• Why can’t I get this GFI to trip?

     I installed a GFCI receptacle to replace an ungrounded two prong outlet. The receptacle still reads ungrounded which is expected, however when I push the test button the GFCI will not trip.   Is the device ...
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  • AFCI protection for mobile homes

    Not sure if this is the correct place for my question but here goes; can anyone help me to understand why AFCI protection (as outlined in 210.12) for dwelling units is not required in manufactured / mobile homes, whic...
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  • NEC 250.122(B)

    In regards to NEC 2014 250.122(B). Assume calculations show that a  370 wire sizing ampacity is required for a feeder, and #500 KCMI copper conductor is selected to feed this load from a 400 amp circuit breaker p...
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  • NFPA 70 E and 1584

    There are a lot of things that I am seeking a better understanding on with the new NFPA 70E and 1584. These include Generally – trying to render a practical implementation. Take for instance arc flash PPE deter...
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  • Paralled Conductors-Derate Q

    I have parallel feeders to a 800 Amp MCC in separate raceways from the distribution breaker.  Does the wire have to be derated according to Table 310.15(B)(3)(a) from NFPA 70 code.  We are having a debate on...
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    ELECTRICAL ROOMS - FIRE RATING I'm looking for required fire ratings of Elec Rms in office bldgs, as well as other bldg types. What is the best manual to research: NFPA 101, NFPA 75, or other? Thanks, jksjim
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  • RTD Wiring Requirement in C1D2 area

    I am installing temperature monitoring and alarm devices in a Class 1 Division 2 area  I'd like to get confirmation of my understanding from other professionals regarding the installation.  The alarm co...
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  • Access floor and grounding

    Is as access floor required to be grounded?  In an office building, carpeted tiles.  Power under floor in raceway.  Non-stringered flooring spec'd (tiles screwed down at each corner) and ground straps a...
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  • NFPA 70 517.31(B) (2014) downstream distribution system

    NFPA 70 517.31(B) (2014) says "one transfer switch and one downstream distribution system shall be permitted to serve one or more branches in a facility with a maximum demand on the essential electrical system of 150 ...
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  • Double Tapping Breakers?

    What type of breakers are available today that will allow "Double Tapping" in a residential breaker panel?
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  • Does the NEC allow for the use of nonmetallic electric conduits in plenum of a confined space in a building?

    The NEC don't allow for the use of nonmetalic electric conduits in plenum (open space above false ceiling used for return air) in order avoid the convey of smoke and/or fire to other parts of the building. Is this ap...
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  • Removing cover from electrical panel with dead front in place

    Good Afternoon,    When removing covers from electrical panels but leaving the deadfront in place are employees required to wear Arc Flash protection and follow approach boundaries? This is commonly done fo...
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  • *Electrical Safety Concerns*

    I thought that I would open up a discussion where viewers of this thread could share what they perceive to be the greatest electrical safety concern that they encounter or perhaps the most frustrating electrical safet...
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  • NEC 2020 not available in PDF!

    It is extremely disappointing that unlike NEC 2017 and its handbook, the NEC 2020 edition and its handbook are not available in PDF format that you can store on your computer as a digital resource and access it a...
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  • Are sealed, waterproof wire-to-wire splices in approved junction boxes below the electric datum plane but above the waterline compliant with NEC 555.9 on fixed piers?

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  • I'm trying to locate the Code reference that states "Cables cannot use components of another trade as direct support."

    I'm trying to locate the Code reference that states "Cables cannot use components of another trade as direct support." We have a Maintenance person that keeps using the Fire Suppression pipes and Heat Ducts to suppor...
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  • Electric Room Lighting

    Is there a minimum lighting level required?   The energy guys in CA have decreed that for 2020 electric room lighting is reduced to 0.4 watts/sqft with 0.2watts/sqft for specific task area lighting allo...
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  • PPE for HVAC Technicians

      I work for an HVAC service and installation company providing service on residential, light commercial and industrial equipment. We have acknowledged that our current uniforms are lacking in the correct level o...
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  • US-Federal low voltage safety reqs.

    Hallo everyone! Can anyone tell me if low voltage electrical safety is regulated on the US-federal level and if so, where (CFR, etc.)? I would really appreciate your support!
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  • Hot Water Heaters

    Greetings, Are there any NFPA mandated requirements that require HWH for emergency eyewash to be powered from stand-by system bus as opposed to "normal" system bus?  I have a system that has a normal bus supplie...
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