• Don't mess around with compliance at a BHO lab...

    Watch the guys on the ladder   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg36duyIsAs   
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  • NFPA 20

    I am not sure this goes to fire protection system.  I have dedicated utility service that feed service rated fire pump controller to fire pump.  I need to know the circuit breaker internal in the fire pump c...
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  • NFPA 79 Wording/meaning

    I am just making sure I am reading this properly.  Could use an outside opinion.   In NFPA 79 Where color is used for identification, the color shall be used throughout the length of the conductor...
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  • LV control  panel primary and secondary  fusing

    In low voltage control panels ( typically 120 VAC PLC panels )  how can the code be correctly applied for fusing from a control transformer to loads such as electronic modules.  One main fuse from the line s...
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  • Electrical Safety Program Assistance Needed

    I need assistance from someone who specializes in electrical safety programs in a test lab environment where both technicians and engineers are working on and testing medium voltage equipment at an electrica...
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  • Can I use 20 AWG multiple conductor cable in a raceway for control/signal circuits?

    I have a light tower and emergency stop button mounted 50 ft from the system enclosure.  The current for the light tower is 300mA at 24VDC.  I want to use a 20 AWG multiple conductor cable in a raceway to co...
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  • Does a 24VDC enclosure light circuit need dedicated circuit protrection?

    There is a 24VDC LED light bar and a door switch in my enclosure which turns the light on/off depending if the door is open or closed respectively.  My question is does the light need its own ...
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  • Hazard Evaluation NEC Dust Area

    Hi, I'm looking for a certified company who could make me a hazard evaluation for a silo area, and manufacturing area too for the cornmeal factory. Could you recommend me one, please? 
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  • NFPA 101 - Emergency lighting

    NFPA 101 requests 10.8 Lux for emergency lighting. I am just wondering if this applies to large open space too ? if we have 50m2 open plan office, do I still need to achieve the 10.8 lux or a lower lux level is requir...
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  • Year of origin and code language for dedicated microwave circuit

    Could you provide me with the code year, section, and language that first required a dedicated circuit for a microwave oven in a residential setting? My library of NFPA-70 does not go back that far. Thanks, R. Clem ...
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  • Intrinsically Safe Listing for Zone 21

    I am looking at a portable hand-held instrument for use in a Class I, Div. 2, Group B,C,D (Zone 1) and Class II, Div. 1, Groups F,G (Zone 21) area. The instrument I am looking at has the following listing. I am able t...
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  • Outlets in Lockers

    Is it permissible to provide NEMA 5-15R or NEMA 5-20R outlets in lockers that can be locked by the user? If so or if not, can you cite the articles in NFPA 70 to support your statement?
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  • Machinery electrical enclosure clearances

    We had some machinery installed by the OEM. The safety control enclosure is installed under the machine with a 5' head clearance. Also you have duck under frame work and then lean over a large vacuum pump and then the...
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  • Article 501 Cables Capable of Transmitting Gas

    I've asked the question before about 501(E)(1) & 501(E)(3) and if seals are required for cables terminated in non-explosionproof enclosures in a Class 1 Division 2 area and if they transition from Class ...
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  • Pathway Survivability Level 1, Level 0

    I posted something similar in another forum.  But I know we have some fire guys here, so that is why I'm reposting.    I'm not a fire guy, so that is why I'm asking.   Question 1:  As...
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  • emergency lighting

    Do I need emergency lighting installed with my temporary lighting stringers?
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  • Inspection Windows for IR Testing

    At a job location we recently had a conversation on providing viewing / inspection windows on our transformers at a facility,  the client has a great PM plan is place for all the electrical equipment. Test , clea...
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  • NFPA 70E Annex D

    Hi.   For arc flash calculations in equation D.4.2 Arching current, bolted three-phase available short-circuit current (symmetrical rms), is used. Can anyone tell me the definition of "bolted three-phase a...
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  • 430.32(B)?

    430.32(B). What is a automatically started motor and what is a non automatically started motor? 
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  • powder paint dust collectors

    How often should I have my explosion proof dust collectors inspected for the powder paint booths   Sammy Clayton Enviromental and Safety Administrator Newton Instrument Company 111 East "A" Street Butner, NC...
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