• Underground Conduit Reducer

    Is it permitted by NEC to use a conduit reducer in an underground installation of PVC? We would like to reduce from 2 1/2" to 2" PVC for an underground service conduit system.
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  • Third Party Certification for Pipe of Aspirating Smoke Detectors

    I am using Aspirating Smoke Detectors in a factory. Do we need Third Party Certification for Pipes of Aspirating Smoke Detectors?
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  • SJ/SO cord conductor color use

    I have a heating unit that is supplied 3 phase (with ground) power via an SJ/SO type of cord (it may be either 230 or 460).  The question is about conductor colors within manufactured cables: do I have to re-iden...
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  • Electrical and Telecommunication Rooms need automatic sprinkler or not.

    Dear NFPA,   My project is 3 story residential building, whole building is sprinkled including service rooms. 1) Electrical Room is not sprinkled. 2) Telecommunication Room is equipped with telephone racks and...
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  • Numbering of the Electrical Code

    Can anyone tell me what style guide NFPA uses to determine the numbering of sections of the electrical code?  I am working on the Seattle Electrical Code and am needing to know how some subsections are numbered.
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  • As a plumber do you need EH rated shoes?

    Hi,   I've just joined and have a question about plumbing work. If I'm working on a sink with a disposal, are EH rated shoes needed. I never thought about it before but my friend mentioned that he wouldn't do a ...
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  • Classification question

    The City of Napoleon is working toward modifications for our WWTP disinfection facility. The building is currently open on three sides, with a solid roof and contains two (2) ultraviolet (UV) disinfection channels. Th...
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  • transformer pool equipment grounding

    I have water fountain decorative NEC 2014 Section 680 Part V and for lights using pool transformer isolated primary 120V to secondary 12VAC RMS. Lights are no niche 12 VAC RMS.   Following questions: a.  T...
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  • Receptacles with USB ports

    We are beginning a renovation of one of our long term care units in a nursing home here in ny. The contractor wants to install decora receptacles with usb ports by the patient beds, is this an approved application by ...
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  • OSHA - 70E Adoption

    Has OSHA adopted 70E as part the regulation? My understanding is that OSHA use 70E as their reference for enforcement. How to be safe.
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  • 480 Drop Connectors

    I have a question about adding quick disconnect plugs into a 480 drop. Right now we have cables going from the Bus Bar down to the equipment, Does it require a electrician to turn the bus bar off, cut it in half, add ...
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  • Plugging a UPS into another UPS or power conditioner

    Can anyone tell me if it is OK to plug a UPS into a Line Conditioner?  We have a fairly large piece of hospital lab equipment that a representative suggested we get a power conditioner to plug the UPS into. ...
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  • Machine Frame grounding

    A machine section has a 480V motor driven roll. The motor is grounded per 430.242. Under 250.110, I say the machine frame itself needs to be grounded but the electrician says no, that’s a NFPA 79 thing. I say ma...
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  • Energy Storage Systems

    Our data centre client is proposing to locate Lithium-ion batteries (energy storage system) into the server racks in the data centre halls. I have read the Fire Protection Research Foundation report from May 2019 rega...
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  • Soow cable from ceiling

    Just need a second opinion I have a customer that has soow cord hanging from the ceiling connected to cnc machines if I am correct this is against code they have conduit running to the boxes and soow cord coming down ...
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  • Good afternoon, I would like to know if there exists a code, law, or rule that indicates it is mandatory to do electrical safety inspections periodically, at buildings and homes in order to avoid home fires.Thanks in advance. Cordially, Loraine

    Good afternoon, I would like to know if there exists a code, law, or rule that indicates it is mandatory to do electrical safety inspections periodically, at existing buildings and homes in order to avoid home f...
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  • Dimensions of arc flash labels

    Hello,   The company I work for is looking to offer arc flash analyses and I've been the person selected to get everything started.  My question is regarding the labels themselves.  I've seen a lot of ...
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  • Amp reading access in a fire pump panel

    There is a local inspection company that has told several clients they need a new electrical fire pump panel because they would have to open it to get amp readings.  they are writing it up as a violation.  I...
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  • Electric outlets in the floor

    What are the rules for floor outlets on a stage in a elementary school?  Thanks John
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  • Relocatable Power Tap or Additional Outlet

    Hoping to hear some opinions about the dilemma.   Situation:  A home entertainment center, which now has an uninterruptible power supply.  The UPS is currently plugged into an outlet, definitely accept...
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