• Racking Breakers

    Table 130.5(C) lists "Removal or installation of CBs or switches" under any condition as "Yes" for an increased likelihood of occurrence. If a remote racker is used a withdrawable breaker, is an EEW permit required?
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  • My tool pouch was taken - what should I do?

    I need the pdf version of NEC just like I need my screwdriver and lineman's pliers at my right hip.  How do you feel about NFPA eliminating pdf version of 2020 NEC?
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  • MCM or kcmil

    Need to make a public comment, mostly in my company, but need to know, are we supposed to use MCM or kcmil. Is there a reason to NOT use KCM? What article will/does cover this?   Thank You. Jerry
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  • Can I utilize  a 20' vertical steel beam as down conductor?

    Can I utilize a 5/16" thick vertical steel beam as a down conductor? In order to avoid running conductor down the 20' beam, I would just bond the top and bottom of the beam.  Beam is being utilized as the down...
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  • Hot Sticks and Arc Flash

    Does the act of using a hot stick involve a likelihood of occurrence of an arc flash incident?
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  • NFPA 15 - Rundown Time

    As per NFPA 15, when rundown is contemplated, the distance between nozzles at different levels or elevations shall not exceed 3.7m measured along the surface.  For the vertical spacing of the spray rings to the ...
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  • 2-prong & 3-prong outlets

    I just moved into an older home where many of the outlets are 2-prong only. My brother in law says that replacing the outlet with a 2-wire GFI outlet would meet electrical code and does not require the ground wire. An...
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  • Testing of a non-UL certified transfer switch prototype

    Hello all!   I have designed and built an automated battery transfer switch that currently fits into a 70 AMP breaker box. The current setup is home breaker box -> Romex -> device -> Romex -> breaker...
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  • NFPA  70, Art 501.5 (E)

    In NFPA 70, Article 501.5(E), 1 For a Class I Division 2, Terminations - it says cables entering an enclosure required to be explosion proof shall be sealed at the point of entry.   A squirrel cage induction mot...
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  • Service in a close closet

    What code article prohibits a service in a close closet?
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  • Worst Case Scenario Assumed?

    Greetings, When designing power supply to fire life and safety equipment, are we to assume the worst case scenario in a building/facility? Power going out and an event occurring concurrently. Hence the need for an em...
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  • dar

    dar dar
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  • 1000V Tool Test

    I send the electrician gloves and insulated hot sticks, shepherd hooks, rubber blankets and tic tracer handles in for testing.  I was recently asked about testing our 1000V insulated tools.  Can anyone tell ...
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  • Classroom Training - Is it Instructor Led, live Interaction?

    Section 110.1 (A) item 4: Type of Training states: "The Training required shall be classroom, on the job or the combination of the two"  My question what is the definition of "classroom".  Does "classroom" ...
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  • 210.52(B)(1) receptical outlets served

    Is 210.52(B)(1) saying the two or more 20 ampere small appliance branch circuits required by 210.11(C)(1) will supply all outlets covered in 210.52(A)? Or does shall serve all wall and floor receptacle outlets covered...
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  • NEC 625 to include off road type lead acid vehicles charging systems

    The NEC does not have an article like 625 (electric vehicle charging system) that applies to off-road vehicles, such as electric fork-lifts and golf carts, etc. 625.2 Definitions for electric vehicle, is defined for a...
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  • Electrical Safety and independent lab certifications

    Has anyone heard of QPS Evaluation Services Inc.? They are listed as a Testing, Certification Lab, accredited in USA, Canada, and internationally.   Does NFPA recognize this group as an equivalent to UL?
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  • New Emergency disconnect question

    I just recently installed an UG meter socket and came into a home laterally to (2) 200 amp main breaker panels.  My permit was pulled after 1/1/2020 so I totally understand the new code enforcement of having an ...
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  • Can I daisy chain power strips?

    Hello, I am new to this forum/subject and would appreciate for any assistance.  I plan to install power strips in a piece of furniture.  Can I daisy chain one power strip to another strip?  I understan...
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  • Commercial Outlets

    Can someone point me to the specific section of the NFPA 70 that requires 120V outlets in commercial applications to be upside down (with the ground mounted upward)?  The usual answer I get from electricians is s...
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