC 210.8. Requirements for water closets are not addressed specifically. (definition: a water closet is a small enclosed area with a door that contains only a toilet. No sinks, tubs,...
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  • Questions about 120v breakers. 

    I am an electrical novice.   In and industrial setting, is it required by NFPA 70/70E to lockout a 120v standard breaker (like a household breaker), where the breaker has not been designed to take a lock? Is a ...
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  • Conduit sealing for increased Safety Enclosure

    in our project, increased Safety (exe) enclosure are installed in class I, zone 2 . As per NPPA 70,  Inarticle 505.16 (C):class II, Zone 2 locations, seals shall be located in accordance with 505.16(C)(1) and (C)...
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  • NFPA 110 7.2.2

    In regard to NFPA 110 paragraph 7.2.2. I have a hospital facility that has an open roof equipment yard that contains the EPS as well as an air cooled chiller and chilled water pumps. The EPS is located in its own encl...
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  •   EPS outdoor

    According to NFPA 110 2016 edition & NFPA 99 2018 edition. Level 1 building.   I have an electrical room, indoor, 2hr FR separation from the rest of building. Normal service entrance more than 1000 amperes an...
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  • Determine available arc fault value

    I am currently supporting development of a contractor electrical safety program w/ implementation of NFPA 70e. My question is regard determination of  Fault Current (Available) in order to satisfy the use of...
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  • LED lighting in powder paint room

    In a Class II, Division II area inside a powder paint spray room( not a booth), will I need to put in dust tight LED lighting. Some of the SDS's on the powder paint mentions combustible dust but we do have a dust coll...
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  • 2017 NEC 700.3(F) and Fire Pumps

    Do the requirements of the 2017 NEC article 700.3(F) apply to fire pumps?  Fire pumps are mentioned in the code commentary but are not referenced in any other part of article 700.  They are often served from...
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  • Why have I been banned?

    Can't post in electrical or industrial hazards forum.
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  • power from multiple sources

    Two industrial control panels, 480/60/3 are installed on a machine system. Each has a disconnect switch. One panel houses variable frequency drives, and the low-volt signal wiring for the drives is derived from the ot...
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  • White Paper Examines Importance of LPS in the Built Environment

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  • Readily Accessible... in a cabinet?

    Would a GFCI outlet in a cabinet be considered readily accessible?  Our local AHJ is saying no because homeowners will more than likely place items under the sink in front of the outlet.  We do not understan...
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  • NFPA 70 700.16  Egress Lighting

    Hi, My question is in regards to the second paragraph of 700.16 which states:   "Emergency lighting systems shall be designed and installed so that the failure of any individual lighting element, such as the bur...
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  • Luminaires Grid Clips or Screws

    Hello,   My name is Shane Templeman, I recently became a member of the NFPA again. I have been a member before and need this answered. Please let me know if my reading of this article is accurate.   This i...
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